Chan Gailey won’t change how Bills call plays


Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson would like to see quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick have more leeway when it comes to calling and/or changing plays at the line of scrimmage.

Johnson is not going to get what he wants. That’s the message Bills coach Chan Gailey sent during a radio interview on WGR 550 in Buffalo on Monday morning. Gailey said that Fitzpatrick sometimes has the ability to audible and sometimes he does not, with the answer depending on what the Bills are trying to do on a given play.

“If you ended up doing that every time, then he has to know every situation about pass protection. He has to know how many times you want C.J. Spiller to get the ball. He has to know do you want to run it here to set up third down? You’ve thrown it a couple of times, he has to know ‘lets run the football here.’ There’s a lot more to it than just seeing what they do and calling a play,” Gailey said. “It’s setting up a play to set up the next play. Fitz is really good, he is smart. He can make adjustments on the field and sees things and knows what’s going on but we’re doing things today just like we did them last year and the year before that. We have been successful in times past. We just need to continue to execute in all phases of what we’re trying to get done and then we can get back to where we’ve been offensively.”

Fitzpatrick also did an interview with the station on Monday and said he doesn’t feel like there’s a need to change the way the offense operates in that regard so it would seem that the Buffalo offense from Sunday will be the same one we see over the final five games. Based on their play in the last two weeks, that’s good news for Buffalo’s final five opponents.

32 responses to “Chan Gailey won’t change how Bills call plays

  1. Man, this guy is not only totally lost as a Head Coach, he’s a stubborn old git.

    He says they were successful in the past, my question is WHEN? They have yet to play a complete game in this guy’s whole tenure. He admits that they can’t seem to put it all together, yet utterly refuses to even consider changing how he does things.

    Buddy Nix should fire him, then sue him for fraud for impersonating an NFL HC.

  2. I was there yesterday. Another sorry display.

    They get the ball at their own 10. 1:04 left in the half. Colts had 2 timeouts. Bills had not moved the ball AT ALL. Obviously you run 3 times and punt and give the Colts maybe 10 seconds to work with. What do they do…? Pass! They give the Colts the ball back and they get a crucial 3 before the half. Chan Gailey is simply the worst head coach in football and he needs to be dismissed. This roster can win with proper leadership.

  3. Chan… Your 14 and 28 since taking over the Bills….Maybe its NOT Fitz whom needs a better understanding of how many time C.J. Spiller should get the ball or how to set up 3rd down….

  4. We as fans want blood in Buffalo. Chan has never been able to get it done on any level he has coached. The hit has never been successful as a head coach. His play calling is no different than the Jauron era here in buffalo, which is pathetic on so many levels. If Buddy Nix can’t figure out by season end that he needs to go than Buddy should go with him. We need a young tough coach with fire and hungry, not an old man with tired eyes and osteoporosis. Give me David Shaw HC from Stanford. We’d be better off with Doug Waley as our GM as well.
    If we lose out we need to trade up for Geno Smith, and dump Fitz off with Chan and Buddy at the lake.

  5. When he says they’ve had success before he is referring to the 3-0 start last season. How long can u hang your hat on a 3 game win streak(they haven’t put together 3 consecutive wins since) from a year and half ago? He wants to talk about spiller not being in there for pass protection, ok when Hairston was getting mauled by Mathis did you help him out? No you kept running your fancy empty set w no RB, result too much pressure. He makes bogus calls and gives bogus excuses. His qb is bad, he makes him worse.

  6. Chan Gailey has as many 27 point losses as Bills coach as he does victories. His average point differential in losses is 15.8 points which is the worst in 25 years. Even Rod Marinelli kept it under 14. Fitzpatrick is terrible when you consider the changing landscape in todays NFL. No longer is a 300 yard passer special, it is very much like a 200 yard passer was 5 years ago. The cb’s cannot touch the WR and with access to all-22 film we see Stevie Johnson open every play. Spiller is having a season comparable to Jim Brown who many regard as the greatest running back of all-time. Why then does Gailey not give him a touch in the 4th quarter after the 13 minute mark. This guy had a site at Georgia Tech and nearly ruined Calvin Johnson, enough already. On to the next senior citizen retread. Thank god we passed on Martyball because god knows we wouldn’t want to succede.

  7. I don’t care who is calling the plays. Someone out there in the world PLEASE help lift this 13 year old elephant from our chests.
    Unfortunately, the elephant has been assured more busted draft picks and cheap scouting and coaching will follow, and it looks very comfortable sitting right there until change in ownership occurs.

    Until then, just suck it up Bills fans and accept the non stop legacy of Ralph C. Wilson jr.

  8. What he has done in the past IS the problem. Not only is he stubborn he is stuck in the past. Bring back Perry Fewell or somebody……anybody.

