No suspension for Suh for kicking Schaub


NFL spokesman Greg Aiello just tweeted out news that will be a relief to the Lions.

“Our office has notified the Lions that N(damukong) Suh will not be suspended for last Thursday’s incident. It will be reviewed for a potential fine.”

That “incident” was a foot to the crotch of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, which didn’t seem to be part of a football move.

That’s a mild surprise, but it won’t surprise anyone if the fine is significant, considering Suh’s status as a repeat offender.

Still, it keeps him on the field against the Colts this week.

82 responses to “No suspension for Suh for kicking Schaub

  1. Garbage…It was clearly done purposely. Why is his leg even in the air in the first place? Shouldn’t it have fell along with the rest of his body?

    He should win an Oscar for that acting job.

    What a bum. I wouldn’t want this player anywhere near my team. He is dirty and quite frankly, is pretty average as a DT.

  2. Waaaaaaaait a minute.

    You were gonna suspend Ed Reed for making a football play, but Suh skates by with this just because they’re not being sued over it?

    The NFL’s so full of crap. Emperor Goodell and his goons are lucky the product (professional football) is so awesome, because the organization that runs it is a bunch of frauds.

    What a joke.

  3. There may not be a suspension for Suh’s incidental/intentional kick, but there will be a suspension for Lamar Houston’s body slam of Andy Dalton on a whistle blown dead play.

  4. Also read as:
    We feel bad that Schwartz didn’t know the rules (even though he screamed at Harbaugh just a year ago) about throwing a challenge flag in OT. The refs handed the Texans the victory and pretty much ruined the rest of your playoff hopes. No suspension needed.

  5. Suh, all class. Can’t wait for offseason in Detroit, its when the Lions really make headlines. Pot, DWI/DUI, speeding, car crashes. Never a dull moment in Lion Land.

  6. I’m a Packer fan who can’t stand Ndamukong Suh, it’s simply too difficult to determine what happened, you can’t freeze frame it, it was a quick motion, impossible to know what his motivation was, a football move gone bad? Sure. Matt Schaub was wearing a cup, his boys are fine. Time to move on.

  7. I know people will be upset and don’t like us. But I love my lions and after going 0-16 I’m happy to have crazy players on my team. None of you understand our pain so you really can’t relate to why we are happy to have this guy on our team. Oh and of course he kicked him on purpose.

  8. Before, it wouldn’t surprise you guys if Suh was suspended. NOW, it wouldn’t surprise you guys if his fine was SIGNIFICANT. Not too subtle about your Christmas list.

  9. Wow! Why is Goodell so soft on Suh? Seems like every player gets the hammer, except for Suh. It is not as if he hasn’t done crap like this before. You’re gonna see many more swift kicks to the nutsack if there are no suspensions.

  10. What a shock that the offense that you had to watch in slow motion to even begin to think there was intent didnt warrant a suspension. Seeing it in regular speed it happened so fast there was never any doubt in my mind that it was unintentional.

    Suh has done plenty of questionable things but this was just an instance of the media digging for a story.

  11. Good call..the more i see the tape the more difficult it is to determine if it was intentional or not.

  12. Hey where all the haters that were positive that Suh would be suspended (including head Lion-hater MF)? It’s still not mob rule in the NFL. No clear intent means no suspension. Hate on haters.

  13. it was an acrobatic kick considering suh was up-side-down and still hit the target. suh should be a qb someday!!!

  14. Seen the replay multiple times. His face is going into the ground, and facing the other direction. He may have kicked back with authority, but NO WAY could he have known where Schaub was, or any part of his body to aim the kick. Not saying he doesn’t deserver the attention, but the only reason it is getting the amount of attention it is getting, is because it is Suh. Correct decision by the NFL.

  15. You can’t be serious to compare Suh’s maybe/maybe not kick with Ed Reed’s hit and history of hitting. Come on. Get serious. Seriously, get serious. This is making something out of nothing.

    Anyway, it’s the right call. TV analysts don’t know what they’re talking about anymore than you guys or any of these bloggers do. It’s irrelevant.

  16. As a lion fan I think they let suh off the hook , he shoulda got Atleast a one game suspension for being a repeat offender , but it is what’s it is , go ball out and earn ur pay check know

  17. I’m extremely disappointed to see Suh wasn’t credited for a “sack” on the play. What a travesty, he should appeal it could be some bonus money that he misses out on.

  18. I guess the league is being somewhat consistent by not suspending Suh.

    Jared Allen kicked Ray Edwards in the crotch and NOTHING happened…

    And of course Jared wasn’t labeled dirty as a result…

  19. doesn’t matter. the media has already crucified him in the public eye. that’s a much bigger punishment than a one game suspension. shame on you people.

  20. I disagree about it being a relief to Lions fans. Lions are VERY concerned about Suh and would probably rather him take a harsh hit now in order to try and prevent questionable behavior in the future, he has potentially 10+ years he could play here, and right now we are not likely to benefit from wins and we can get a higher draft pick if we lose. So it would be MORE of a relief to Lions fans to see him be punished while also giving us a chance to test out a younger DT for the future and probably an improved draft position.

    Now the Lions could suspend Suh but that carries other concerns such as the relationship with the player and it’s not professional to try and lose or lessen your chances, but I think the fans would like them to do that and they are on a different wavelength and have different responsibilities than the team managers who aren’t in a position to do that as easily as the fans would like them to.

