Jarret Johnson: Chargers just don’t know how to win

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The Chargers did it again on Sunday.

They built up a lead, put themselves in position to win a game and then watched as the Ravens scored 13 points in the fourth quarter and overtime to emerge with a victory. It’s a recurring theme in San Diego, one that left linebacker Takeo Spikes “distraught” after the game came to an end. Linebacker Jarret Johnson noted the Ravens’ 5-1 record in games decided by one score and called them a team that just knows how to win.

The Chargers? Johnson said they were “the opposite” of that.

“It’s just really frustrating because we’ve shown we can play. I’ve been on bad teams, riddled with injuries, bad guys, dysfunctional. This team is every bit the opposite of that,” Johnson said, via the North County Times. “We’ve shown we’re a talented team, offensively and defensively. And at the same time, we’ve turned around and proven time and again that we just don’t know how to win.”

It’s hard to argue with Johnson’s take. The Chargers are 1-4 in one-score games this year, including losses in each of the last two weeks that have left them only technically alive in the fight for playoff spots. The offense scored just three points in the second half, a problem finishing games that has plagued the unit all year, and the defense continually gave up third down conversions (and one big fourth down conversion) to keep the Ravens in business.

That’s a blueprint for losing in the NFL and it is one that the Chargers appear to be powerless to overcome as currently constructed. The first step in changing that will likely be the departure of coach Norv Turner, but the bloodletting doesn’t figure to stop there. It should be an offseason of major change in San Diego if they want to avoid more distraught locker rooms in the future.

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  1. “It’s hard to argue with Johnson’s take. The Ravens are 1-4 in one-score games this year, including losses in each of the last two weeks that have left them only technically alive in the fight for playoff spots. ”

    I think you mean the Chargers are 1-4

  2. Coaches coach, player’s play.

    Name one person on the Chargers defense that’s the playmaker equal to Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis?

    This kind of guy is what is needed to win close games. Which tells me, every team that passes on Manti Te’o will sorely regret it.

  3. Per Norv’s body of work, I as a diehard Charger fan completely stopped believing in the product after the Saints game.

    All the years of Charger players overachieving a bad Coach with zero discipline and leadership could not go ignored any longer.

    I’m a Charger fan, I am only rooting for them to lose every game until there’s a coaching change. I don’t care to support the product, I don’t care if they’re blacked out, my father no longer wants the usual Charger shirt for christmas as the product is so embarassasing who wants to be reminded of them.

    The fact Norv remains, shows the problem exists with Dean Spanos and AJ Smith. There was no problem cutting Ted Cottrell to save face, there should be no reason Norv doesn’t take the exact same him. You don’t perform, you dont remain. Why is Norv still in the building?

  4. Good teams find a way to win, even if they play terribly. Obviously the Chargers aren’t good because they can lose whether they play good for most of the game or for none of it. It starts at the coaching and until that changes, they won’t be winning anytime soon.

  5. JJ was a class act in Baltimore. There is still a mutual admiration between him and the Baltimore Ravens. I hope that after his contract is up in San Diego that he can still retire a Raven.

  6. Norv has proven time and time again that he is not quality head coaching material.

    However, in this particular case, he is being asked to make chicken salad out of chicken sh**. AJ Smith’s arrogance has finally caught up with him. He has continued to let quality players leave as free agents and shown time after time with poor drafting and and even worse free agent signings, that he can’t replace those guys with cheaper alternatives.

    Norv is brutal, but let’s be objective……….this team does not have nearly enough talent to win on a consistent basis and that falls on the GM.

    Norv and AJ are now one and the same. If one goes, they both go.

  7. There’s problems across the board here but one obscure move that needs made? Shop Rivers. Clearly they need to rebuild, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a team like the Jets bite and offer a decent package for a QB with a good arm and a temper to match the Jets locker room. I really think Rivers is a huge issue for that O. Look at Flacco- 5 sacks, but did you ONCE see him jump up screaming at linemen or throwing a tanrum? Nope. But everytime something goes wrong in SD, Rivers cries like a baby. He displaces blame, pisses off his teammates, and has a piss poor attitude. I believe his time has come in SD.

  8. Just like players, coaches and executives are either winners or they’re not. Norv isn’t a winner. AJ isn’t a winner. xpensivewinos said it succinctly and clearly

  9. He was garbage in D.C., he’s been garbage in S.D…he hasn’t had any success since his OC days in Dallas.

    As long as Norv and A.J. are employed by the Chargers, they deserve to lose…how can you justify allowing Brees and V-Jax leave as free agents?

  10. You gotta fire AJ along with Norval. You can’t let the GM that was dumb enough to hire Norv Fricken Turner stick around to hire the next head coach.

    I bet Art Shell, Dave Wannstedt and Richie Kotite are on AJ’s short list.

  11. chargerdillon says: Nov 26, 2012 10:43 AM

    You don’t perform, you dont remain. Why is Norv still in the building?
    Maybe because Norv wasn’t the only guy waiting for someone else to make a tackle on a 4th and 29 play. There were at least 7 guys on the field that might as well have been on the sideline.

  12. I hope when Spanos replaces those two he picks somebody that’s not a known loser, which is what he did when picking Turner. Nobody ever said he made a good choice.

  13. It’s amazing that Bolts Fans are enduring yet another fiasco this season with Nerf & A.J. still in-command of the club. Didn’t these very kinds of conversations occur this time last year (the answer is a resounding “Yes!”)? Sadly, every single football fan on the planet knows that Nerf & A.J. are not the men to lead this team to anything except disappointment. Oh wait, there is one fan who doesn’t know it…Dean Spanos. Really tragic that the owner can’t realize what is patently obvious to the rest of us.

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