Celek laments decline of Eagles


The Dream Team that became a potential dynasty has now become a potential laughingstock.

And tight end Brent Celek knows it.

“I’m embarrassed of losing, to be honest,” Celek said after the Eagles’ seventh straight defeat, according to John Gonzalez of CSNPhilly.com.  “To be a team that was considered basically one of the powerhouse teams in this league, and to probably have teams come in here and laugh at us?  That’s embarrassing.  I don’t want to be part of something like that.  I want to turn it around.  I want to win games. Like I said, it makes me sick.”

Celek stopped short of saying that he’s actually experiencing laughter on the field.  He’s just saying that opponents “probably” are laughing, and that Celek would be, if he weren’t in the middle of the mess.

The question is when will the laughing stop?  The Eagles head to Dallas on Sunday night, for a rematch against a Cowboys team that already has beaten the Eagles once.  Then it’s a trip to Tampa, where the losing streak could extend to nine.

If the Eagles return to their home field at 3-10 and facing the hot (for now) Bengals on a short week, things could get uglier than ever.

For the fans, it might be a good idea to laugh.  Especially since the only alternative is to cry.