  21. Keep letting him get away with this stuff and hes eventually going to seriously hurt someone. People get hurt all the time playing the game, but this guy seems to go out of his way to make sure of it

  22. There have been multiple crotch shots in recent years (at least two by the Vikings – do we see a trend?) that didn’t result in suspensions. Even if this were intentional, and I will never be convinced it was a willful shot to the groin, the precedent is that it’s not suspendable. Period.

  23. I guess the league is being somewhat consistent by not suspending Suh.

    Jared Allen kicked Ray Edwards in the crotch and NOTHING happened…

    And of course Jared wasn’t labeled dirty as a result…
    It wasn’t Jared Allen, it was Brian Robison and he was fined……..don’t know about Robision being labeled a dirty player but you do need to get your facts and names straight dude.

  24. Good job guys! Precedence set.

    Let me quote the “commish” from awhile back..

    “My job is to protect the integrity of the NFL and to make sure the game is as safe as possible.”

    Along with..

    “I have to make a lot of decisions that aren’t in the best interests of individuals, whether they be owners, club executives, players.”

    No kiddin huh? Here is my personal favorite: “No one is above the game or the rules that govern it. Respect for the game and the people who participate in it will not be compromised.”


  25. Although not a fan of either team, I saw this game from start to finish. In looking at the replays of this incident I just got the impression that there was intent to strike Schaub but the location of the blow was mere happenstance.

    If it were my decision whether to punish, I would have to ask (1) does it make any difference that the foot wasn’t provably aimed where it landed, and (2) should I let the fact that it’s Suh lead me to a harsher conclusion on intent?

    Objectively, this is a tough call. But when has the NFL Wicked Witch and his Flying Monkeys been objective?

  26. noeffinway says: Nov 26, 2012 4:47 PM

    haha…..bring it haters!
    Dude you support the Lions, no need to bring it because we all feel sorry for you. Your mastermind coach just cost you a game that should have stopped the Lions 9-game losing streak on Thanksgiving, how pathetic is that.

    Shall I bring some more? Because there is plenty where that came from Hater…

  27. just do a search in youtube for Suh being Suh and you will see a play that could have resulted in some serious damage to schaub. If you watched the game you will remember a play where Suh dragged down Schaub after the ball was gone and it could have seriously injured him.

  28. Watched some of the game on replay on NFL network & everyone who says SUH can’t play or is overated didn’t see the game I watched cause that dude was in the backfield everytime I went back in the living room watching it on replay. Don’t want to get kicked in ur baby maker wear a cup. Don’t won’t ur QB hit in his privates block him. I would like fur the cowboys to get someone on the team that could even get close enough to kick at the QB much less make a play on him, especially in the 4th qrt.

  29. If you ask me, which no one did! But the last time SUH head was looking at the ball, schaub had it held low, I think he flipped his foot to try and kick the ball.

  30. Lions fan here. Its obvious Suh was trying to make contact with Schaub. I don’t think his ninja skills are great enough to rule the placement as anything more than bad luck. Frankly, I’m more concerned with my ‘cerebral’ head coach’s inability to think before acting. Can we revisit the proposal to take the Thanksgiving game away from the Lions? I’m tired of pre-dinner depression.

  31. No doubt in my mind that Suh was out to hurt Schaub. Not only did he purposely kick Schaub, he also tried to tear Schaub’s ACLs on a horse collar-esque tackle during that game too. Some O-lineman will cut block Suh and put him out for a season. Suh is just a dirty player and karma will catch up to him.

  32. in fact, if suh did this to the nfl’s golden boy hero rg3, he wouldve been suspended for the rest of the year

  33. redrifle14 says: Nov 26, 2012 4:45 PM

    There may not be a suspension for Suh’s incidental/intentional kick, but there will be a suspension for Lamar Houston’s body slam of Andy Dalton on a whistle blown dead play.
    Watch it again, Rachael. Houston didn’t body slam Dalton, he tackled him. The ejections and forthcoming fines should be sufficient, but if Houston gets suspended, Whitworth will too. He did start the brawl, and Opie didn’t get hurt on the tackle.

  34. If Suh doesn’t blatantly lie about last year’s stomp, I am not sure he would even be fined for this one.

    As far as him being on the field, what does it matter? Playoffs waived goodbye already.

  35. So det12 I guess you wouldn’t mind if I kicked you in the nuts if you have any you might carry them in your purse,the mental case named Suh looked right at Schaub before he whipped his leg around to kick him,just another classless move by a classless little kid.I can’t wait for the day when a OL just dives straight at his knees and his career is over!!

  36. I’m glad Suh is a lion. He’s a great player and every other teams fans are just morons that want to talk trash about him and the lions. Suh is slightly dirty, but at least he’s not dirty AND classless like every 49er player and fan.

  37. comeon suh was only seeing what a pair feels like on his food only other time he has felt them was in his mouth suh need to have a sexual harshment chage against him i mean once a queer always a queer hu suh

  38. I call that a 6 point field goal! Good for him. The league should be taking care of more serious business than a doubtful groin kick.

  39. Last year a Minn. player was on his back and kicked straight up into the nuts of a player standing above him and you never hear anything about it.Why don’t you guys find someone else to cry about.

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