  9. How about that goal line play where they run an inside trap play with split backs and give it to Fred Jackson. Come on who does that and has success in the NFL? Nobody. Why not just line up out of the “I” formation, have your fullback create a hole and follow him in. Gimmicks don’t work at the goal line. The best red zone teams are the ones who pound the rock. The Bills suck! It’s painful to watch Ryan Fitzpatrick throw flat footed every pass. How this guy has a job in the NFL is beyond comprehension. I don’t care if this guy has a degree from Harvard. There are two kinds of smart: there’s smart and then there’s football smart, and ol’ Fitzy just isn’t very prolific in the verse of reading NFL defenses. It’s a shame cause if you get rid of Gailey and Fitzpatrick The Bills could actually have a team that could contend on a weekly basis. They have a dynamic runner in C.J. Spiller. F-Jax is still serviceable and could be the back-up and goal-line runner. They have solid receivers and a good enough line. The D needs more time to gel and need to get rid of that scheme. They would be better off in a 3-4 defense. And should start thinking about making the switch soon. Pick up a journeyman QB someone like Alex Smith who doesn’t turn the ball over and will keep you in games instead of letting them get out of control like they do when Fitzpatrick is serving up INT’s like their hot cakes. This defense would be a lot better if the Bills offense could actually hold on to the ball and keep them off the field.

  10. Until Ralph is no longer the owner expect the same. Getting a new coach isnt going to fix this.

    Coaches/Players know this as well, thats why until the change at ownership, no coach is going to accept this job, even if you pay them 11 million a year… thats right. We can construct buildings shaped like Cowher and Chucky but in the end, its thanks or no thanks.

    time to sell to a younger group.

  11. I’m not saying Fitzpatrick is the next Peyton Manning but, If Gailey would give full control to Fitzpatrick we’d see a much more potent offense. Fitzpatrick doesn’t have a strong arm, rarely is he on target with deep passes, but he can control a no huddle short to medium pass offense just as well as any other NFL starting QB. One thing he has that not all QB’s can do is read a defense and adjust accordingly to what’s needed. Gailey needs to give up on the greedy play calling and give Fitz the reins. If you watch Ryan during a two minute drill where he is calling most of the plays he’s pretty damn successful. Give it up Gailey, or you might not have a job to call plays.

  12. If Chan Gailey won’t change the way he calls plays, maybe the Bills should change the way they pick head coaches. His play calling has become borderline insane this year. His decision-making process seems to involve the phrase, “If this works, I’ll look like a genius.” No — your decisions are foolish, and if they work, you are just a *lucky* fool.

  13. Chan, you have a 10% worse win-loss record than Jauron did…with better players!!!

    Your play calling is terrible and Bills fans don’t deserve another year of your garbage. The screen pass shouldn’t be your top play!! Screen pass for no gain…1st down run with Spiller…put Jackson in…run for no gain…screen pass…run…punt. If Nix doesn’t give him the axe then give Nix the axe too.

    Another thing you can’t stand is how you talk like you’ve won something. Like you know it all… you’re a garbage coach. You’ve won nothing. Step aside and let someone else come in and show you how it’s done.

  14. I don’t understand his logic at least several times during almost every Bills game I see.

    Did he not punt from the opponent’s 36 at one point? Well, within Lindell’s range, too. Why not just go for it? I know it was something like 4th and 10, but your chances of keeping the drive going should outweigh whatever you gain from moving the Colts back, what, 20 yards? Good thing, he’s not a poker player because that’s just simple pot odds. I thought the field goal was a no-brainer in such a close game.

    That one was a major head-scratcher.

    Also, did he or did he not blow off a challenge when Reggie Wayne obviously fumbled in Bills territory?

  15. Nix really needs to send Grandpa Chan with his old man glasses off to his rocking chair and retirement, and replace him with someone new and fresh. Preferably young. Just please–PLEASE–no more recycled rejects or other teams sloppy seconds. We’ve had our share of those, along with guys who are great coordinators but awful head coaches.

    A new energy is desperately need in Buffalo, but lets no go expecting anything good from the most poorly run franchise in the NFL.

    –Long Suffering Bills Fan

  16. Chan drives me insane. He refuses to believe that anything he is doing is the problem. He does not inspire the team. He does not use his players effectively. And he has not taken any responsibility for the defense. He has said he doesn’t coach the D at all. It’s pathetic! Chan has no control over this team!

    This roster can win! The soldiers are there, but their generals are a bunch of crazy old stubborn idiots.

  17. “Also, did he or did he not blow off a challenge when Reggie Wayne obviously fumbled in Bills territory?”

    No, technically he did not. The play occurred inside the last 2 mins of the first half, so Chan could not challenge the play. If he had thrown the red flag it would have resulted in another situation like the Lions last week.

    The problem is, it was an obvious fumble! How the refs missed it is completely beyond me. Chan needed to call time-out just to raise hell until a booth review was initiated. But, ol’ senial mellow Chan just let it go.

    Something needs to be done about these refs!

  18. He’s the worst coach in the NFL. I’m not sure what Spiller has done to Gailey that it warrants losing games over. He’s the worst coaching hire in the NFL since Ray Rhodes. Norv Turner is Vince Lombardi compared to Gailey.

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