Woodley’s ankle injury currently isn’t believed to be serious

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As linebacker LaMarr Woodley joins the list of big-name Steelers players with injuries, the early word is that Woodley’s ankle injury isn’t believed to be serious, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

Of course, beliefs can change after a night of sleep and the swelling that may go along with it.  Not to mention the outcome of any of the various diagnostic tests.

The team for now isn’t saying much.  The official word is simply that Woodley was ruled out during Sunday’s loss to the Browns.

Coach Mike Tomlin likely will address Woodley’s status during the head coach’s weekly Tuesday press conference.  Along with the status of Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Troy Polamalu, and any of the other various injured Steelers.

Those injured Steelers need to get healthy soon, or 6-3 is going to end up being 6-6 by Sunday night in Baltimore.

11 responses to “Woodley’s ankle injury currently isn’t believed to be serious

  1. Baltimore Ravens are salivating at the chance to stick it to the Steelers, again! Back-to-back sweeps, the fans will be louder than ever! Pittsburgh has no chance at redemption. Cheers!

  2. He’ll keep it quiet all week, then suddenly on Sunday Ben, Troy, Brown and Woodley will all play and we can talk about “the toughness of this team” instead of their head coach keeping quiet on their injuries, thinking it gives him some sort of mental competitive advantage. Which it won’t.

  3. Steelers are Home to S.D., at Dallas home to cincy and Browns..4 wins and a playoff birth..
    Ravens have giants,broncos and bungals..at least 2 losses..

  4. dream on stairway…fat ben is gonna try and play sunday at balt and is gonna be the meat of a suggs and ngata sandwich, sending him out for good…can’t wait…then those 4 wins your counting on are gona be 4 more losses….bahahahahaha

  5. Browns will dump the Steelers again. I just hope Roethlisberger, Polamalu, Woodley and Brown are back so the Steeler fans can lose the excuses.

    If the Browns can pound the Steelers into 8 turnovers, can you imagine what the Ravens will do?

  6. Honestly, the Steelers should put every player that is hurting on IR right now. Put the kids in, let them get some game action and see what they can do.

    Take your pick in the draft, likely between 10-14 and get some studs to reload for next year.

    With the kinds of injuries we are having this year, if they continue into the playoffs, the Steelers have NO chance of winning a Super Bowl. The first round exit last year got us David DeCastro, who is going to be amazing. A year without the playoffs could help fill the needs at safety, LB and maybe another guard draftee.

  7. What I find very humorous is the respect the Raven players have for the steelers. Also funny are buffoonish trolls of the ravens who have no respect for logic or reason. I have seen on other boards the disdain expressed about the delusional Raven fans. My take is they have some very devoted fans , but what we read are only the idiots. Please will all the towns around Baltimore put their village idiots to work so that they don’t have so much time to talk thru their butts about the worst 9-2 team in the nfl . .. Just remember tee shirt boys we use our tee shirts to polish the Lombardi’s while you wear them everyday as a pizza stained trophy… Pathetic and priceless the ravens two for one special.

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