Whisenhunt: Lindley will start again if Kolb not ready

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It sounds like rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley will get another shot  to start for the Cardinals, after his four-interception debut.

But as with all things Cardinals quarterbacks this year, that comes with an asterisk.

Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt said Monday that Lindley would start again if Kevin Kolb wasn’t healthy, making it reasonable to wonder if John Skelton will ever see the light of day again.

Two of Lindley’s picks were returned for touchdowns in the Cards loss to the Rams, their seventh straight after a 4-0 start.

“Yes. We stay with Ryan,” Whisenhunt said of the non-Kolb condition, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. Listen, let’s start this thing off by saying you can’t have those interceptions. But in the first half, I thought he did a really nice job. He moved in the pocket, was decisive, managed it, made some good throws. We had three scoring drives in the first half, 17 points and over 200 yards of offense, possession time, was good on third down. I felt that we did a lot of good things, even with the pick-six.

“And the first pick-six, that was a mistake in his read. That can happen. The one in the second half, you have to learn from those. He made a bad decision. That’s what you have to see, can he learn from that? There was nobody more upset about than him, especially after the game. He was torn up because he knows he can’t do that.”

In Arizona he can, because they’re running out of options.

Asked if Kolb might be ready to return from a rib injury this week, Whisenhunt said he wasn’t sure yet.

“I don’t know where Kevin is health-wise,” Whisenhunt said. “He’s making progress but as far as being ready for a game, that’s something we can’t determine until we see where he is Wednesday.”

Short of Kurt Warner coming back, it’s hard to imagine how any shuffling of the current deck chairs is going to matter that much.

15 responses to “Whisenhunt: Lindley will start again if Kolb not ready

  1. Oh oh, I’m getting a weird feeling that not only will the Cards be picking up Mike Vick from Philly, they’ll be getting Andy Reid as coach too. Yes it’s time for Whis to be shown the door, but I hate how teams in the NFL just keep recycling coaches.

  2. Does Lindley really give them the best chance to win? Skelton sucks but Lindley is rookie and has looked even worse. Why not just ride the veteran who was ripping off wins last year? The cards will have to take a 1st rd next year

  3. Whisenhunt should be fired for benching Skelton for basically missing that throw to Larry on the TD. Lindley is just not ready yet, and it’s shameful to throw him in there with that offensive line.

  4. It’s amazing the armchair GM’s posting here in the comments. Turns out Lindley’s place in league history is already written, after his first rookie start.

    Why go on?

    Well, it’s possible Ryan Lindley will improve..

    I dig Coach Whisenhunt. It would be a huge mistake for the Cardinals to overreact to some rushed fan chatter. Yeah, sometimes his teams are total dumpster fires. That can be wildly amusing, in its own way.

    Some of his teams also reach the Super Bowl.

    Which suggests he needs another Kurt Warner, or another Big Ben. I bet he wants to coach up his own. I want to see that happen in Arizona.

    It’s probably what Larry Fitzgerald is hoping for, too!

  5. You can’t fix stupid. Did they legalize pot in AZ this month, cause Whis has to be passing the dutchie to think this kid belongs on the field right now.

  6. I feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald from time to time. His talent is wasted by never having a solid starting QB.

    Then again, he did sign a huge contract and chose to stay in Arizona, so I can’t feel too bad for him. But he could be challenging Megatron for league leading numbers if he had a better QB.

  7. As a Ram fan I couldnt have been happier to see Lindley in there instead of Skelton. Skelton may not be Joe Montana, but he doesnt cost them games either and that can mean trouble with a defense like they have.

    Boneheaded move by Whisenhunt that should cost him his job.

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