Suh sees multiple Super Bowl wins for Lions


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh still hasn’t spoken about his, um, interaction with Texans quarterback Matt Schaub on Thanksgiving.  However, Suh has no qualms when it comes to talking about his ambitions.

“I do see multiple Super Bowl rings in my future, especially with the team we have now,” Suh says in an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.  “We’re a team where if we don’t make mistakes, we are insanely dangerous.”

Some would say that some of the players have been dangerous off the field, insanely or otherwise.

Suh was dangerous, sort of, last Thanksgiving, when he stomped on the arm of Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith.  But Suh, who presumably spoke before Thursday’s game, says he has matured.

“I definitely understand how to channel my aggression in a productive way,” uh said. “There are many reasons.  One is I went through that situation last Thanksgiving.  But also, any man, any child grows up. You learn from your mistakes or you go backward.  I’m the kind of person who wants to move forward. My fire is still there.  And when I get a full opportunity to unleash my fire, it’s like the hit I put on [Chicago Bears quarterback Jay] Cutler.  By no means am I trying to hurt him, but I am going 100 [mph] and trying to get him as quickly and as hard down to the ground as possible.  That’s the way I show my dominance, and I am going to continue to do that.  If that situation happens again with Cutler, I’m gonna hit him the same way, if not harder.”

While Suh won’t be suspended for his successful attempt to bring Schaub to the ground in a non-traditional way, Suh likely will be fined.

Whether he’ll will multiple Super Bowls is slightly less clear.

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  1. They won’t win anything with Scott Linehan directing the offense. He’s the most overrated OC in the NFL . . . so I hope they keep him.

  2. I agree with Suh, but the coaches/GM of the team make tons of mistakes every year, and they don’t seem to have the solutions to their biggest challenges and problems, so I don’t have a lot of confidence in Detroit long-term unless they make changes to the leadership and mngmt structure at the top, and they need strategy personnel that is severely lacking across multiple elements of the game.

    There is no team in the NFL that is underachieving more than them based on what they have and the high ceiling of potential they have at their core foundation of player talent and youth. That’s a scary issue and something needs to be done in order to realize those high goals.

  3. Another clown predicting not one but multiple super bowl wins. Lions won’t even make playoffs the next few years they’re so bad

  4. Sounds like when this idiot is not kicking other players in the crotch he enjoys getting kicked in the head.

  5. Dude! EVERY team in the NFL is extremely dangerous if they don’t make mistakes. The problem is that most teams make a lot of mistakes. The Lions are among them. It’s all well and good to say you are dangerous if you are perfect, it’s another thing to be perfect. Good luck with that Suh. Not only is he a punk, he’s also an idiot.

  6. It would be so awesome if Suh were able to find his way to the Jets. With the Jets already paying Tebow, if they add Suh, I’d be able to cheer against both every week without trouble. I was already going to do that before they got Tebow. With Suh, all stars will be in alignment, and I’ll be able to cheer against everyone I hate in one shot.

  7. Suh, you do have the talent on your team to make a run for the championship.

    “As long as we don’t make mistakes.”

    That is the problem. You, your team members and your coach need to go through a “Culture Change” and Grow The Hell Up!

    You ‘SHOULD’ handle my foundling Colts easily next week in your house–but no one can be 100% sure that you will.

    Therein lies your problem.

  8. coldplay519 says:
    Nov 26, 2012 8:12 PM
    Top 5 offence, top 10 defence. Totally believable.

    You must be talking about that game winning stat: Yards.

    I remember all those games where points didn’t decide games, yardage did.

    If you go by points, the Lions are 14th in scoring and 24th in points allowed.

    Not even close to Super Bowl caliber.

  9. Suh shouldnt be in the league long enough to see the Superbowl this year. Hes a dirt bag and O-linemen needs to start CHOP BLOCKING HIM and trying to take out his knee.

