Stephen Jones thinks Cowboys are still alive


Despite losing at home to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving for the first time ever under Tony Romo and for the first time ever against the Redskins, the 5-6 Cowboys remain alive for a playoff berth.

And executive V.P. Stephen Jones knows it.

“We are just a game out of the wild card, two games out of the division lead,” Jones said Monday, via Clarence T.Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We are going to fight and play hard.  We have played a lot of these good teams.  I  feel like on any given Sunday we can play with them.”

The fact that the leading wild-card contenders lost on Sunday gives the Cowboys new hope.  The Seahawks, Bucs, and Vikings fell to 6-5, and the Saints joined the Cowboys and Redskins at 5-6.

So, yes, they can still pull this one off.  But they’d be in far better shape if they’d won at home on Thanksgiving.

Or if they’d won any of the other five games they’ve lost.

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28 responses to “Stephen Jones thinks Cowboys are still alive

  1. Ok, look JONES JR….

    Our players on defense are dropping like flies, and this guy your dad hired as the “head puppet” continues to try and establish a running game without a real running back.

    We have no offensive line left. We cut them all, who knows why. Romo is running around for his life and honestly he is throwing like a girl this year. (put some damn zip on the ball!)

    This team is just done this year. It’s over. Although, we can fix it and I’m excited about the younger players (mainly on defense) … but as for this year, it’s over.

    Oh, and knock down that stupid stadium your dad built and build a REAL football stadium like the Bears, Chiefs, or Packers have… one that can muster some type of crowd noise.


    an Honest Cowboys Fan.

  2. To Honest Cowboys Fan.

    I agree with you completely all this guy ever had to do was keep his silver spoon polished.

    I am a dumbhard Browns fan and I remember the best Cowboys quarterback ever and his name was Dandy Don Meredith, nobody gives him any credit and it took al-lot of skill to drop those passes into the hands of a sticking Bob Hayes.
    We had some great games against those teams and it wasn’t all about offence one game I took pleasure in attending between the Cowboys and the Browns it was beautiful weather on Lake Erie (-12) and the game ended Cowboys 6 Cleveland 2 with two of the NFL’s best offences competing.

    This Cowboy ownership is almost as much of a joke as the Browns current coach.

  3. “Despite losing at home to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving for the first time ever under Tony Romo and for the first time ever against the Redskins, the 5-6 Cowboys remain alive for a playoff berth.”

    You’re batting 1.000, Florio. I think you mean “despite losing to the Redskins” Yes?

    Lord knows I’m far from perfect. But some of the typos on PFT (and other sites) are unprofessional. And getting ridiculously numerous. Especially for people who are college educated.

    In the article above this one you say that Boone was flagged and ejected. It was Bunkley who was flagged and ejected.

  4. They should manufacture Cowboy Juice and sell it on their website for all the fans to drink too! I thought Jerry was supposed to be a businessman, how about hiring a marketing guy to at least make more money if he can’t kick butt in football games?

  5. “Stephen Jones thinks the Cowboys are still alive”…. The hordes of fans in the stadium Thursday about 8:30pm shouting, “RG3! RG3!RG3!!!” would tend to disagree, sir….So would the kid after the game having Griffin sign hisjersey- his JASON WITTEN jersey!!!! These are heady days if you’re a Washington fan. The radio station inWaco is now broadcasting Washington games, as well as Dallas games….love it!!

  6. I have been warning my fellow Cowgirl fans for the past two years that when Jerruh checks out this moron would be the next GM…

    That said, they will likely win at least three of their final five but their are other teams (GB, TB, Seattle) more likely to get the Wild Card…

  7. Im a Cowboys fan for life…but they suck balls. If you want to see a team that has what it takes to win, watch the team that whipped green bays ass last night. They play like a team that is coached well and has talent on the field. Can’t win when you have no talent on offensive line.

  8. You know things are getting bad when the Cowboys lose to the Cowboys at home! (ignore this comment if/when Florio fixes the typo in the first paragraph)

  9. On paper it looks possible Dallas could maybe make the playoffs but when you consider how poorly they played, it’s difficult for the rest of us to buy into Stephen’s optimism.

    And even if they did back their way into the playoffs, it would be a quick exit.

  10. I started laughing as soon as I saw the phrase “Stephen Jones thinks”. I’ve never seen any proof that he knows how to do that.

  11. Now all you slackers, moochers and takers in the 47% can take a lesson on how to have that All-American virtue of determination, desire and never-give-up attitude displayed by a man who came up the hard way by his own bootstraps, fighting against all odds, using his own wits and guile to rise to Executive VP of America’s Team without anything being handed to him nor any sought. Listen and learn:

    “We are going to fight and play hard.”

    You go, Stephen.

  12. I know it isn’t going to happen, but I tried out the ESPN playoff simulator and they could actually do it, if they were playing well. It was actually more possible than I expected. Unfortunately, for Cowboys fans (including me), they blew the games vs. the Ravens and Giants and now are hurt and playing bad. Overall, another terrible season and almost as bad as last year. Last season, the schedule was easier, the team had a chance, but Garrett play-calling blew 4 games (not including vs. the Pats). They need to re-evaluate the coaching staff and many of the players that just went through the motions over the past few years.

  13. Being a die hard cowboy fan I think we still can do it but will we? Doubt it. I have watched this team for years and this team just seems to lack that killer instinct. You can’t just sleep walk through the first half of games and expect to win I know injuries and bad o line hasn’t helped but we should have won the ravens falcons and second giants game. Poor discipline and turnovers are killers great teams don’t do those things every game

  14. With Carter gone and Murray in purgatory I don’t think they will win 3 games the rest of the way out. I wish all of the discussions with Holmgren were for him to be Pres/GM even though we know Skeletor won’t release the reins. Sad there is plenty of talent but no leadership, no fight, no gumption, no hope.

  15. I’m one of the few who’s not a Boys fan, but also not a hater. Nothing against Jason Garrett, but Wade Phillips doesn’t look so dumb anymore, eh? The problem with this franchise is systemic and that starts at the top. Sadly, I believe all that early success has made Jerry Jones and Family believe they were solely responsible for the multiple SB wins. Hang in there Dallas fans.

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