Bowles points out blown coverages, puts blame on not-Bowles

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Todd Bowles might not be able to fix the Eagles defense, but at least give him credit for accurately analyzing the situation.

The Eagles replacement coordinator described last night’s numerous coverage busts as “a messed-up situation,” as succinct and accurate a description as possible.

Of course, that’s also another way of saying it’s the players’ fault and not his own, but that’s beside the point.

“The first one was high school cover-3,” Bowles said, via Sheil Kapadia of “The ball was thrown down the middle of the field. We gave up a touchdown. Inexcusable. The second one was inexcusable too.”

Of course, the all-alone touchdown to Panthers tight end Gary Barnidge was just one of the problems, as free receivers were running downfield all night.

“The second long one was a bust,” Bowles said. “It was inexcusable. Shouldn’t have happened. Everybody knew where they were supposed to be. They weren’t there.”

Asked why it was happening, Bowles replied: “I wish I could tell you.

“They can’t happen. Not at this level, not at this stage of the game, not after what we’ve been through. And everybody has to own up to their responsibility.”

Of course, bad players poorly coached is one possible explanation.

In the five games since Bowles went from secondary coach to coordinator (after Juan Castillo was offered up), the results have been ridiculous.

The Eagles have allowed 75.2 percent completions, for 9.7 yards per attempt, with 13 touchdowns and no interceptions. Castillo’s defense led the league in opponents’ completion percentage (52.3).

The entire Eagles organization has reached the “what good’s it going to do” stage, and players said wholesale changes aren’t going to fix it.

“You stick with those people or those groups and you coach them harder,” cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said. “And those players obviously have to take it more – I don’t want to say seriously because they’re taking it seriously – but obviously have to be mentally focused a little bit more than they have been.

“Obviously what Todd has done, I’ve supported, we support. There’s some things that mentally we need to be sharper on.”

Either that, or do what Bowles is doing, and create an alibi to offer your next employer.

13 responses to “Bowles points out blown coverages, puts blame on not-Bowles

  1. It will be many years before Todd Bowles gets his second chance to be a DC. The Eagles defense is measurably worse since he took over. In fact, they look completely clueless.

    Kind of hard to argue he’s not responsible, since the collapse directly coincides with his promotion.

    Throw all the players under the bus that you want, Todd, there’s no escaping the facts.

  2. And he used to be the secondary coach and can’t explain why they’re blowing coverages? Exit, stage left Mr. Bowles.

  3. Unbelievable. I can’t believe what came out of Bowle’s mouth. Leaders lead from the front Bowles they don’t pass blame on anyone else. This guy is a follower plain and simple. If he was a quarterback he would blame the receiver for a bad route rather than saying he threw a bad ball ala Jimmy Clausen coming out of Notre Dame. This guy is a turd. This interview should be printed and handed to him today with his pink slip while the entire team watches. Somebody needs to light a fire under this team.

  4. Maybe the Eagles’ front office should have realized that if this guy can’t coach up a secondary with Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, and Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie, then he shouldn’t be put in charge of the whole freakin’ defense.

  5. I happy that Bowles didnt take the blame like Reid always does. Yes, its the coaches responsibility to game plan and get the players ready BUUUUTTTT, the players still have to play. The players still have to recognize things on the field, the players still have to be where they were asked to be and execute the play the way it was designed. I think the Eagles are having the same issue I believe my Giants have once in a while. I believe a team works best when you have a small amount of superstars and the rest role players that just do their jobs correctly to allow the superstar to make plays ala Steelers and Polumalu or Ravens and Ed Reed. Im not saying it doesnt work with multiple superstar. If you have multiple superstars, they all cant run wild. They have to work together and learn to play off eachother.

  6. That why Jordans Bulls were so successful. He was the star and the rest of the team knew their roles and they executed them well. When you have a secondary like the Giants where on the back end you have Rolle and Phillips and at corner you have Webster,Prince or T2, they cant all make last second adjustments or take last second risks because then NO ONE is where they’re suppose to be. Same thing with the Eagles, too many playmakers and they arent executing the play correctly.

  7. He’s trying his level best NOT to throw his player under the bus… but it’s obvious the culprit is free safety Nate Allen. You can point to him on every touchdown, every missed assignment, every blown coverage. He was directly responsible for BOTH first quarter TDs, and he’s so confused right now he doesn’t know which end is up.

    He’s been blamed for being out of position often, so last night he was supposed to pick up Brandon LaFell in the slot, when Boykin blitzed. Allen was occupying ‘center field’ at the snap… Allen instead drifted to his left, where Steve Smith was being covered by Rodgers-Cromartie. By drifting left, he vacated the center of the field — for which LaFell and Newton were very grateful.

    Bowles called it ‘high school Cover 3’ and that’s what it was, and what would have worked, had Allen done what he was supposed to do, for once this season.

    I don’t mind when a coach refuses to name names, and point a finger at a player. By the same token, it must be difficult to squeeze out a BS answer when you know the truth: You HAD them in the right position, but they messed it up!

  8. coaches always give PC answers, so dont crush a coach when he speaks the truth. Yes hes the leader but enough is enough with these players. They have more talent then most teams in the league. They have 3 wins! There is no way that this team should have 3 wins. They are under the Raiders,Browns,Panthers,Titans,Jets,Bills,Cardinals,Rams and Dolphins in league standings. That can’t just be the coaching. especially when Reid has a SOLID track record of being good in the regular season. He was even 13-0 after the bye until this season! lol it cant be just the coaches.

  9. I think the problem is that Reid is a lame duck and everyone knows it. So the players aren’t playing for them.

    I think that if they are going to fire Reid, that they should do it now. Name an interim coach, then evaluate the players, let them know that they will be getting graded.

    Alot of the players want out, they wanted a championship and they found out that in Philly with Reid they won’t get it.

    Reid will be fine as either a coach or a GM, not both. I think that he will need to go back to being just one and work on that, he will then get back to being as good as he can.

    I think that with all of the things that have happened to Reid recently that he is overwhelmed.

    Regarding Bowles, what do you expect him to say, he took over a floundering defense that had been being coached by an OL coach. The players aren’t motivated and at the point that he took over, it was already too late for this season.

  10. I know, let’s fire Castillo! Forget that the defense is working just fine, and that it is hard to win football games when you are turning it over at an alarming rate! Castillo has to be the problem!

    How’d that work out, guys?

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