Dolphins sprinklers go off as stadium funding talk comes up


File this one under I, for “I’m certain it’s all just a remarkably timed coincidence.”

On the very same day a local Miami politician said the Dolphins’ stadium needs upgrades, but he doesn’t know how to pay for them, the Dolphins’ stadium began to comically malfunction in the middle of the game.

The third quarter of yesterday’s win over the Seahawks included a Crash Davis-style rain delay, when the sprinklers came on in the middle of the game.

What are we doing now?” Dolphins owner Steve Ross said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He then laughed and added: “Hey, these things happen.”

A team spokesman called it a computer glitch, saying the sprinklers were still set on their Saturday schedule.

“In all my years of football that’s a first,” Dolphins running back Reggie Bush said. “I’ve never seen anything happen like that during a football game.”

While the accidental watering was more comic relief than actual sign of decay, the Dolphins are trying to figure out how best to update their 25-year-old home, now known as Sun Life Stadium.

Add to this, Miami-Dade commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz, who also chairs of the county’s sports commission, said the place “absolutely” needs a canopy as part of those renovations if they want to land future Super Bowls.

Diaz told the Miami Herald the Dolphins had not yet asked the county for public funding (which is probably a good idea at the moment since the natives are restless about the Marlins’ bait-and-switch).

Asked if he supported public financing, Diaz said: “We have to look at all the variables involved. What would the citizens get for this? That’s a question a lot of people, including myself, have put up.”

“It makes a big difference economically,” Diaz said of being in the Super Bowl mix. “The problem is, how do you express that to the people out there that are still trying to get a job, still trying to get their life together?”

Maybe you could start by soaking them, if Jeffrey Loria hadn’t already done that.

7 responses to “Dolphins sprinklers go off as stadium funding talk comes up

  1. Nah, it wasn’t a sinister plot, just someone at the local Buffalo Wild Wings messing with the sprinkler system…

  2. If I remember correctly, this used to be Joe Robbie Stadium because then-owner Joe Robbie built the stadium with his own money.

    And while the Marlins have won more championships and won them more recently, there’s no comparison what the Heat or Marlins mean to the community when compared to the Dolphins. Dolphins rule the area and the state and are a state treasure.

  3. If I’m paying $100 for a jersey that comes apart in the wash like tissue paper, you should have enough money for your stupid canopy. Are they really about to spend all that money to protect a maximum of three or four Superbowls from rain? By the time their next hosting rolls around they’ll probably say their additions are obsolete and need to be redone.

  4. I feel bad for Fin Fans. There is absolutely no way their stadium issues get fixed by using tax dollars when Loria just fleeced them to pay for something like 86% of the new Marlins stadium. The taxpayers didn’t even want to fund that stadium, and all of the politicians who voted in favor of it were voted out in a recall election.

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