Browner, Sherman continue to deny taking PEDs

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Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner continue to deny that they have ever taken performance-enhancing substances despite facing four-game suspensions for testing positive.

According to Mike Garafolo of the USA Today, Sherman is saying that he unknowingly ingested Adderall prescribed to a teammate according to a person familiar with Sherman’s explanation. Sherman’s agent, Kevin Poston, would not speak on the specifics of the case but when presented with the scenario described Poston said, “What appears is not always the case. Hopefully, when the facts come out, justice will prevail.”

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network also reported the scenario described by Garafolo.

Sherman, however, is completely denying that’s what took place. In a series of texts Monday night, Sherman disputed the accounts being reported by the USA Today and NFL Network.

“It’s totally false,” Sherman said. “It will be resolved in time and I have never taken anything.”

Sherman has denied ever taking Adderall since the suspensions were first reported on Sunday.

Browner’s agent, Peter Schaffer, also denied the claims against him client.

“I can tell you that Brandon Browner has no knowledge of how any illegal substance could have gotten into his system,” Schaffer said. “…He takes tremendous care of his body and he is very careful with what he puts into it. We’re exploring all avenues to try and figure out how any substance out of the ordinary would be in his system.”

Per Garafolo, Browner is already in the league’s substance-abuse program following an undisclosed incident while playing for the Denver Broncos in 2005. Jason La Canfora of was on Sports Radio KJR in Seattle Monday morning and relayed Browner’s denial of taking any performance-enhancing substance knowing how frequently he is tested due to being in the substance-abuse program.

“[Browner]’s someone who’s tested regularly; up to three times a week,” La Canfora said. “So he’s told people, ‘look, I knew what I was up against. I don’t even drink a beer because I’m so wary of having a positive for anything.’ So he’s been adamant that ‘I’m not on anything. I’ve gone out of my way not to put any sort of substance, supplement, or anything other than what you would normally eat and drink.'”

Schaffer said they received notice from the league about the positive tests last week. He said normally hearings for these matters are usually scheduled within 20 days of the notice being sent but circumstances could require it to take longer. Schaffer said he wasn’t sure how long it would take for this particular hearing to come about.

“It’s too early to tell what we’re going to need, what witnesses and evidence and experts are going to be required so there is no way to even guess at this point,” he said.

Until those appeals are resolved, both Browner and Sherman are eligible to play for the Seahawks. Head coach Pete Carroll said Monday that he fully expects to have them available for this Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

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  1. I believe Browner. Dude was in the CFL, and when back in the NFL voluntarily admitted himself into the league’s substance abuse-program when he got back in and is tested 3x a week…. Don’t know about Sherman.

  2. And here come the butthurt Packer and Niner fans. These guys get to go through the appeals process just like everyone else. Quit whining just because you lost to these guys

  3. I’m waiting for one of their agents to pull a Melky Cabrera and point to a fake website as the cause of their “accidental ingestion”.

  4. This report doesn’t make sense. In one part it is claimed that Sherman says he DID ingest Adderall but knowingly, and then next it says he claims he never TOOK Adderall at all. If he is truly saying both things, which one does he mean? He’s automatically lying with one of those sentences or there is a misrepresentation here.

    Let’s start with Sherman:

    So if he did in fact make both statements, then he should be fined again for undisputedly lying. Kick him out for a couple years, nobody wants to see cheaters and liars get paid millions to play football. Make him confess or address the undisputed lie before he can ever play again.

    Next with Browner:

    His agent clearly states “he has no knowledge”, well I demand the agent to specify his position on whether the drugs entered his body “unknowingly” such as what happened to Sherman according to his own words, that’s very important!

  5. Ha of course there would be a pack fan still crying, its ADDERRALL not crank, it doesn’t actually help performance more than a red bull would, regardless they are still twice as good as any packer corner.

  6. How do you “unknowingly” take a prescription drug meant for someone else? Remember, DJ Williams and Cushing also denied taking PEDs when the case was rock solid against them too.

  7. What I don’t understand is that with all these players testing positive for Adderall, with the big caveat this is what they say they tested for, why don’t they just do some doctor shopping and get a prescription and be on it legally? How hard is it for a local NFL star to find a doc who is a fan of the team to prescribe a drug already used by millions?

    My understanding is that Adderall only stays in your system 3 days, so that could be a big temptation if you aren’t getting drug tested frequently… but save yourself some money and grief and tell a doc you’re having troubles concentrating, following instructions, impulsive behavior, etc.

  8. From what I read, adderall is very similar to meth, it is a serious drug. It enhances your short-term endurance and gives you lots energy.

