Faltering Raiders expect to get Darren McFadden back this week

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Not much has gone right for the Raiders recently, but here’s one piece of moderately good news: Oakland running back Darren McFadden is likely to return on Sunday against the Browns after missing the last three weeks with a high ankle sprain.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that teammates said after Sunday’s loss to the Bengals that they expect McFadden to be back on the field this week.

That could be construed as good news for the Raiders, although the reality is that the absence of McFadden has been far from their biggest problem recently. In fact, backups Marcel Reece and Jeremy Stewart have both played fairly well, with Reece averaging 4.7 yards a carry this season and Stewart catching a team-leading six passes on Sunday. For Oakland, a rough season for Carson Palmer, a lack of big plays from the receiving corps and a woeful defense have been bigger problems than McFadden’s injury.

McFadden was having a disappointing season even before he got hurt, with just 455 yards in the Raiders’ first eight games, and a career-low 3.3 yards a carry. A Raiders team that has lost four straight games by double-digit margins is going to need McFadden — and a lot of other players — to play a lot better over the final five weeks of the season.

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  1. I swear this site just makes assumptions and posts them.

    A rough season for Carson Palmer? Aside from this week that would be hard to prove. He’s near the top in the AFC in every category.

    No plays from wide receivers? 2 are gonna go over 800 yards while missing multiple games and 2 more players are gonna go over 800 yards despite also missing games.

    Maybe pay attention and realize that McFadden is not a fit, the team lacks leadership and the D is garbage instead of just saying something and hoping no one notices.

    Michael David Smith: Palmer is not near the top in the AFC in every category. In passer rating, the following AFC quarterbacks are ahead of him: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jake Locker, Chad Henne. How is that near the top? As for the 800-yard receivers, I hate to break this to you, but in the modern NFL an 800-yard season by a receiver is not particularly impressive.

  2. Not a Raiders fan but Palmer is not having a rough season. All his stats are in line with his career numbers in almost any season! Maybe you should check your numbers but he seems to be the lone bright spot on this team.

    Michael David Smith: Again, you’re wrong. His completion percentage, yards per pass and passer rating are all down this year from his career average.

  3. Ok 1st off Palmer plays from behind every game and that is why his stats look good. He is throwing 100 yards in the 4th quarter because he is playing against 2nd string corner backs. He is not the answer in Oakland and as long as Knapp is oc neither is DMC. Trade him for a 2nd rd pick and start to draft healthy players that make a difference. Not ones who arnt even dressed 75% of the year.

  4. 2012 Regular Season 271 449 3,181 60.4 7.09 18 64 12 6 42.5 84.1
    Career 2494 3,994 28,628 62.4 7.17 185 78 128 50 – 86.1

    I think you’re splitting hairs here.

  5. Ok so you found one category that he is not near the top and you included Chad Henne and Jake Locker who have barely played. Also I will agree that having 1 receiver at 800 yards is not too impressive although respectable….but he said there will possibly be 4 receivers at that mark and that is impressive. Palmer is doing just fine, and if you would watch the games you would know he is one of the few bright spots for the Raiders this year. Quit googling some quick stats and making arguements that are meaningless, watch the games!!

  6. You can skew the numbers either way to say Palmer is having a good or bad year.

    Point blank – Palmer is not a good a good QB at this stage in his career. Serviceable, yes but by no means good. There are over 20 NFL QB’s I would trade him for right now, including those that are backups on other teams.

    He is not the short term or long term answer I just hope he’s not on the roster next year so the team can put this mistake behind them.

  7. Palmer is having his best season as far as Passing Yards is concerned. But when you throw it 50-60 times a game cause you’re behind by 28 pts it doesn’t really matter. And stats doesn’t mean much if you can’t win (see Cam Newton).

  8. I’ve watched every second of Raiders football this year (yeah, something to be proud of….) and considering what he’s working with, Palmer is playing outstanding. He’s been very impressive. The line is awful, and the running game is non-existant….and then the defense can’t stop anyone so Palmer has to throw to play catch-up. The Raiders have 99 problems, but Palmer ain’t 1.

  9. Palmer’s having to deal with no running game, maybe the worst offensive line in football (there was a play yesterday where the RT literally stood still as a guy ran by him), and a defense that has him always playing from behind and can’t stop a nosebleed. Given that, he’s played well and definitely can’t be blamed for the Raiders utter incompetence at seemingly every other position. Add in receivers dropping catchable passes to boot and the assertion about Palmer being the problem is absurd.

  10. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the line? It has been awful, it can’t run block or pass protect. How can anyone access Palmer or a RB when they have no time. When DMAC is in the game, defenses simply key on him, and dare the Raiders to make a play anywhere else. He rarely sees daylight of any kind and when Palmer is forced in obvious throwing downs the results are as good as you can hope for. The ZBS has failed for the Raiders every year they have tried it. The one year they went back to the bigs they had success running the ball. They need to commit to a style and find the talent to play the line, otherwise the QB and RB less important than the Punter.

