There’s no need to fear, Martellus Bennett is here

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Giants tight end Martellus Bennett had one of his best games in weeks in last night’s rout of the Packers.

But he saved his best play for after the game, catching a fan who fell out of the stands.

As he was throwing his gloves to a group of young fans after the game, an adult wearing a David Wilson jersey reached over the kids and fell over the railing at MetLife Stadium.

So the man who referred to himself as the Black Unicorn in training camp got to make a comic-book save.

I just did what any super hero would do, saved his life,” Bennett said, via Newsday’s Tom Rock. “I’m like Scott Summers [Cyclops from the X-Men comics].”

Considering the hour, and the situation, Bennett admitted his first reaction was not to go for the catch.

“My first instinct was to step back, like ‘Oh —!'” Bennett said. “But I did the righteous thing so I caught him and slowly tried to put him down but I tripped over somebody and we all fell. I’m just happy I could help someone out.”

All in a day’s work, for a super hero.

10 responses to “There’s no need to fear, Martellus Bennett is here

  1. He gets points for the X-Men reference, but loses some points for referring to himself as ‘righteous’.

  2. Aww, such a heart-warming story.

    I was half-expecting a story where a drunk male reached over a couple of kids in an attempt to steal game-worn sports memorabilia from an athlete, and fell down from the railing only to land on said athlete and ruin that athlete’s season and quite possibly his team’s championship chances.

    Oh well, it’s a Monday. Starting out the week on a positive note!

  3. Bennet is a funny, albeit weird guy. He said after the game the GB corner would probably get fined but the fine money should go into his Wells Fargo account. Bennett did not return to the game and was given a concussion test, “but I passed it with flying colors, like I do all tests. Like Doogie Howser.”

  4. Martellus Bennett isn’t having the eye popping year in regards to statistics but anyone who watches the New York Giants week-in and week-out has to notice his superb blocking. He constantly is chipping and staying on the line to give Eli Manning an additional blocker, he’s been a great addition to the team so far and I enjoy his humor as well.

  5. Hard to believe that this odd-ball character couldn’t make it in Dallas. No wait, just the opposite.

  6. Having all-galaxy Mike Pope certainly doesn’t hurt Marty B ha. As for Canty, Nunn must feed those guys bloody steaks some weeks, because he eats up two blocks every week and those guys were swarming again last week.

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