Seahawks seething over roughing the passer call


Not that the Seahawks don’t have bigger problems, but they left Miami last night seething over a penalty they felt was unfairly called.

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was flagged for roughing the passer, after catching Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill with his arm as he flew past. The penalty negated an interception by Seahawks Bobby Wagner, and the Dolphins scored a touchdown on the next play.

It just looked wrong,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “A very big call to make when the guy wasn’t intending to hit the quarterback or anything like that.”

Tannehill was scrambling when Thomas came flying in from the side, with the safety thinking he was going to bat down the pass.

“I definitely felt the ball was still in his hands,” Thomas said. “And I even tried to turn my body kind of over not to even land on him. But when I’m going at my speed, I can’t just stop in mid-air, just magic. It’s just very frustrating, and that definitely changed the game. We had an interception on that play that they definitely can’t slow the game down like this for us and take the game away like that from us. It really just hurts. You can’t do nothing about it. It’s out of our control.”

Thomas clearly felt like the Seahawks got the short end of several calls, but that one was most costly.

“They’re just trying to slow this game up for certain people,” Thomas said. “I can’t fly. I’m not Superman. I did everything possible to try and not rough the passer. But if I had to do it again, I’d do the same thing. But this NFL, they need some goggles or something. That’s how I see it.”

For his part, Tannehill saw it as divine intervention.

Just a bad, bad play by me,” Tannehill said, via Greg Cote of the Miami Herald. “The Good Lord was looking out for me.”

Maybe he was using the same goggles that allowed him to see the sprinkler button.

54 responses to “Seahawks seething over roughing the passer call

  1. Pretty ironic he thinks a play “just looked wrong” when the refs rule against his team but absolutely loved and praised the worst call most of us have ever seen when it gives his team a free win against the Packers…

    Classic Carroll’

  2. I’m a Dolphins fan and yes Miami got lucky with that iffy call. But unless Seattle wants to acknowledge Golden Tate’s “touchdown” was a botched call, then they don’t have much room to talk.

  3. Watch later this week. The league won’t fine Thomas for the hit because it wasn’t a foul in any way, shape, or form.

    Thomas was rushing at Tannehill and leaped up into the air to block the pass. Physics working as they do, he had to come down somewhere, and it was on top of Tannehill. He didn’t lead with his head, there was no maliciousness, in fact it actually looks like he’s trying to avoid doing any kind of harm at all by twisting away from the QB….and since Tannehill was in the motion of throwing as Thomas leaped into the air, it wasn’t close to a late or unnecessary hit.

    If the league fines Thomas and validates this penalty, the message is, “Don’t try hard on defense.”

    It was a horrible call, but those happen. What Seattle needs to worry about is now Tannehill and the Dolphins were able score twice in the final five minutes to win the game. They don’t have control over the officials, but with a little better defense they would have won that game.

  4. Seattle fans are long familiar with the 7 stages of grief, so maybe the players should stop whining and move on. Talking heads surmised early in the season that Seattle’s overly aggressive DB play would eventually get flagged. It’s hilarious that Seattle’s head coach thinks the refs should work intent into the rule book.

  5. Well there you have it. When you were the benefactor of a game deciding “bad call” you were all happy and now that karma came back and took one away from you, you are going to cry foul. Deal with it!!!

  6. Watched the whole game. At least 5 egregious non-holding calls occurred that were in the Seahawks favor.

    Sore losers.

  7. It’s called almost every time. The Dolphins could be complaining about the non-call on Golden Tate basically tackling the CB before that catch near the goal line to set up their TD before the half, as well.

  8. The Seahawks complaining about a bad call from the Refs. Funny Pete I remember a call that “just looked wrong” earlier in the season. Perhaps you should go back to saying things like “it was the right call”. Pete at his finest.

  9. Get your bone headed OC not to call two stupid plays to take yourself out of FG range and then don’t have the DC go into a no pressure soft zone that allows the Phins to march uncontested down the field to win and that call doesn’t matter.

    Should have been a non-call, but he hit him and this is Goodell’s sissified NFL, so they made the call.

  10. How quickly you forget your Packers “win” due to the worst blown call of the season. Me thinks you should just shut up Pete: you live by (and even embrace) the blown call, you die by the blown call. Get over it whiner!

  11. “Thomas clearly felt like the Seahawks got the short end of several calls, but that one was most costly.”

    Hey Earl, you still had your two drug performance
    enhanced CBs playing. What else do you want, a gift game winning TD on a non catch?

