After Chiefs lost, Jamaal Charles got Peyton Manning’s autograph

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On Sunday, Peyton Manning and the Broncos went to Kansas City and beat the Chiefs. As Manning left the stadium to head to the team bus, Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles stopped him with a request: Could he have Manning’s autograph?

Manning complied, but Charles has taken some criticism for it, particularly on Kansas City television station KCTV-5, where the segment showing Charles getting Manning’s autograph ended with a commentator saying he thought it raised questions about whether the Chiefs cared that they lost.

As Charles walked away from a reporter asking about the incident, he appeared to mutter, “Man my mom wanted this autograph.”

Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe also approached Manning and got a picture with him, saying, “It’s Peyton Manning. Who wouldn’t want a picture with him?” When a reporter asked if he’d also like to catch passes from Manning, Bowe said, “That, too, but right now the best thing I have is a picture.”

The players on the Chiefs obviously have a lot of respect for Manning, as do players across the NFL. But is it acceptable for players to act like fans around an opponent who just beat them? We’ll let PFT Planet weigh in.

82 responses to “After Chiefs lost, Jamaal Charles got Peyton Manning’s autograph

  1. Why not? Peyton’s a future hall of famer and an all time great. If you think it’s tacky that Charles wants it for himself, take into account that his parents or his kids if he has any might think it’s cool someday.

  2. Honestly, this happens in every sport across the board. Watching sporting events in person, you can hear the players after the game negotiating exchanging merchandise, autographs and pictures.

    Even when I used to watch MTV Cribs, players always show different merchandise they got signed by other players.

    The competition between players ends after the final whistle. These guys don’t hate eachother. Even Ravens/ Steelers. Half of them played college together, and many more are genuine fans of the game just like we are. Even Tom Brady was excited to meet Peyton the first time.

    Every player is not Kevin Garnett

  3. Once the clock hits 0 there’s nothing wrong with respecting your opponent. Now if Charles had ran up to Manning after Manning completed a touchdown pass and high-fived him ala Urlacher(though Urlacher is such a badass he can do whatever he wants), then maybe we have a story.

  4. No, you don’t ask a member of the opposition for his autograph.

    Bad enough you offer to help one up of the ground.

    This is football, not figure skating.

  5. This is such a non-issue, it’s not even funny. People have to get over this old school view that you have to hate those you compete against. It’s ignorant.

    I could have the player wrong, but I thought MJD collects jerseys of opponents he especially respects. I think that is cool, and it shows the player has a fondness for the game.

  6. mustbechris says:
    Nov 27, 2012 8:17 AM
    Why not? Peyton’s a future hall of famer and an all time great. If you think it’s tacky that Charles wants it for himself, take into account that his parents or his kids if he has any might think it’s cool someday.


    I seem to remember some of the players (not from the Chiefs) blasting the replacement refs for being star-struck. Imagine if a replacement ref had asked for an autograph after a game. It would be headline news coast to coast.

  7. Yeah soccer players exchange jerseys after games, and its not like Charles and Bowe were doing this directly following the game on the field, all the players had showered and done media interviews and everything, I don’t really see a problem with what they were doing.

  8. It’s not like they asked him during the game. It shows good sportsmanship and respect for their opponent. It’s not really different than asking for someones jersey after a soccer game.

  9. game is over.. manning is a hall of famer and a overall class act. its a honor to share a profession with him let alone a field.. they are opponents but not at war. its ok with me if someone wants a autograpgh. this is not 1950 where the teams all hate each other. look at all the sports.. they all hang out

  10. Just because you play in the league doesn’t mean you don’t have your own idols. A fan is a fan, no matter who you are.

  11. 23 rushes for 107 yards for Charles on Sunday…

    Nearing 1,000 yards on season w/ 4.8 yards/carry

    All this after bad injury last year.

    So…what’s the problem here????

  12. I make videos for a living and if I had the chance to get Tarantinos autograph I would. A fan is a fan no matter what their job.

    And refs are different. They are paid to be unbiased. That doesn’t mean they can be a fan of a team, but they have to maintain that bias in public as well.

  13. Who cares if its a player or a fan asking for an autograph or picture. I would love to have his autograph.

  14. joetoronto says: Nov 27, 2012 8:22 AM

    No, you don’t ask a member of the opposition for his autograph.


    Unlike you, these guys can turn their hatred for opponents off after the game. There’s absolutely no reason a young guy like Charles can’t be in awe of Peyton Manning.

  15. I thought that on September 12, 2001 it was decided that in the grand scheme of things sports wasn’t that important. Don’t get me wrong, I root for the Steelers and get mad when they lose (which has been often this year), but at the end of the day it’s just entertainment.

    The only people who have a problem with it is members of the media who will cut a player down just because he smiles on the sideline during a loss. Remember how they attacked Derek Anderson a couple years ago?

  16. I think this is a great story because it proves that these guys, minus the incredible athletic ability, are just like me and you.

    Sure Jamaal Charles and his team lost yet another game but at the end of the day you should always be a class act and respect your opponents if they give you the same in return.

