Browns’ Tank Carder apologizes for using homophobic slur


Browns linebacker Tank Carder has issued an apology after he used an anti-gay slur on Twitter.

It started on Wednesday when Carder, a rookie who has played in 10 games this season, came across a comment he didn’t like on Twitter and responded to the comment by writing, “your a faggot for that.”

Carder has since deleted that tweet, but he initially stood by it when he was criticized: He described himself as “unapologetically strong” and said he didn’t care what “haters” and “fools” said about him. However, on Monday Carder returned to Twitter and said he was sorry and didn’t mean to offend anyone.

To some, Carder’s apology will not be enough:, a website that specializes in gay sports news and commentary, is calling on the NFL to suspend Carder for a game for using the slur.

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  1. Wow. These guys are athletes not senators. Sometimes people say stupid not politically correct statements. He was forced to apologize. Enough is enough. Let it alone..

  2. I can’t stand when supporters of people’s rights to be who they want to be jump down the throat of those who are just utilizing Freedom of speech. I don’t agree with his choice of words but they are his choice and the league should not punish him for something that did not pertain to the league.

  3. Freedom of speech also includes being able to take criticism when you make a blatantly ignorant statement.

  4. I’m waiting for the day when one of these guys has the balls to not apologize, and tell the PC crowd to stick it.

    That guy will be my hero, whoever he is.

  5. Weird isn’t it a football players said something like that and he apologizes. He drills a guy under the chin with the top of his helmet and knocks him out and he talks about how they game of football is being watered down when he is given a penalty.

  6. howiefeltersnatch
    Nov 26, 2012, 6:07 PM CST
    I think it’s silly that word is even a slur. I think it’s even sillier that people are offended by it.


    Dude it’s 2012…

  7. TheWizard says: Nov 26, 2012 7:52 PM

    I’m waiting for the day when one of these guys has the balls to not apologize, and tell the PC crowd to stick it.

    That guy will be my hero, whoever he is.
    Why don’t you do it?

    Or maybe you just really like the idea of having a “hero” to … admire, or whatever.

  8. He already showed he’s an idiot, isn’t that enough? A group pushing for his suspension is equally stupid. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  9. This could be like the libs stating that all Indian names should be removed from college and sports teams and the Indians said, “hey wait a minute, we like that they refer to us in various mascot names, you don’t speak for us”.

  10. He’s in the spotlight and when you’re in the spotlight being paid then he or she should abide by those organizations rules. I’m sure that the Browns do not condone that kind of language or any of the NFL teams.

  11. You reap what you sow. If you haven’t figured out that it’s wise to watch what you say in any public forum by the time you reach the NFL, you’re going to have to deal with the consequences. Based on his other tweets highlighted on that link, it’s pretty clear that Tank isn’t very bright. He would fit in perfectly on the PFT comment pages.

  12. A lame apology doesn’t define you as a person either. How about an explanation for why you used the word in the first place and your thought process behind it and a certification of your present understanding of the word and viewpoints of how and when it should be used? Elaborate further if you want us to understand you as a person, otherwise people will draw their own conclusions as is.

    What do you want people to think? And do you want them to know the truth about who you are as a person even? If so, why aren’t you sharing your thoughts in a more comprehensive away instead of people making their own inferences now that it is a big story?

  13. Did the radio stations bleep out that word when they played Alice’s Restaurant this past Thanksgiving?

  14. I am getting really tired of people apologizing for saying what they mean. They really are not apologizing for saying it, they are apologizing for people getting offended. You cant control what people determine to be offended, so makes no sense in apologizing for it.

  15. What next, re-education camps?

    Seriously, this is why political correctness will only ever take the human race so far.

    It was a dumb slang, and he apologized, clearly didn’t mean any offense. But the PC crowd is all about making examples of people….

  16. Just because a word doesn’t offend you doesn’t mean that it’s not offensive to another person, especially a demographic of people. It’s a word used to degrade a group whose lifestyle is different than the perceived majority. It’s like trying to explain that using the “N” word with and “er” at the end as opposed to an “a” is somehow different. I’m white and from Baltimore. If I marched downtown and used the “N” word with an “a” and tried to explain why it’s not a slur I’d end up in a hospital…if I’m lucky. The word used in this case is hate speech to a demographic, regardless of what you think. Just because gays didn’t suffer a tragic historical event, it doesn’t mean the discrimination is any different or less important.

    And as it’s stated above, Freedom of Speech just means that the government can’t censor you. Your employer can and you’re not protected from the court of public opinion. Honestly, his actions were stupid given today’s media age. Carder is not protected like the faceless a’holes that usually post on message boards. It’s not his fault, it’s just reality.

    And it’s not a Libs vs Cons issue. It’s about being a descent human being. The person who drove him to say it is no better but the one with status has to be the bigger person when this happens. If he doesn’t care so much why respond to whatever was said anyway?

  17. You do something wrong, you get punished for it. That’s life. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Hopefully Tank is at least fined, if not suspended. If he used a slur against blacks, women or Christians, there would be no “it’s not a big deal” statements, but it’s known that a lot of you out there don’t really respect the gay community. That’s your own moral failings but that doesn’t make it OK.

  18. It’s incredible how few people understand freedom of speech. This has nothing to do with the First Amendment. He said something stupid, now everyone has the right to say what they want about it. And the NFL can do whatever it wants about it with no infringement on Freedom of Speech.

  19. I am Tank Carder’s mother. I am not trying to fight his battle but I feel it necessary to give my input on this issue. None of you people know my son personally so it is unfair for you to make assumptions as to what his meaning or intent was using that word in a reply to a hailstorm started by someone else. I do however, and my son would never personally, indirectly or directly slander any race, religion, political choice, or sexual preference. Tank used a word that is used in the south as a term of disagreement or offense to a comment NOT an anti-gay slur. I agree it was a poor choice of words on his part but I assure you it was not mean to offend anyone. Look the ‘word’ up in the dictionary and see what the #1 meaning of the word is and you will see it has nothing to do with sexual orientation!!! Around here when a person is called that, it is in response to something they have said or done that is dumb or stupid, NOT that they are gay. Tank is a good person and has worked very, very hard to get where he is today and I take great offense that he is now being stereotyped as an anti-gay basher because of 1 comment which was made on a social network. These networks as well as texting constantly takes the true meaning and intent out of communication because the tone of your voice can not be heard. Thank y’all for listening to me.

  20. Obviously, from his language and spelling, he’s not the brightest bulb on the tree. However, as an individual adult he is entitled to his own thoughts and feelings.

    I may not agree with him but, I will defend his right to it.

    Also, if the expression of his opinion reflects poorly on his employer (NFL/Cleveland Browns), the employer has a right to take appropriate action to defend their name.

    As “adults” we are responsible for our thoughts, language and actions. Free will has a cost!

  21. I don’t understand why my comment was not posted, I guess trying to teach why that word is offensive is not considered ok on this site. Tells a lot about how gay people are treated in sports and why they live in fear as athletes.

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