NFL suspends Jermaine Cunningham

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Patriots defensive end Jermaine Cunningham, a third-year player who has appeared in all 11 games this season with two starts, will miss the next four games.

Via Mike Reiss of, the NFL has suspended Cunningham four games for violation of the league’s policy regarding performance-enhancing substances.

The difference between the Cunningham suspension and the Richard Sherman/Brandon Browner situation is that Cunningham’s appeal process has concluded and the suspension will begin immediately.

11 responses to “NFL suspends Jermaine Cunningham

  1. That’s how you go from JAG to riches. That Patriot parking spot they give to offseason workout warriors must be really convenient.

  2. Not one comment…. All the losers can’t wait to jump on the people that haven’t had there day yet. This guy is guilty… ooh that’s right he is from the East Coast it must be a conspiracy I’m sure the Seahawks had something to do with it since we cause all problems in the NFL.

  3. I can’t say I’m terribly surprised by this. He seemed to get a lot “better” this year. Hopefully Spikes will not be next.

    At least he’s not offering some lame excuse (yet.) I’m sure it’s just B 12 supplements.

  4. I know there’s a goodd chance a lot of football players use steroids. But there have been so many suspensions this year compared to the past. Maybe it is adderall?

  5. Sorry but ‘Performance Enhancers’ and Jermaine Cunningham don’t go together. 2.5 sacks is a break out year…….That’s how badly he has performed. He has been their most dissapointing player since he was drafted. This would be like if the Jets lost Bart Scott – addidtion by subtraction.

    NE’s D might have just gotten better.

    Must be Adderall. I’m not up on the whole Adderall thing but I imagine it must be like taking speed. If that is the case half the pro football hall of fame would be wiped out.

  6. Second youngest D in the league and now BB is going to have to use this guy as an example to stop this garbage from continuing.

    Houston coming up and this does NOT help.

    Time for Nink and Bequette to step-up.

  7. Patriots hopes at a first round bye take a huge hit now. They will play the two toughest games of their schedule with a banged up pass rush. Hope Chandler Jones can recover in time to face the Texans and 49ers.

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