Panthers hand Eagles seventh straight loss

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The downward spiral of the Philadelphia Eagles continued Monday night.

Cam Newton completed 18 of 28 passes for 306 yards and two touchdowns and added another two touchdowns on the ground in the Panthers 30-22 win over the Eagles. Philadelphia (3-8) now has lost seven straight games and has yet to win after the month of September.

The Eagles were unable to take advantage of a stellar night on the ground from rookie running back Bryce Brown in losing to the Panthers (3-8). Brown ran for 178 yards and two touchdowns, including a 65-yard score in the second quarter. But the Eagles defense continued to struggled against the Panthers. A blown coverage led to as easy a touchdown pass as Newton and Brandon LaFell have ever had as LaFell was left running wide open down the seam for a score.

In his second start for an injured Michael Vick, rookie Nick Foles completed 16 of 21 passes for 119 yards. Philadelphia had three drives stall out in Panthers territory leading to three field goals from Alex Henery.

The Eagles led 22-21 entering the fourth quarter but were unable to hold on. Graham Gano booted a 23-yard field goal to give the Panthers a 24-22 lead. Newton then scored on a 2-yard run with 4:40 left to play to give the Panthers an eight point lead. A missed extra point from Gano gave the Eagles a chance to come back but Brandon Boykin fumbled the ensuing kickoff giving the ball back to Carolina.

Philadelphia never saw the ball again offensively as the Panthers offense managed to run out the clock.

36 responses to “Panthers hand Eagles seventh straight loss

  1. I think it is time for Lurie to stand up and announce on Reid.

    And I don’t think he should necessarily fire the guy. In fact, since I don’t see it getting better next year, he maybe should keep him since he does have a year left on a contract. So maybe he sees that and forces changes on the coaching staff. If GM Roseman resists that, fire him, bring in a solid personnel guy and improve by attrition.

    This way, you keep Reid from going to Dallas, or even to Cleveland, giving Banner a chance to gloat. I don’t think the latter would happen, but I do think the Dallas option would be present.

    They need to evaluate up and down, on field and front office, and this should not be a quick process. Keeping Reid in this wY would be an avenue to do so. There is no quick fix to the Eagles and they have to realize that, so do their fan base (of which I am a member).

    I do wish that Reid had taken a LOA after his son’s tragedy. He has looked a deer innthe headlights, and ppl wiuld have understood. And I am not a fan of his…

  2. Foles should have had 3 int’s. He’s a rookie but a lot of rookies have looked better than him with less talent around them (RG3, Luck, etc) he’s not the answer at quarterback for the Eagles.

    I just hope that the new regime realizes that and brings in their own guy at quarterback all traces of Andy Reid need to be eliminated from the Eagles organization in order for the Eagles to get back on track to being a perennial playoff team again.

  3. Last season they won the last 4 games to spoil a high draft pick. Right now, they would have the #4 pick in the draft. A player of that caliber and a new staff is a start to turning things around.

  4. As a diehard eagles fan, I have always liked Andy and he isn’t the one turning the ball over and blowing coverages. That being said, they need to fire the whole coaching staff and start over and build the offense around Mccoy. The only reason that they haven’t fired Andy yet is because nobody in the organization has shown they can coach a team and become an interim head coach (Marty Mornhinwheg LOL)

  5. So who will be the Eagles’ next free-agent QB pickup in 2013 since I kinda doubt Foles is the one (and Vick’s obviously gone after this year)?

    I say Mark Sanchez. Bet.

  6. What’s that song they played as the Titanic was sinking? That should be the Eagles new song. Or the old Ray Charles classic ” Born To Lose”? Either one would be appropriate. What a mess.

  7. the eagles D forgot to show up to the game…they left the middle of the field wide open all nite, it’s clearly obvious Andy Reid has lost the players and they checked out for good this season…Stick a fork in them, they are clearly done for the season…Andy will be looking for a new job next season.

