Boo birds out in Philly as Panthers score easily


At the start of Monday night’s Panthers-Eagles game in Philadelphia, the silence was striking: The Philly fans didn’t seem to be able to rouse themselves to cheer for a game between two bad teams. But it wasn’t silent for long.

Instead, the silence was replaced by loud boos for the Eagles’ defense, as the Panthers easily marched down the field and scored touchdowns on their first two possessions. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton hit Gary Barnidge for a 24-yard touchdown pass on the first possession and hit Brandon Lafell for a 43-yard touchdown pass on the second.

In the ESPN booth, Jon Gruden — the former coach who has been rumored to be a candidate to replace Andy Reid when Reid is inevitably fired after the season — was shaking his head at how incompetent the Eagles’ defense looked.

“I’ve never seen more wide open receivers,” Gruden said. “No one covers LaFell. . . . This is the easiest touchdown . . . inexcusable breakdown. . . . It’s been the story of Philadelphia this fall: Somebody didn’t communicate, somebody didn’t do what they were supposed to do.”

At the end of the first quarter it’s 14-3 Panthers. And we see once again that firing Juan Castillo didn’t fix all the problems with the Eagles’ defense.

39 responses to “Boo birds out in Philly as Panthers score easily

  1. Nick Foles … Future starting QB .. Of the Arizona Cardinals. Get that package of picks ready chumps.

  2. The nightmare in Philly continues. Seriously who is their D coordinator now,,,their safeties have no clue what they are doing,,,that Coleman guy is so lost. I have never seen more TD’s thrown down the middle of the field in a season.

  3. i just read this stat. since Castillo was fired Eagles’ opponents have completer 76% of passes with no INTs. Yikes.

  4. The firing of Castillo was just a follow up from the Jets firing Brian Schottenheimer. All the Eagles are doing is prolonging the inevitable by firing Castillo & not addressing the personnel issues that are really plaguing the team. Look at the Jets’ offense this year; they are even worse than they were last year. You can’t blame it on the Holmes injury either; they were deplorable even before he went down. Very rarely is the coordinator the issue with an underperforming unit. When coordinators are fired, it is almost a fan-driven, public-opinion-driven move that rarely works because fans have an inability to accept that the players on their team aren’t very good. Not even Lombardi could make Sanchez a decent QB & not even Landry could make the Eagles defense respectable.

  5. Eagles are an endangered species. I’m not talking about eagles as in the animal group. Those beings are now off the endangered species list because scientists intervened to turn that problem around. If only the Philly team had some football scientists to correct their problems from the top down. They need to clean house more on top of what they have done and decide if they want to blossom in the future, or die. Whatever they choose is what they deserve.

  6. A couple years ago I made a post about how McNabb needed to stop trying and ride out into the sunset.

    He should have made Andy Reid his horse.

  7. How dare we Eagles express our anger at this debacle? We’re supposed to be good, quiet, accepting lemmings like Packers, Steelers, and Ravens fans.

  8. Honestly as an eagles fan Foles is terrible he should of already thrown 3 picks and he’s leaving people wide open. I was happy to see this kid get his burn because I think the eagles need to go in a different direct than Vick. It is now clear that the eagles will not be able to take the best offensive line in the draft but are instead going to have to draft a qb in a very weak qb class. The future is not looking very bright for my eagles

  9. Those Nick Foles to Arizona jokes are great! Keep ’em coming guys! Seriously, never gets old!!

    Oh, if there are any leftover Roethlisberger rapist jokes, toss a couple of those in too. Thx!!

  10. The Eagles are too young to win and they have the worst secondary in the NFL.If I’m the Eagles I’d rebuild the O-line and secondary in the draft and free agency and then I’d get rid of all of the over priced under productive guys over 30 like Babin,Asomugha and Demetress Bell.

  11. Castillo and Vick got nothin to do with these last 3 losses..hell I feel bad for Reid but he’s the man incharge! Blow it up…includin that over hyped..over paid Defense..Eagle fans askd for it and they got it Nick Foles the FUTURE of the franchise.Good luck with that!

  12. That’s the first time I can remember Gruden criticizing someone since he went to the broadcast booth.

    He definitely wants the Eagles gig.

  13. briang123 says:
    Nov 26, 2012 9:51 PM
    How dare we Eagles express our anger at this debacle? We’re supposed to be good, quiet, accepting lemmings like Packers, Steelers, and Ravens fans.


    I’m a Raven fan, and we are 9-2, heading into the playoffs, yet again, so what exactly does Raven Nation have to be mad about? We are used to having good football here in Charm City, I know you Philly fans haven’t had a good team in a while.

  14. If I’m Gruden, I’d take the Browns job! They look more competitive and have much better, younger talent on their team! The Eagles need a major overhaul!

  15. As a Raves fan I’m pissed that the Ravens went to Philly earlier this year and played the Eagles like they were last year’s SB winner or something. All intimidated for nothing. The Eagles rot and a good team should have put them down.

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