    Peyton Manning is a polarizing figure and one of, if not, the best quarterback of all-time. Charles will be able to tell his grandkids one day that he competed against Manning and that picture will be his proof.

    Also, it validates how hard one has worked to be standing side-by-side with such a legend after competing for 60 minutes.

    Fans should take note of this. These guys understand it’s just a game, those that lose the game move on and live life, so should the fans.

  17. I think some people may be upset that after such consistent losing what they see are a bunch of happy Chiefs.

    IDK if that’s true, but it’s what people saw, and the manifestation of that is pictures and autographs. I don’t think the pictures or autographs alone are upsetting anyone.

    I feel it’s reasonable to say as any given team’s fan I don’t want to see smiles and cheer after such consistent failure.

    As an Eagles fan the #1 thing that ticked me off about McNabb was seeing his stupid grin after throwing a ball 5yds. short into the dirt. Give me the tenacity and passion of a Brady, (Peyton) Manning or even Andrew Luck and I’m your #1 fan.

  18. I see nothing wrong with the autograph or the photo as long as it was after the game. They are competitors, not mortal enemies for goodness sakes. After the game, they are just fellow warriors on opposing teams.

    Similar thing happened to me. At a bridge tournament, the great bridge hall-of-famer and world champion Zia Mahmood came to my table. He is known as one of the most cutthroat competitors. Even using psychological ploys to defeat his opponents. After the round and before he moved to the next table, I asked for his autograph. He was most kind, cheerful and cooperative. My partner had no problem with it.

  19. I’ve come to learn during my limited experience in the workforce that you need to make the best of it and enjoy yourself as much as possible. These guys may seemingly just be playing a game but it takes a lot of hard work and effort, and when your output is as bad as the Chiefs’ has been, it hurts. Who knows when or if Jamaal would get the opportunity to play against Peyton again? I don’t see the issue.

  20. Peyton Manning is about 10 years older than those guys and has been playing in the league for about 10 years longer as well. As they were going through high school Manning was redefining the quarterback position. I don’t think it’s an odd thing to want to have a picture taken with Peyton Manning or an autograph. Most players aren’t HoF’s, and I’m sure down the line it would be cool to tell their kids they played with or against Peyton.

  21. I suppose I don’t care, but if my team is as embarrassing as the Chefs, I just wouldn’t wanna hear about it. That’s bush league stuff right there.

  22. I have no problem with what Bowe or Charles did. I did think it was slightly odd in 2010 when that Dallas player asked for Vick’s autograph on the field right after the game. I think though once you leave the field and aren’t competing anymore its fine.

  23. I am a life long Chiefs fan and all I have to say is get over it people. These players are not the problem. This is a show of respect for a future Hall of Famer. Why is this an issue? No wonder Manning did not come to KC.

  24. The game was over. I don’t see the big deal. I think you might want to remember a lot of these players were in highschool when Peyton was in his prime. I think it was a class act to give him the autograph. And, cut the man some slack. He plays in KC it’s not like he has a lot to get happy about.

  25. Why am I thinking Stephen a.Smith and Skip Bayless will spend half of “First take” debating this? Those 2 are Buffoons

  26. I’ve seen this story in a few places, but given the overwhelming support that it’s fine to ask for an autograph (especially Peyton Manning), I don’t know who exactly is criticising Charles.

    I think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve heard and it shows a respect between competitors. He obviously wasn’t asking to collect it for himself.


  27. I don’t think it looks bad at all. Actually the opposite, it shows that they play hard (if you’ve ever watched either of them you’ll agree) but when the whistle blows they have respect for their fellow combatants. “You can be enemies and still have respect”

  28. I remember listening to Arian Foster on the radio saying he trades jerseys. After one game he got Tony Gonzalez’s jersey. He said (paraphrased)…”Tony is a future HOFamer, but I don’t know what he’s gonna do with an Arian Foster jersey.” He went one to mention he wont play forever and he’s getting all the memories he can.

  29. The time and place for this activity is not immediately after a loss on the field. Fans want players to at least give the impression that they hate their division rivals and that they are upset after a loss. Shaking hands and saying “good game” is good sportsmanship, kissing the butt of the enemy’s quarterback after he has kicked yours looks bad to your own fans. Don’t do it.

  30. This used to happen with Brett Favre in his last few years too. Not a foul. The game is over and the fightin’s done.

  31. It’s the Chiefs and Broncos. Not the Ravens and Steelers. Not the Cowboys and Redskins/Giants/Eagles. Not the Patriots and Jets. These guys aren’t required to hate each other like the above rivalries. So if the game is over why does it matter? I’d’ve done the same thing.

  32. The guy is going to be remembered as the best quarterback of all time. So what if he gets his autograph? Like I didn’t turn on the TV last night and see Cam Newton and some random Eagles player hugging it up and sharing the feels before the clock was even up in the 4th quarter.

    Reality is, the KC media feels like he should hate Peyton because they do. We kid ourselves and pretend that these players hold the same grudges as we do and hate the enemy like we do but realisticaly THEY DON’T. Get over it.

  33. A lot of people can practice well, study diligently and compete inside the white lines going full tilt from the opening kickoff on, yet when the final gun sounds — you leave it on the field.