  12. I don’t understand his complaint. The ball was in his hands when you jumped? Who cares? You hit him in the head with the full force of your body behind your arm. If Tannehill hadn’t thrown it, it still would have been roughing the passer, because it was a forceful blow to the head of the QB.

    You’ve hit the nub of the issue Earl, when you said “I can’t just stop in mid-air”. So maybe don’t jump towards the QB?

  13. They weren’t crying about a touchdown that was unfairly called earlier in the season. Karma is a bitch.

  14. Oh poor Seattle. Did a call go against you? Actually, it didn’t. If you can’t see the head shot then you probably didn’t see the offensive pass interference at the end of the Green Bay game. Cry me a river Seagulls.

  15. Well they did return the kickoff for a touchdown right after that Dolphins TD, so stop complaining. Some calls calls go your way some don’t. The defense should have made a statement on the Dolphins last drive, but they didn’t!! That’s what they really should be seething over.

  16. You can’t touch the QB in the head and neck area. The rule has been in place for a while, and gets called almost every time. Intent or force isn’t part of the equation. The refs have enough to do without trying to gauge what a player meant to do.

    Get over it.

  17. I absolutely agree!!! What a shame for the outcome of the game to be dictated by horrible calls on the field.


    Green Bay fans who were robbed on the Monday night game against Seattle

  18. Were they ‘seething’ when the replacement refs handed them a win over Green Bay? I seem to remember a much different emotion.

  19. The Seahawks seething about a bad call? Isn’t this the team that got the “mother of all bad calls”?

  20. Hmmm. Maybe they should get with Erik walden who was flagged after GB made what would have been a game clinching INT which preceded a phantom PI flag which flipped field position, which also preceded an egregious OPI on Tate which enabled him to catch a ball he never really caught for a gift W.

  21. The Seahawks could at least pick a call to complain about that was actually unfair. If you hit the QB in the head with your forearm on a flying tackle, you’ll get 15 yards every time.

    Both the Golden Tate offensive pass interference tackle that set up the earlier touchdown and the blatant holding on the longest Marshawn Lynch run of the day were actually bad calls. But they went against the winning team, so no one is talking about them.

    Maybe Pete could complain that the sprinklers iced his defense.

  22. It’s a clear violation of the rule. I know some want it to be judged on intent to harm or to be mitigated by effort to avoid or physics, but it’s not.

    Also don’t get the rationalization of “I definitely felt the ball was still in his hands…” Huh? If so, that’s horribly bad technique… You shouldn’t jump up and at a QB from 5 yards away if you think you are getting to him before he passes. It looks like you clearly jumped up with your hands extended to block the pass that you just missed blocking… And despite what some are saying: yes, you can jump more vertically from a full run than that — the fact that you chose to go vertical AND forward 5 yards in your jump more or less guarantees that you are coming down on the QB and putting yourself in a position to get called for roughing the passer rather than making a better play on blocking the pass.

  23. Seahawks fan here. I really wish posters would stop blaming Pete and Seahawks fans in general for that GB fiasco. Sure it was the wrong call, but does that mean that as a city and fan base we must remain silent for the rest of our existence when we get hosed in similar fashion?

    Dislike Pete for any personal reason you may, but please remember that we didn’t ask for that call vs GB on MNF..we were simply the beneficiary of amateurs entering the professional realm.

  24. It was actually the right call unlike the call the got vs the packers. He launched himself at the QB and made contact to the QBs helmet = roughing the passer.

    GO BUCS!

  25. Can you Seattle fans really complain about the refs with a straight face? You were given 2 blatant no calls that basically gave you the first td scored!! I’m not even gonna talk about the GB game because it’s irrelevant here. But come on! It is the rule, intent or not the rule is the rule. I watched the whole game and if any Seattle fan did there is really no room for complaints about the refs. They were more than lenient all game

  26. The exact same play happened in the Green Bay/Seattle game. Erik Walden had a pretty ticky-tacky roughing call on Wilson (I believe a rare instance where the player was flagged but not fined) on a pass that was intercepted by Green Bay. And the hit by Thomas was ten times worse. He’s really going to be steamed when he gets fined $15k this week.

    How did Pete put it before? “They got the call correct.”

    My God, the hypocrisy.

