It turns out Stevie Johnson just wants more audibles


It seems we’ve reached the end of the “Stevie Johnson wants Chan Gailey to let Ryan Fitzpatrick call more plays” segment of the Bills season.

Johnson spoke to the media again on Monday and clarified what he meant when he said “I think we need to let our quarterback call more plays.” Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports that Johnson said that he misspoke and that he meant Fitzpatrick should have the freedom to change more plays via audibles at the line of scrimmage. Johnson chalked the poor word choice to frustration after the loss to the Colts. 

“I was frustrated because I knew what was at stake. I wanted it bad,” Johnson said, via the team. “I wouldn’t be here now without coach Gailey.”

Earlier on Monday, Gailey said that Fitzpatrick does have the freedom to audible on some, but not all, plays and that nothing is going to change on that front this season. The Bills offense hit a few big plays on Sunday, including a 63-yard pass to Johnson, but they had too few of them to sustain offensive success. Now that they’ve cooled things off on this front, they can focus on creating more of them in Week 13 and beyond.

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  1. I feel bad for Fitzpatrick. Gailey had it right last year when he gave the Quarterback more leeway with the play calling. For the first half of the season you would see Fitzpatrick changing up a lot of the plays at the line, especially in those close games that the Bills pulled out at the end against the Raiders, Patriots and Eagles. It was Fitzpatrick that rallied the team and won those games. Once Fitzpatrick broke his ribs against the Redskins, he wasn’t able to make those throws that required some heat on the ball. That is when Gailey got crazy with the screen plays and the Bills season went to hell. Fitz has the football smarts to be a field general type of Quarterback. He just needs his coach to believe in him enough to do it. Gailey needs to pass the torch.

  2. As a diehard bills fan, I don’t know what to believe in anymore. Gailey gives Fitz more discretion in terms of playcalling and he misses wide open receivers. On the other hand, Gailey handles the play calling duties and when he continues to miss wide open receivers, he still lets him throw 40 times a game. Sounds like a bad HC and QB combination. Let Spiller play every position on the team.

  3. re :EJ
    Couldn’t have recounted the whole Fitz era better than you did. I have seen him in every game and you are spot on….

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