    Another example some may be familiar with: most of the MMA/UFC fighters go hell’s bells inside the Octagon, but at the end of the fight — they’re very respectful, and often affectionate, toward the man they were trying to kick the crap out of.

    In other words, the mere respectful request for a POST-game autograph from a revered opponent should most definitely not put Jamaal Charles in the hot seat. This is misplaced blame in my opinion.

  34. It is just a game. I can remember when Marv Levy was asked if a game was a “must win” by a reporter – Marv replied that World War II was a “must win”:)

  35. you don’t have to – and shouldn’t – hate the guy who just beat you, but you don’t have to kiss his ass either, and that’s esssentially what asking for his autograph is.

  36. I don’t see how anyone could stomach watching their team idolize the other team when their team is having one of their worst seasons in history.

    It all depends on where you see it from. If you have no family members in the war you see it a lot differently than if your brother or dad was in it.

  37. Every single week Jamaal Charles runs his guts out with no help from any passing game and running against 8-9 man fronts.

    His effort is incredible. Cant hate on him for this.

    With that said at 1-10 it would be nice to see the Chiefs at least a little upset?

    I mean, I’m not talking open fire at a pre-school but how about an angry interview? Something? Anything?

  38. This happens all the time , this time the cameras jus happened to see it , kc tv station are jus mad about the dissapointing season that’s why they making it big deal

  39. Typical KC sports media garbage. Most of them are hacks who still haven’t gotten over the fact that they don’t have the access to the team under Pioli that they had when Peterson was in charge.

    Since Pioli hit town, they’ve resorted to taking any crumb of information and spinning it into something sinister. Everything is a conspiracy, plot or admission of guilt. It’s ridiculous.

    The “commentator” referenced is ex-Chief Rich Baldinger whose job on those broadcasts is to play “bad cop” while allegedly providing an insider perspective.

    BTW, most fans in KC don’t watch that stuff because it’s junk.

  40. Who cares. The players have friendships and respect for other players outside of their rivalries.

    The fans may thing every player on their team hates their big rival, but its probably not the case.

  41. Not only does this happen after the game is over, it’s in the parking lot after the players had showered and on their way home. So people are upset that Charles and Bowe aren’t still steaming mad after their 10th loss an HOUR after the game is over? Get over it people.

  42. Bottom Line: We fans may not like to see it, but there’s nothing wrong with it. These players also shake hands and exchange small-talk after the game as well because it’s an expression of sportsmanship. If you don’t have a problem with that, then I don’t see why it’d be a big deal for a player to ask another player for an autograph.

  43. It was an hour after the game. There is no issue here.
    For those saying “it shows the players don’t care”:
    Clark Hunt doesn’t care enough to hire a good GM. Pioli doesn’t care enough to hire a good HC or a good franchise QB. Crennel doesn’t care enough to coach or to even make sense in an interview.
    But you are going to be outraged that the players “don’t care”? The players are employees and employees reflect the attitudes of management.

  44. There’s a time and place for the autographs from opposing players….it’s called the offseason. However, I believe Bowe doesn’t give a deuce because he knows either he or the front office/coaching staff is out of there. Charles better watch that Tashard Choice behavior…one gets labeled really easily.

  45. The season for the Chiefs ended before it even started. If they can find any way to enjoy these 16 violent, life-shortening, brain-scrambling weeks, more power to Jamaal Charles and that entire squad.

  46. In Green Bay, Favre used to sign 10-15 jerseys per year for players around the NFL. Opponents would get their pictures taken with him after the game and sometimes early during stretching. Tell to Charles to ask for an Indy jersey and a Den jersey, then get them framed in UV tinted glass.

  47. No big deal
    Andy Reid visits the trophy room at every NFC East team he wants to see a Lombardi up close and personal.

    And Vick askes Eli all the time if he can see his rings.

  48. I have no problem with Jamaal Charles getting Peyton Manning’s autograph after the game. Players are fans too! And he was probably thinking, “I may never be in this dude’s company again, so I’d better get it now.”

    Imagine how many players probably wish they would have gotten Babe Ruth’s autograph. After all, it’s only sports.

    Last night I watched at documentary on Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game. Celtics great Bill Russell narrated it. Russell said many people thought he and Wilt were enemies, but it was “the farthest thing from the truth,” he said. Russell said he’d go over to Wilt’s mom’s house and have dinner with them~the night before a game! So, if these legends of sports can share a meal together before dueling it out a day later, surely Jamaal can get a simple autograph! Loosen up people!

    I get to interview a lot of celebs here in Hollywood and don’t ask for autographs, but if it’s a Disney star, many have given my 10-year-old daughter a shout-out on video. So, you seize the moment. And if Jamaal~or his mom wanted Peyton’s autograph, good for them. It’s a sign of respect.

  49. I wonder if Manning sonned them, like ‘Sure kid here ya go. Maybe you can play for a real NFL team one day.’

  50. This is such a non-issue. Especially with the way free agency is anymore, players move around so much that there isn’t really ever a time to develop that true hatred like in the past. Its just the way it is. Why does being a player in a sport mean you can’t still be a fan?

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