  11. McMuffin is the train that never really could. He had some athletic potential, but ultimately he was undermined by an injury-prone body. There is ZERO value for a running back who can’t stay healthy for the season, let alone half of it.

    I would assume that the Raiders will drop him at the end of the season, and he’ll wind up doing a little third-down work on some random team, for the league minimum for a few years before he calls it quits.

  12. Good news.McFadden will be playing in the secondary right?I know he’s going to be our middle linebacker and will help us shut down the run…Oh he’s not?Oh boy

  13. hanspard: It’s irrelevant what you have watched, or not. For some reason, you “nation” guys always like to mention that, as if there is a gold star for attendance. The fact is that Palmer has never been a career top-ten guy, and as he declines further, certainly won’t be now. Being that you are such an astute student of the game, look at the level of the quarterbacks who have won the SuperBowl in the past decade. They are all top-five, year in and year out. Forget the receivers and the O-line. Do you think that has been consistent or great every time Brady has gone to the SB? No.

    The league is designed around the QB, and therefore, there is unmatched value in having a great QB. Palmer is quite far from that, and has been stated already, his stats are rigged because so many of those yards come in garbage time. That happened a season or two ago with Phil Rivers. The team lost half the games it played, but he almost set a single-season record for total yards. Ultimately, that was a garbage stat, for a garbage year.

  14. Hopefully McKenzie is aware of classic Star Trek terminology and realizes that McFadden is a DUNSEL – a part which serves no useful purpose. As such ‘DMC’ should be jettisoned from the Raiders in the offseason.

  15. In a perfect world DMC would tear it up the rest of the way and increase trade value. If you can get a 2nd round pick for him take it and run. I remember that Jerry Jones wanted him in a big way when he came out of hogville.
    He runs stiff, has limited lateral movement and this season has not finished off runs, preferring to step out of bounds. I swear his ankles do not bend and his legs are so thin it’s scary. Is there any meat on those calves at all?

  16. I would argue that Palmer was a top ten QB before his injury and he definitely has the potential to get back to top 1o status. Your arguements hold no weight…Eli Manning won the Super Bowl in 2008….check his 2007 stats vs. Carson Palmer’s. Carson was top 5 that year! So we could go round and round about stats…watching the game is important and it is where you will see that Carson Palmer is not the problem.

  17. I don’t think Palmer is to blame. He has no one to block for him. The front line is to blame and Knapp and his no working ZBS doens’t work so Palmer has no choice but to throw. The defense sucks at best. Don’t blame Palmer. Johnny U could be in there and not have a good season. The QB is bascially only as good as his receivers and front line.

  18. Hey, Raider fans, how’d this coaching switch from Hue Jackson who had you on the rise to this mess you have going on now work out for you?

    I tried to warn you that Terrelle Pryor would be an option later on in the season because you’d be so bad but heard all of you idiots actually thinking firing Hue Jackson was a good thing for you. Back to one of the worst offenses in football and just as bad a defense to go with it, just like last year.

    Guess he wasn’t the problem and all those players he ripped before the idiots who took over for Al Davis fired him were.

  19. its over for Dmac,kelly, seymour and palmer, raiders need draft picks, look at all these young raw players on frisco, seattle, arizona, colts, cincy, miami and vikings all playing fundamental sound football and winning, oakland is getting their butts whooped!! I beleive mckenzie is going this route…..

    PS. lets see what we got in Pryor ASAP

  20. Knapp is a horrible OC. McFadden’s struggles with zone running schemes are well-documented, and his production in the power game with Hue at the helm speaks for itself. You don’t handcuff a potential game-breaking player in the name of force-feeding a blocking scheme down a team’s throat.

    I am not encouraged by anything the Raiders have shown this year. If they trade/cut McFadden (by far their most talented offensive player) in the name of keeping a stupid blocking scheme it will be tough to continue to be a Raider fan.

  21. I find it hard to fathom how Raider fans can rag on Palmer, especially after seeing the likes of Jason Campbell, Jamarcus Russell, Bruce Gradkowski, Kyle Boller, Charlie Frye, Andrew Walter, Josh McCown, Daunte Culpepper, and Aaron Brooks start games for this team since 2006.

    Palmer is NOT the problem. He is the best qb this team has had since Gannon. Its not his fault he has been on crappy teams in both Cincy and Oakland. Yes, he will throw the occasional bad INT. He also throws TD passes that none of the players listed above could dream of throwing, all while running for his life and taking a pounding behind a sieve o-line and no run game.

    What more do you people want from him? Geeze

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