  9. The active ingredient in Adderall is Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine which is a controlled substance ONLY available by prescription. When these geniuses say they didn’t take it, or didn’t know how it got into their bodies, just isn’t going to fly!

  10. This really does seem odd for Sherman. For people that only know him from his twitter escapades, he seems like a loudmouth, but he’s really quite a stand up guy. Brilliant kid. I would hesitate to call him an outright liar.

  11. I hope they are both cleared of any wrongdoing, it would be a real shame to see one of the most uniquely exciting and talented CB duos of recent times be a product of performance-enhancers. Personally I was hoping these two would pave the way for more huge physical corners to help combat today’s obscene passing offenses.

  12. I have always said that as long as its ONLY a 4 game suspension players will continue to take the chance. Bump it up to 8 games and see what happens!

  13. Of course they denied it. I’m not saying they are guilty, time will tell. Suspensions would be a major blow for the Seahawks. Feel bad for Browner, he has done well to turn his career around. As for Sherman, all I can think is if he’s suspended, there will be some around the league who thinks he had it coming.

  14. A problem is everyone is going to deny knowingly taking it.

    I assume the samples are split and sample B is analyzed when sample A turns up positive.

    What is the biological half-life of these compounds?

  15. I would probably have to agree with them on this because their performance was definately not enhanced this past Sunday against the Dolphins.

  16. Drugs don’t just show up in your body, you have to take them. That’s such a stupid excuse that you don’t know how it happened.

    I bet you right now Tom Brady is saying “You Mad Bro?”

  17. “When the facts come out” and “unknowingly ingested”. Famous last words. These players always say that they will be exonerated when all the facts are in, but we never seem to get all the facts. They keep denying it and expect us to knowingly swallow their line of BS. If you take it, you will be caught. They know the rules and the risks. If you are going to cheat, be ready for the consequenses. TB must be chuckling right now.

  18. 12thman88 says:Nov 27, 2012 12:26 AM

    And here come the butthurt Packer and Niner fans. These guys get to go through the appeals process just like everyone else. Quit whining just because you lost to these guys

    Well, we all know about the ending of the Pack game so I won’t even touch that but I seem to recall the Niners beating the Hawks already this year. You should really do your homework before spouting off

  19. Since when does the NFL need actual evidence? Mr. Goodell should just say they have 50,000 documents of proof, game video of them saying “Give me my Adderall,” a statement from a convicted felon that they took it, a piece of paper with the players name on it next to some number and the word of a cartoonish coach telling them to go out there and take your dope so therefore that proves they took it.

    Case closed. No need to show them this evidence.

  20. 12thman88 Last I checked the niners beat Seattle so idk what you’re talking about how about before you start whining about your players who failed a drug test check your facts

  21. Players seem to think that anything technically “possible” is automatically “plausible”. Their stories are no more credible than Cushing’s “Overtrained Athlete Syndrome” excuse for his positive test(s).

  22. Let more Hawks haters come out. If these corners were on your team you wouldn’t be trashing them. Adderall helps you focus and doesn’t give you an athletic edge such as increased strength or speed. The NFL might as well just outlaw everything except tylenol. Because the league rules are becoming a head ache!! Player such and such tested positive for Red Bull, 4 game suspension!! Its a joke when you know these players are on something to be this huge, the body is not naturally supposed to look like an old school He-Man action figure. They are all on something. Performance enhancing drugs are rampent, I even remember watching wrestlers take stuff before matches in high school. Its everywhere.

  23. Half life of the components in adderall for adults is d-amphetamine: 10 hr, l-amphetamine: 13 hr per So they were tested pretty much right after taking it.

  24. There is no way Browner takes Adderall knowing he’s tested 3x per week. My guess is this isn’t about Adderall at all but most likely they tested positive for pot after the law changes in Washington State.

  25. pmiller1129 says:Nov 27, 2012 12:34 PM

    Let more Hawks haters come out. If these corners were on your team you wouldn’t be trashing them. Adderall helps you focus and doesn’t give you an athletic edge such as increased strength or speed.

    If you need to take something to stay “focused” to play in a pro football game in front of 70 thousand fans you probably should not be playing football

  26. You can take Adderall to stay focused for watching game films or other practice related functions. Or they could have taken a drink out of Winston Guy’s water bottle since he takes Adderall and is in the secondary group all practice. Stuff happens. Bottom line, if the NFL wont test for HGH then why test at all. This is the most abused drug since almost no one test for it and they all take it since they know not to use actual steroids.

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