  27. You can NOT hit the QB in the head! How is this even an argument?
    There are ebbs and flows of officiating and god knows Miami has been on the wrong end of a lot of them this year. Kind of nice to get a win and have the other team carping about officiating, but the Seahawks? Really? Really? The benificiaries of one of the most egregious calls in NFL history are whining about a call? LMAO

  28. So once again, because the hawks benefited from a bad call vs GB (as pivotal as it was), any disagreement has to be silenced?

  29. Aside from the GB game I would love to hear Seattle fans explain how the Tate catch was not O pass interference. You have a CB turned around playing the ball, perfect position boxing his player out. Playing the ball and Tate uses him as a ladder to get to the ball. There were plenty on bad calls in the game. Every game has them. I do get frustrated when a hand goes up to block a pass and brushes the helmet but the rules are the rules. As such the CB has just as much right to play the ball as the WR. This was clearly a “missed” call that lead to 7pts.

  30. The “good Lord” was looking out for you? So, by default, he was NOT looking out for the other guys? Seriously – if a “lord” exists, he/she/it has much better things to worry about than a football game. I really don’t care when athletes or musicians spout this god stuff – it’s their right. I just laugh at the hilarity of a god deciding the outcome of a game or who wins a Grammy. As for the call – yeah, it was a bad one, but karma perhaps?

  31. I do believe the penalty was bogus, but those happen every week and you have to play past that. Truth is without that TD post penalty, Leon Washington does not score a 98 yard kick return on the kick off, still giving the Seahawks a 21-14 lead. Seattle’s defense still blew the lead late in the game letting the Dolphins have 2 more drives for 10 other points.

  32. It was a very bad call but that’s the modern NFL. You touch a QB and he better be running past the LoS or it’s a penalty. Other bad calls like it have been called this and last year. No worse than the stupid Tuck Rule, many pass interference calls, etc. The refs suck

    With that said, no one in Seattle should be pissed off. They were handed the most egrarious bad call in the history of the game. Everyone knows it and it caused the replacement refs to be canned almost immediately. It gave them a win, and now Karma gave it right back.

  33. Not a fan of either team. This is what Goodell is turning the game into. Safety is important but the refs have too much power to make an impact in the game by following his orders. Goodell is sissyfying the game.

  34. No dog in this fight, but I suppose one could say this wipes the “Fail Mary” game off the board and The Hawks are even. The db was in the air and clearly was not trying to cheap shot the qb. Flag should have been kept in the pocket.

  35. I hate seeing the Packers fans looking for a way to complain on a the Seahawks loss. If you watch the views of the Golden Tate TD catch in Seattle from other views such as Fox local instead of the ESPN replay you would see the evidence that the refs used for the call. He catches the ball and then the CB pulls it out at the end. Of course ESPN is only going to show there view and favor the Packers. Green Bay was on current ESPN mag as their pick as the team to beat. Anyways, onto Seattle. stop playing to not make a mistake and try to force your will on a bad team. Its that simple. Not kicking a 35 yard range field goal? C’mon!!

  36. Ok people,
    The call was clearly a bad call, and he was in the air before Tanehill threw the ball, what is he supposed to do?… Whatever, that games over, we’re still going to make the playoffs. However, the Green Bay game is over as well, I’m getting tired of you you little babies coming on here and talking about that “bad call”, guess what… Those that actually pay attention with an unbiased mind have noticed that Tate had 2 hands on the ball with 2 feet down, which is a touchdown, there’s literally evidence of this… If this was any other team and not Americas Princesses, Green Bay, this call would never have been talked about! So shut up about it already and go back to your normal east coast bias already!

  37. Hawkout, the incessant complaining over the hail mary pass is rather pathetic. It’s amazing how team loyalty and bias so easily trumps honesty. Setting aside that play for a moment, I have to ask how Packer fans can, with a straight face, complain about bad calls when the only touchdown Green Bay scored in the game came by virtue of a terrible call. Apparently everybody but Packer fans (and Aaron Rodgers) are willing to acknowledge the phantom pass interference call against Cam Chancellor, which sustained the Packers only touchdown drive. If the refs don’t blow that call (It was as obvious at full speed as it was in slow-motion there was no PI) there is no touchdown (no FG either, they punt). Without THAT call, it is highly likely there is no hail mary pass at the end of the game. The officiating in that game was terrible, but terrible for both teams and the team that should have won did win. Unfortunately, the poor performance of the officiating crew that night made it far more complicated. It’s over…move on. There’s really no point in rehashing the matter especially when half the group has selective memory.

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