Ben Roethlisberger: It’s killing me to watch


Sunday morning brought a report that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would start soft tossing on Monday in hopes of getting on the field for next Sunday’s matchup with the Ravens.

That reports came before the Steelers turned the ball over eight times and lost 20-14 for the Browns. The loss means that the Ravens can knock them out of the race for the division title with a win in Week 13 and the play of the offense made it clear that a loss is the likeliest outcome if Roethlisberger can’t return. Roethlisberger said Sunday that he’s going to give it his best shot.

“I’m going to try,” Roethlisberger said, via Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It’s killing me to watch.”

He’s not alone. The Steelers have scored just 17 points on offense in the two games that Roethlisberger’s missed with rib and shoulder injuries.

One member of the Ravens is pretty sure that he’ll be seeing Roethlisberger on the field in Baltimore next week.

“I don’t know what kind of medicine the Steelers will put Ben Roethlisberger on this week, but they’re going to give him something,” Ravens running back Ray Rice said, via Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback column for

The decision on Roethlisberger will likely come down to the wire and the same is true of the Steelers’ chances of making the playoffs if they aren’t able to snap their two-game skid against the AFC North leaders.

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  1. We don’t know that. I highly doubt Ben, Tomlin or any doctor would send him back out there if his life were in danger. No doctor will clear him and risk losing their license for that. So if he plays, I think the biggest issue will be how he deals with the pain and uncomfort.

  2. It’s killing me to listen to your fans think this team is still relevant. Get ready for the sweep Pittsburgh.

  3. Ben, it’s killing me that you think you have a chance Sunday. Do yourself a favor, sit this one out. It’s not worth it to lose in convincing fashion and get destroyed by Suggs and Ngata in the process.

    Silly Steeler fans, they’ll continue to huff and puff regardless.

  4. There’s no point in playing any of the starters over 30 – let the backups play and get experience, we’ll need them next season and we can see who needs cut and who stays. Ben should definitely be out for the season. If he does play next Sunday, he won’t have the same effectiveness he’s had this season and he’ll be pre-occupied and distracted by the possibility of reinjuring the rib and obviously at high risk of reinjury. What’s he got to prove – he’s played in three Superbowls in eight seasons and brought two Lombardi trophies to Steelers headquarters. One NFL championship is a fantastic achievement for any team, but the Steelers and the fans are accustomed to repeat performances of such achievement. I know they get paid millions, but every team has to step back and look at the big picture occasionally and be thankful for what they already have.
    Let the Ravens self-destruct in the playoffs, as usual.

  5. Steelers are “irrelevant” yet the Ratbird trolls still come out and spew garbage on every article regarding the Steelers. Sounds of jealousy. Until your team has a meaningful season (aka, Super Bowl Champs instead of AFC Chumps), you should keep your pie-hole shut.

  6. They should let him play just so Suggs can give him a big hello. The Ravens would love to welcome him back the Baltimore way. Even if Baltimore loses, Big Ben will not walk away without some fresh bruises.

  7. Other than pride, this game doesn’t really mean a whole heck of a lot. The ratbirds are epxeriencing an unbelievable luckfest of a season and the division is gone. New England…replacement refs gift wrap a victory. Dallas…Jason Garret and his ineptitude gift wrap a victory. Pittsburgh…Ben gets hurt the week before, their offense effectively puts up 3 points and they squeek through. San Diego…4th and 29 and joe flaccid checks down to ray rice. There is NO WAY rice reached the spot he was given and even if it was close, anquan bolden absolutely crushed Weeden with a block in the back.

    However, it is what it is.

    Let Sunday go. See what the defense can do and let the ratbirds win their second Super Bowl of the season. It’s always fun to see their coach take a Gatorade bath during the regular season.

    Give Ben another week to get healthy and take a shot at running the table for the 5th or 6th wild card spot. The team was playing as well as anyone in the NFL prior to the game when Ben went down. We know the Steelers can beat good teams on the road when Roethlisberger is healthy. But putting him out there at 75% is asking to end the season on Sunday.

    In case no one has noticed, we don’t have an effective back up. I hope they consider throwing Hoyer out there Sunday. There’s no way he can be much worse than Charlie looked on Sunday. This is why I thought they should have kept the kid from Arizona in the preseason. He actually looked pretty good at the time and could have developed even more by this time. Charlie will be a great quarterback coach in the league going forward; however, his days as an NFL quarterback are done.


  8. There is NOTHING wrong with Roethlisberger’s ribs. Tomlin has indicated everyway possible way that the rib thing is another in a series of Big Ben Embellishments.
    Do the Steelers have a better chance of winning with Roethlisberger? Absolutely. But let’s not forget that the Steelers lost twice to the Ravens a year ago WITH Roethlisberger.
    The Steelers also got off to a 2-3 start this season WITH Roethlisberger. The Steelers’ scoring offense ranked 19th WITH Roethlisberger.
    The Steelers also lost a Super Bowl WITH Roethlisberger.
    This team, the team that I have followed religiously the past 40-plus years, has issues that are far greater than at quarterback. Coaching is its No. 1 issue.

