Another traffic incident for Ndamukong Suh


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh found out on Monday that he won’t be suspended for kicking Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. But at the rate Suh is going, it may be just a matter of time before his drivers license is suspended.

FOX 2 in Detroit is reporting that Suh was ticketed in Lathrup Village, Michigan, on November 15 for failure to use due care and caution. That is at least Suh’s fourth traffic incident within the past year: A month earlier Suh and another driver both said they were sideswiped by each other. In March, Suh was ticketed for driving 91 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone. A year ago, while Suh was serving his suspension for his infamous Thanksgiving stomp of Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith, he was ticketed for an accident in which he drove into a tree in Portland, Oregon.

Suh’s bad driving goes back to his college days at Nebraska: He was cited for negligent driving in college when he sideswiped several parked cars in an incident that he said was caused by swerving to avoid hitting an animal.

It might be time for Suh to use some of the $68 million in his five-year contract with the Lions to hire himself a full-time chauffeur.

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  1. Stomping a players head, slamming QB’s down, kicks to the man junk, mulitple traffic incidents….

    Is this guy not getting drug/PEd tested??
    Something isn’t adding up.

  2. Can’t believe how much talent is ruined by rank stupidity on the part of this guy. Also can’t believe how much of a knucklehead he is, who was his role model Albert Haynesworth?

  3. Also it has been reported that the ticket is under review and it sounds like the ticket is going to be dropped. Why not print ALL the info here?

  4. It seems like he’s a time bomb waiting to go off and self destruct. Been pampered and coddled most of his adult life because he plays football.

  5. Honestly…. this guy is complete and unadulterated GARBAGE. Who would want this waste of life on their team? I gotta believe even Detroit is hating this guy, right?

    Seriously? WHat is there to like? He is totally over-rated… his moves were figured out 3/4 through his rookie year and he hasnt done much since…

    BUT its not like he makes up for the lack of statistical production by being a good locker-room guy, a team leader, or a contributing member of the community. he is none of those things… he is TRASH.

  6. The dude lives on the edge….I like that! And you all think ‘big bad guy getting a traffic ticket, what a monster he is’. lmao

  7. This guy believes his being in the NFL gives him the right to be out of control. He would be a typical gang banger if he wasn’t a player so at least he is under a microscope.

  8. He got a ticket alright but the police chief is looking at the dash cam to verify the ticket because the officer who wrote it has a reputation for being an aggressive ticket writer,amazing! if this were an ordinary citizen the chief wouldnt care one bit but since its the great Suh he wants it dismissed but will go along with what the prosecutor decides.When Suh causes an accident that results in death one cant say he didnt have his chances of changing his driving habits.

  9. When you compare this guy’s rap sheet to Ed Reed’s 2 or 3 hits, I can’t help but wonder if Suh is Goodell’s illegitimate son.

    Way to protect the shield Roger.

  10. The NFL has seen its share of players who push the bar a bit too much. Suh has taken that to another level on and now off the field. When I hear him speak off the field, he seems like a decent man. For his own sake, I hope he gets the help he needs. If he does what he does just to be feared by opposing players, that’s just sad.

  11. I agree, something is definitely not adding up here. While I can sort of understand the whole “deny, deny, deny, I will be vindicated, deny” approach to the cheap kick heard round the world, I think that most of the free world might lay low for a minute following an incident like that. Suh, not so much. If anything these little speed bumps(pun intended) seem to ramp him up even more than usual. Reminds me of my three year old when he gets caught aggravating his sister. The easy solution would be to just stop bugging her & move in. Instead, he’d rather stop bugging her, pinch her really hard & steal whatever toy she’s playing with before running off…

  12. wow this guy gets more flack for minor issues like this but guys like donte stallworth and leon little drive drunk kill people and ruined their families but they get to jump up and down celebrating every week smdh

  13. There is no excuse for this type of behavior, but even the less ethically minded will hesitate to give this guy a pass based on what seems to be a drop in intensity and production on the field.

  14. Have to be honeset if the guy was dominating you could say excess baggage was worth it, But really the guy is just another DL.

  15. Suh will be one of the NFL players who are completely broke within 5 years of retirement. After that, he will no doubt end up in jail. he simply doesn’t show that he has the impulse control to function in society. If it were not for football, he would no doubt be incarcarated for something already.

  16. The ticket isn’t any good and was dropped, where is that update? Oh i forgot, you his use this Web site as a personal cry baby blog to write articals on men who would pick on you in high school. And all you low life, beat your chest cause I’m better people, get a life and grow up. Calling a man garbage over a traffic violation that was dropped is pathetic. I can guarantee that every person leaving a comment on this page has even been in trouble with the law or has been pulled over, or has a traffic violation. does that make you garbage does that make you a piece of crap does that make you a low life? no that does not make you all bad people getting on a website and calling him garbage and thinking your better than him that is what makes you guys look like garbage

  17. Tomorrows headline: Suh burns toast, league investigation is ongoing! Suh may receive a lifetime ban for repeated careless handling of toast.

    Look this kid has never been busted for drugs/DUI, he’s not in strip clubs making it rain, he doesn’t pull guns on people or beat women. Why is a speeding ticket newsworthy?

  18. “Police Chief William Armstrong said…”He’s reviewing the dash cam video and claimed the officer that pulled Suh over can be aggressive when it comes to writing tickets”….“And looking at the video tape, it’s hard to say exactly how fast he was going. When you look at the video, it appears that he’s traveling faster than the other vehicles around him, but was it excessive? I don’t think it was excessive, and he’s merging over and from what I see on the tape, as far as when he merges over, my opinion, I don’t see the near-accident.”

    You seem to have left those very important details out of your “report”.

  19. Michigan is a “no fault” insurance state, which means each driver’s insurer pays for damages to the automobile they insure.

    Regardless of who was “at fault” in the alleged sideswipe accident, the 9-11 record showed that Suh called the police 1 minute before the other driver did. Thus, there was no leaving the scene of an accident charge (or any charge) for either of them.

  20. Again, I don’t care about this. Probably more important/interesting things going on in the world of football. It is funny to see how this site still manages to incorrectly report facts considering how much time it spends covering Suh.

    Let’s see how long it takes for this comment to get removed.

  21. I dont mind all the traffic violations with that being said, when you work for a multi million dollar corporation in any setting it is unacceptable to have your name plaster all over news about being arrested. The league has set standards for players and how they should act on and off the field. The league wants to present not only great athletes but also outstanding citizens so it doesnt get the reputation of the NBA. Suh needs to realize how fortunate he is and man up and take responsibility for his actions and work towards becoming a better citizen for the league.

  22. OK. I’m a Lions fan, and Lord knows I’ve defended this guy with best of them over the past year and a half. But the Lions need to get rid of this guy, his trade value is dropping daily, cut ties now, get what you can.

  23. Suh has been in the top 5 all year long for sacks by DTs yet somehow he is garbage, trash, yada yada yada. Not too mention that if you actually watch the games he is constantly in the backfield pressuring and hitting the opposing QB. He also has zero personal fouls and his lone penalty on the season is an offsides.

    Proof that not only do fans talk out their rear ends but also shows what a joke this site is in regards to football knowledge. Oh noes, he gets traffic tickets…somebody get a lynch mob (oh wait, nvm).

  24. Also the morons that keep saying he “stomped on somebody’s head” need to either get a clue or stop being blatantly dishonest and slanderous.

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