Report: Bunkley won’t be suspended for kicking Boone in the helmet


On Sunday, Saints defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley kicked 49ers offensive lineman Alex Boone in the back of the helmet.

On Monday, the Associated Press reported that Bunkley won’t be suspended.

Boone was flagged and ejected for the maneuver, which occurred with 65 second remaining in the game.

It’s the second Week 12 kick that won’t trigger a suspension.  Though either Bunkley or Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (or both) will be fined, it’s hard not to wonder whether the abrupt reversal of the one-game suspension imposed on Ravens safety Ed Reed has made the league a little gun shy when it comes to pulling the trigger on suspensions.

27 responses to “Report: Bunkley won’t be suspended for kicking Boone in the helmet

  1. I agree. They should wait until the 7th or 8th offense, unless they are wearing the wrong color socks or shoes when they are doing it. Then, the league needs to put the hammer down.

  2. That, my friends, is what we call “NFL logic.” Are they using a magic eight ball to make these decisions?

  3. for your information bro..boone was the one kicked and not flagged….get ur facts straight…go niners

  4. This is all you got???? No bashing of this Saint?? I mean he kicked a guy in the head! That is 100 times worse than Suh’s accidental kick of Schuab! And this is all you got to say??????

  5. I’m a Niners fan and don’t think he should be suspended. Was it a childish move? Yes. But it didn’t effect Boone in any way. The guy was just frustrated. Small fine if anything at all.

  6. No excuse for not suspending Bunkley unless they plan on fining him game check. Unlike the Suh nut shot there was no question that Bunkley intended to do harm to Boone. The video clearly shows him standing over Boone yelling and then kicking him in the back of the head.

    Unless the player is fined a game check we deserve a better explanation of why he wasn’t suspended because this is the exact situation when it should happen.

  7. Well he didn’t do it intentionally. The complicated and misunderstood forces of neuron firings in his brain commanded his foot to spring into violent action. Who can prove that’s the result of free will?

  8. Leave it to the Saints to try to steal some attention away from Suh. Couldn’t have happened to 2 dirtier teams

  9. But suspend James Harrison for a football play ? Yeah sounds about right. Suspend Harrison after 3 strikes, but not reed. But of course I forgot sanders ducked, and massaquoi didn’t…….. Oh wait yeah that’s right.

  10. Does this mean Matt Schaub doesn’t think he’d be a fit for the Texans either?

    Going this rate, the Texans won’t have many free agent options.

    Glad to see a kick to the head is far less offensive as a guys foot hitting another guy while he’s staring at the turf falling on his head.

  11. He was just trying to collect Vilma’s “kick to the head” bounty.

    By the way nice job twisting Kendall Hunter’s ankle after a tackle Vilma. And in the midst of his bounty proceedings. Seems he’s about as stupid as he is dirty. What a liar.

  12. Are you kidding me? This isn’t even legal in the UFC….he threw a knee to the head of a downed opponent. Bunkley is a punk-a##-bi$&% for this lame a## retaliation because he’s a sore loser. Unbelievable. If this doesn’t merit a suspension, then nothing does.

  13. Maybe the NFLPA should suspend him for workplace violence against another union member. Their suppose to look out for their members & it seems to me they don’t. Just like all the hits to the head their members do to one another. Seems like their union is looking out for their union dues & not their union brother.

  14. Player 1: tackles too hard…… fined hundreds of thousands & suspended. Player 2: kicks defensive player in the head while he’s laying on the ground. That’s just football. Nothing wrong with that.

  15. What a bunch of BS. Should have been IMMEDIATELY suspended. But since his name isn’t Suh and he plays for the Aints who are a terribly picked on bunch…

    Only reason Suh won’t be fined is cause his act probably wasn’t avoidable. Bunkley on the other hand is a dooshbag that should have been suspended or fined or both. Boone was on the freakin ground and completely helpless at the time.

    If the league doesn’t do something the players will probably take the matter in their own hands the next time they see that punk. I know I would.

    Goodell screwed this one all kinds of ways to Sunday. He says he’s trying to clean things like this up but then when a player does something this blatant and doesn’t make his way to the Locker Room and just stands on the sidelines and doesn’t receive any kind of Punishment afterwards? It’s just lip service.

  16. Yeah…that was such a cheap shot. 4 or 5 saints players just standing around a downed niner not letting him get up. Then a saint kicks him in the head when hes down? wtf?

  17. If you saw it, you’d see why he’s not getting suspended. It wasn’t so much a kick as a shove with his foot. Still uncalled for, still worth whatever punishment he’s already gotten and will get. It was nothing like the Suh kicks or the Haynesworth kick, though. It was very mild.

  18. The sad thing is that Saints offensive players pay for that dirty defense of theirs. Goldston and crew were just blowing up those receivers with clean, legal, but very vicious hits all day.

  19. So what we can take from this, the Suh nutt shot and Ed Reeds initial suspension is that it’s ok to kick an opposing player anywhere that you want but if you slightly tap another players helmet with yours while making a full speed tackle your butt is getting a vacation.

  20. If you watch the replay, you’ll see that Bunkley got punched in the junk and then retaliated. That’s probably why there’s no fine or suspension. Not to mention it was such a soft kick. More like a little shove with his foot.

  21. I can’t believe everyone is missing Boone punching Bunkley in the nuts. I wish the highlights would show the entire video of this.

    Boone is the one needing a suspension.

  22. 49ers are a dirty team. The dirt on them will be exposed eventually and people will start targeting their players more than they are now.

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