Rex: No reason to think Tebow won’t be available


Now that America has had time to grieve the loss of a celebrity fan, whose need for attention has to have now been met, we can move onto more pressing issues.

Namely, the celebrity backup quarterback.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said there’s no change in Tim Tebow’s status for Sunday, despite the fact he backed up Mark Sanchez last week with two cracked ribs.

“I’m not expecting anything to change as far as his availability, but we’ll see how the week goes and if there’s any significant changes,” Ryan said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I know he was active for the game, so we’ll see. I know he’s getting treatment but I anticipate him being ready to go.”

Tebow was active but didn’t play in Thursday’s 49-19 drubbing at the hands of the Patriots, and somehow, the world continued to spin on its axis, and the Jets still lost.

14 responses to “Rex: No reason to think Tebow won’t be available

  1. How can he show his face around that stadium after getting Fireman Ed fired?

    Seriously, if Jets fans were harrassing him about wearing a Marc Sanchez jersey, what do you think they were saying?

  2. Sounds to me like a Woody call….Rich boy owner wants to sell tickets and get the attention generated by Sanchez’s terrible play and Tebow’s presence, so he tells Rex and Mr. T to dress him just so there is some drama and blah blah blah on ESPN and he might even get his name mentioned. Why else would tebow be active when he can’t throw with his throwing arm? That and Rex is an idiot for not activating McElroy 3 weeks ago.

  3. If Rex wasn’t so stubborn and could admit that Sanchez is a bum, then poor Fireman Ed wouldn’t have been layed off.

  4. The Jets and their fans like Fireman Ed are so pathetically hilarious, I’m almost tempted to buy a PSL from Woody Johnson just on the condition he keep Wrecks, Sanchez and Tebow for the forseeable future.

    The entertainment value they all bring to that circus is more than worth it to non-Jets fans.

    Please Woody – don’t fire Wrecks!

  5. i like rex but can someone just fire this man so i dont have to keep turning on cbs everysunday and have to see sanchez keep throwing pick 6’s or fumbling for aloss i mean seriously.. i felt sorry for rex at first but now ur just a moron for sticking with him.

  6. Play him. Really not one reason not top.ay him now. The season is over. Either they cut him or trade him. Both scenarios can help the jets only if they play him. If mgmt doesn’t push to play him they are worse than they appear.

  7. There’s absolutely no reason to put Tebow in a game, believe it or not, he’s worse than Sanchez, and that says a lot.

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