  8. It’s a shame to see a good organization suffer like this. But I love knowing that those rotten Eagles fans are suffering. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

    When the Patriots played the Eagles in the Super Bowl, some of the Boston sports radio hosts went to the game. One of them was on the way into the stadium in a bunch of Eagles fans, and somehow a Philly guy found out who he was smiled and said “I could punch you in the face right now, and there’s nothing you could do about it!” This is a grown man, right? What kind of a human being says a thing like that? A Philly sports fan, that’s who.

  9. Leave it to some who thinks they know more than you!!
    ORDINARY is Foles 16/21 119yards with a 62 Qb rating. But somehow leave it to them to think that 3rd round pick in Foles would give you a better chance over a 4 time PRO bowl player in Vick , Who for the past 2010/11 season had the eagles with the top 4 OFFENSE in football, He did it with WR Djack quitting last year by his own admission due to NO contract.

  10. We just gained few spots in the draft for next year. I wonder whom Jon Gruden is going to take… Manti Te’o

  11. Bad football aside, the Eagles have possibly the ugliest uniforms in the NFL. The helmets have friggin’ wings on them. What creature known to man has a wing on its head?

    They should put an eagle with a football in its talons on the helmet while they’re busy cleaning house on the coaching staff.

  12. Wow, this is so sad. The Eagles need to clean more house and do things right starting next year. What’s the problem? The owner needs to figure it out or he doesn’t deserve to retain ownership of the team.

  13. I love my eagles as much as the next guy. But foles is not good and he’s not the answer. Hopefully they get geno smith next year and he is ( which I highly doubt) but hey that’s what being a fan is all about. Whatever way the eagles go with anew head coach I will be okay with whatever decision they make even if that means keeping Vick

  14. They should have lost to the Ravens but those replacement refs took away a perfect Jacoby Jones TD catch…

    Unbelievable how bad this team is performing, considering they have considerable talent.

  15. How can the Dream Team … the annually self-proclaimed ‘best team in the NFL’ … have a season like this?

  16. Where are all the Nick Foles is better than Vick and should be the starter people at now?! That team is terrible, Foles isn’t the answer. And Mike Vick is better than you Philly people think. Have Fun next year on your QB search and Basement Dwelling!

  17. Hey ballreaper, get out the history book and check your stats. One of the years Vick made the Pro Bowl he was the 27th rated passer in the league, and the other years weren’t that much better! Put down Foles all you want, he only has one less playoff victory than Vick who by the way owns about half of the Eagles’ current losing streak.

  18. Jon Gruden is not coming to Philly. get a clue. he’s probably never even comin back to coach.

    take away eagles fluke run in 2008 and Andy Reid has won exactly one playoff game since the 2004 super bowl. ONE GAME IN 9 YEARS!! who cares where h goes to coach if he is in charge of talent the team is done. His teams have steadily Lowered talent level for 14 years. Other than number one pick mcnabb. ALL his best players were someone elses idea

  19. bleed4philly says:
    Nov 27, 2012 12:40 AM
    We just gained few spots in the draft for next year. I wonder whom Jon Gruden is going to take… Manti Te’o


    I’m not certain why anyone wants Gruden. He’s a mediocre coach. Yes, he went to tampa and won the SB in his first year (against the dysfunctional raiders whose starting center didn’t even show up for the game) but went on to miss the playoffs for the next 5 years. He took a playoff team and ran it into the ground. No thanks.

    I’d rather go with a first time head coach. There’s way to much recycling in this league. How Norval Turner is still a coach is beyond my comprehension.

  20. Well, Eagles fans, you have one positive to take away from last night. You held our $450 billion worth of running backs to virtually nothing.

  21. Did anyone else notice what Gruden said during the delay before the 2 point attempt? He said “after WE showed them OUR formation”.

  22. Very entertaining game; too bad he fumbled after making a nice return, which would have given the Eagles a chance to score. Cam Newton looked pretty impressive, as did Brown, for the Eagles.

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