  9. I laughed at steeler fans saying BBen should be MVP, but in the true definition of the award(not the player with the best stats or season), they might have had something there. Pats, Denver and GB have all done a lot better in the past without their respective meal tickets. Seems like it would be dumb to rush him back, pitts should all but concede the division to balti. 9-7 should get you in and with a healthy Roethlisberger(along w/OL, Polamalu) anything can happen.

  10. The Steelers self destructed in the playoff against Denver last year..AS USUAL…bwaahaahaahaahaa

    Will love to see Ben play and Haloti Ngata drive Ben into the turf with his 360 pounds and drive that rib right into Ben’s aorta.

  11. Lmao, you Ravens fans have something coming. Worst 9-2 football team over the past years. Don’t worry, keep running your mouth, I expect you frauds to be silent in no-time.

    Obsessed with the Steelers since 1996.

  12. @ravenmuscle…

    That’s exactly the type of post that should get a person banned from posting on this site. REALLY?

    As far as self destructing in the playoffs; Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl twice in the last 6 years. How long’s it been since the ratbirds won a Super Bowl? Ignoramous.

    luckimore had better hope the Texans stumble, because that team’s not beating any quality opponent on the road at full strength with joe flaccid at the helm. PLEASE hurry up and sign the best quarterback in the league to that megadeal. Can’t wait to see them hamstrung by that blunder after a year or two.


  13. Ravens fan here. What I am about to say has nothing to do with fearing Big Ben this coming Sunday. It has to do with the Steelers not making a rash decision. Rushing Ben back against the Ravens in what is always a brutal hard hitting smashmouth game would not be wise. You know Ben is going to get hit. He is not going to be 100% and therefore not as mobile. I think the Steelers make a big mistake if they play him. Potentially jeopardizing the man’s health. Seriously, what are they thinking? This guy is not going to be completely healed. If he plays, he will be knocked out of the game. And quite possibly severely injured. Be smart Pittsburgh.

  14. 1) The Steelers are playing for a Wild Card

    2) 9-7 may earn a Wild Card in the AFC this year

    3) Rest Ben vs the Ratbirds, 3 of the last 4 are at home

    4) Steelers will win at Baltimore in the playoffs vs an overrated team.

  15. Man these excuses are pitiful, wake up and smell the coffee Steeler fans, your team is just not that good. If they could win games, they would. Winners find a way to get the job done, look no further than the Ravens for a prime example. Cheers!

  16. Just win baby. It ain’t pretty but that’s all joe, ray, and the ravens do. I don’t see how anyone can blame flacco for last year. He did what he had to to get us to the Super Bowl. Lee Evans just negated that. Then billy cundiff blew our last chance. 4 years ago you guys were the better team. Not anymore. We SWEPT you last year with Ben. This is a different year though so put him out there if you really can’t stand it. I don’t care about your injuries sans Big Ben. Of course it’s a factor but that’s the game. Look at ours. He is a hell of a quarterback but this is a team game.

  17. Didn’t the Ravens beat the Steelers the last two games Ben played against them? What’s the big deal here?

    Trot him out behind that OL for this game at your own risk…the schedule would be much easier with him more healthy starting the week after than with him banged up with another one in the L column.

  18. Sunday’s performance only confirmed what I already knew: 1) the Steelers without their starting QB are going nowhere in the playoffs, and 2) the Ravens with their starting QB are going nowhere in the playoffs.

  19. Under Haley’s new offense, Ben wasn’t supposed to be nearly at risk as the past for big hits. The injury is Ben’s fault for going back to his old ways and running like a beheaded chicken trying to force a play. That’s why Tomlin was confident in his backup QB plan. The odds of lightning striking the same place twice, and it happened in Pittsburgh. The upside is that now they may replan the backup QB situation going forward.

  20. Having Ben play in Cleveland might have eliminated the 3 picks Batch threw but what about the 5 fumbles?

    I hate to say it but if that how the Steelers play without Ben then he really does carry the team. That is a compliment to Ben but a scary thought for the rest of the team.

  21. Throwing an injured Ben out there, behind an OL only slightly better than Arizona’s, against a defense that has really been getting after the QB in recent weeks, in Baltimore where they ALWAYS play better. Did I miss anything? Seems like a recipe for disaster.

  22. mostlombardisinyourface:
    How many Super Bowls has Tom Brady lost is a fair question, which I shall answer with another question: How many times has Brady been named Super Bowl MVP?
    Roethlisberger has never played particulary well in any of the three Super Bowls he’s played. I won’t go into the details; I’m sure you saw his performances.: Awful in Super Bowl 40, one TD pass in Super Bowl 43, and a pick-6 in a 6-point loss in Super Bowl 45.
    The current Steelers aren’t very good, even against an embarrassing weak schedule. I place the blame at Tomlin’s feet.

  23. Oh really? The Steelers wouldn’t have even made it to those Super Bowls without Ben’s play during the regular season and playoffs, don’t kid yourself. With Ben, and the way the defense played, they easily beat the Ravens and Browns past 2 weeks, and even with the banged up OL and lack of running game-Ben has experienced those most of the year. Ben is one of the best QBs in the game, if you know anything at all about football. It isn’t just stats, go ask Rivers, etc. Schooled!