  10. Has he checked their salary cap situation lately, which is screwed because of the pre-collective bargaining agreement rookie contracts he, Johnson and Stafford signed? They won’t be able to buld a team around those three with those cap constraints, and that’s not even counting the questionable drafts of the last two classes. Further, shouldn’t they at least have a realistic likelihood of making the playoffs before a Superbowl is claimed to be within reach?

  11. coldplay519 says: Nov 26, 2012 8:12 PM

    “Top 5 offence, top 10 defence. Totally believable.”

    And hey, only three teams in the NFC North are better than them…They should be so proud.

  12. If Suh continues his way on the field, he won’t see any Super bowls. The dirtiest player in the NFL has
    no hope if he continues his behaviour, he’s lucky he wasn’t suspended this week.

  13. “We’re a team where if we don’t make mistakes, we are insanely dangerous.”

    Yeah, and if my aunt had a package, she’d be my uncle.

    The same could be said for ANY team in the league, but they all make mistakes, some more than others.. like the Lions drafting this JAMF, who will never win anything, ever. Probably destined to be a Cowboy someday, Jerrah loves losers like Suh.

  14. The Lions are a decent sized market and now with the spending floor in the new CBA – sure I can see it. They are NFL players with NFL contracts.

    Everyone on the Lions will be able to afford SB tickets, airfare, hotel rooms and cash to party even if they want to go multiple years if they decide to follow what ever team or friends they have playing in the game.

  15. They won’t win it with so much of their money tied up in Suh, Stafford, and Johnson. If Suh and Stafford don’t take hometown discounts, it will be hard to surround them with enough top talent to win it all.

  16. It honestly amazes me what this guy continues to say & do.

    1) Yes, really that “nut job” on Schaub was 100% dirty – it was blatently obvious.

    2) You bring up Cutler twice – you do realize THAT was also dirty, right?

    3) The Lions do have many holes. I realize he’s just trying to “rally the troops” after a tough loss. But.. this team is no where near ready to win a Super Bowl.

    4) Suh – himself – has been a huge issue. I’m not even talking about the issues he has.. I’m talking about his play on the field. He’s been a BIG TIME underachiever. He has all the talent in the World and since his rookie year continues to underachieve.

  17. Until Suh kicked Schaub in the nuts, I didn’t even realize he was playing this season. As if his behavior (on and off the field) wasn’t proof enough, his super bowl prediction proves Suh has a screw loose. I still can’t believe the League didn’t suspend him…it was obvious Suh intentionally kicked Schaub. A person’s leg doesn’t naturally extend up like that as they’re falling down. But then again, the League didn’t suspend the Saints’ Bunkley for kneeing a player in the head either.

  18. this guy has been droped on his head too many time he will say anything or as he showed give out sexual harshment to all qbs that he loves

  19. I bet the reporter asked him, “How many super bowls do you expect to win?” There is probably only one way to answer this question in a way that doesnt paint Suh in a bad way…and that is by saying the team needs to make the playoffs again before talking about super bowls.

  20. I bet the reporter asked him, “How many super bowls do you expect to win?” There is probably only one way to answer this question in a way that doesnt paint Suh in a bad light…he needed to respond by saying the team needs to make the playoffs again before talking about super bowls.

  21. Cant win SBs with a bad coach and lazy undisciplined players. Hell, he should be suspended right now so maybe it’s a good time for him to shad up!

  22. “I see a couple Super Bowl rings in my future” WTF? Somebody please tell that brother to stop smoking crack because it’s frying his brain cell. Seriously, “I see a couple Super Bowl rings in my future”? He must have gotten a hold of the good stuff.

  23. Everyone says suh has underachieved…but he draws double protection and sometimes triple protection…the only reason avril seems like a beast sometimes is because suh is taking all the blockers. I’ve not seen someone dominate the line like he does since warren sapp. I know most don’t agree because all anyone cares about is stats these days but I garuntee any coach would love to have him on their team and I’m glad he is on the lions. He completely turned that defense around. Now they just need a competent secondary

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