  24. “One TD pass in Super Bowl 43”? You forgot to mention the small fact that it WON the game on a 2 minute drill at the end, after Holmes dropped what should have been a TD. Only winners do that in big games, winners like Ben. Schooled! Too easy.

  25. “The Steelers also got off to a 2-3 start this season WITH Roethlisberger. The Steelers’ scoring offense ranked 19th WITH Roethlisberger”

    Roethlisberger can’t play defense. When the defense can’t get off the field following Steelers scores, and can’t force turnovers their simply isn’t enough time for the offense to score 30 points a game when they have to go 75-80 yards for every point.

    You are a typical blow hard 50 year old plus Yinzer. You have no clue about the MODERN NFL.

  26. “Roethlisberger has never played particulary well in any of the three Super Bowls he’s played”

    He played excellent in SB XLIII. Saved the defense’s ass when they blew a 20-7 4th quarter lead.

    88 yards in two minutes.

    Deal with it Gramps.

  27. One TD pass in two Super Bowl wins is “modern NFL,” huh? You Rosethlisberger apologists are so laughable.
    BTW: That huge lead that the defense blew in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 43 would’ve been 13-7 had it not been for James Harrison’s spectacular 100-yard interception return for a TD.
    Yep, ole Benny really lit it up against the worst defensive team in Super Bowl history.
    I’m still laughing.
    Deal with it sonny.

  28. Where’s Leftwich Bobzilla? Admit it, you were all ready to run on this board after one possession against the Ravens weren’t you?

    Then reality set in didn’t it?

    These last 2 weeks should make dinosaurs like you appreciate Roethlisberger even more.

    Because the two guys YOU said they could win with, have sucked the last 2 weeks thus ending their season.

  29. “One TD pass in two Super Bowl wins is “modern NFL,” huh? ”

    So a rush TD doesn’t count when Ben saved Bettis ass in that game when he failed on FOUR TRIES to get in the endzone?

    Guys like you are going to be in for quite a surprise when Ben retires unless they get lucky and another HOF QB falls in their lap pretty quick.

  30. I’ve seen six Super Bowl championship teams in my lifetime. I’m good.
    The Steelers were good long before Roethlisberger, and they’ll be good long after he’s long gone.
    Certainly, the organization will be much better off without all the drama, chaos and lying that Roethlisberger provides each and every season.

  31. I’m not a steelers fan and even I know Ben should have been MVP of the SB instead of Holmes. Ben put the ball right in his hands prior to the TD catch Holmes made. And in the year they beat Seattle didn’t Pittsburgh have to win 4 of their last 5, and they beat the number 1 2 and 3 seeds that year?

    I understand you may dislike Ben and tomlin, but if you don’t want them, I’d sure take them on my tram, and the 3 SB appearances they brought the city of Pittsburgh. My team has never even sniffed a SB appearance

  32. Agree with koenig61 that Ben should have been the Super Bowl MVP instead of Holmes.

    I am completely convinced bobz is not a Steeler fan in reality. His intense blind hatred of Ben while overlooking anything positive proves to me he is likely a bitter fan of a rival that Ben destroyed. How else do you explain ignoring the majority of the evidence and anybody elses’s performance on the team over all these years, or the fact he thinks Ben couldn’t have done better than Byron or Charlie in the last 2 games? C’mon man.

  33. “The Steelers were good long before Roethlisberger, and they’ll be good long after he’s long gone”

    That’s what they said about the Steelers when Bradshaw left too. In fact Steelers fans only appreciated Bradshaw’s talents decades after he left when they had to sit there and watch the rest of the 1980’s and Cowher’s choke jobs when he tried to get by with stop gaps and projects.

    Then in 2004 the Steelers FINALLY got serious about the QB position again and imagine that? Two more rings go on the Rooney’s fingers.

    You’re boy Leftwich had his chance, and he blew it.

    Deal with it.

  34. “I am completely convinced bobz is not a Steeler fan in reality. His intense blind hatred of Ben while overlooking anything positive proves to me he is likely a bitter fan of a rival that Ben destroyed”

    He’s just old. Old and outdated. Thinks running and defense wins titles when the history of this organization since the 1970 merger proves that the ONLY constant success the Steelers have had was when they had a legitimate franchise QB under center.

    1970-1982 Bradshaw Era: 9 trips to the playoffs: 6 trips to the AFC title game, 4 rings:

    1983-2003 Whatever garbage QB you want to list: 11 trips to the playoffs, 5 AFC tile games, 1 AFC tite, 0 rings.

    Ben Era: 6 trips to the playoffs, 4 AFC title games, 3 AFC titles, 2 rings.

    But you go ahead and continue to downplay Ben’s success Bozozilla, it’s quite amusing.

    Actually, it’s pathetic.

  35. Hope Tomlin and Ben learned something from the ankle debacle last year, and this is much more serious than that. Sit, Ben. It ain’t worth the risk. You’re a father now.

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