Eagles should let Reid ride it out


The Philadelphia Eagles have shifted into full-blown evaluation mode.  So why not evaluate another member of the staff as the interim head coach?

With each passing loss, more and more members of the media and fans are pointing out that the time has come to fire Andy Reid.  For two very good reasons, however, owner Jeffrey Lurie should ride it out.

First, is there anyone on the current staff who deserves a crack at coaching the team if Reid is relieved of his duties?  The Eagles haven’t won a game since Todd Bowles became defensive coordinator.  Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is tied too closely to Reid.  That leaves special-teams coordinator Bobby April.

Second, and more importantly, the firing of Reid and the hiring of an on-staff interim replacement could provide the kick in the pants the players need.  As we explained a few weeks back, current players tend to play hard for an interim head coach, not because they want to help the interim head coach get the job but because they know that, if the interim head coach gets the job, the players are more likely to keep their jobs.

Then, once the interim head coach becomes the permanent head coach, the players can go back to stinking.

So if Reid goes and someone else becomes the interim head coach and a fan base starved for wins finally gets a few of them, the interim head coach could start to look like a good candidate for the job.  It would be better, then, to wait until the season ends, move on from Reid, and find a new coach from outside the organization.

That said, who is really going to want this job?  The Eagles have no clear-cut quarterback, looming salary-cap problems, and an uncharacteristic number (for the Eagles) of aging players.  Recent drafts have featured more misses than hits, and whoever takes the job will have to deal with RG3, Eli Manning, and the Cowboys twice per year.

If Chip Kelly or Jon Gruden have options, they could be inclined to opt for another opportunity.

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  1. Coaches cant play the game for the players, they can only prepare them to be ready. He has earned the right to finish out the year and he should exit to a standing ovation

  2. The cowboys aren’t something to worry about under the helm of jerry jones. I really feel bad for Reid i think he needs a break from football. Idk how i would handle a loss of a son. My job performance would undoubtedly suffer.

  3. Trust me, there’s plenty of coaches that would coach this team. This is actually one of the most talented teams in the NFL and they’re underachieving big time, like Dallas. If I were Philly, I’d go very hard after Marty Schottenheimer or Brian Billick.

  4. I don’t know how you say this is not a desirable job for a head coach. They are 20 mil under the cap and about to free up a bunch of space, giving them the ability to add talent.

    The Cowboys stink and are about to replace their head coach, but remain restricted by Jerry Jones.

    The Redskins, despite RG3, still stink and are another sub .500 team. They are also draft and cap handicapped.

    The Giants are a solid playoff team, but still provide the others opportunities to win the division year after year.

    There is a lot of young talent on this Eagles team and the offensive line, which is the root of most of their problems, is quality when healthy.

  5. A position coach stepping up to HC would never win the job long term, anyway, even if he won a couple games. If.

    Fair or not, fans and media will want a new direction for Philly.

    So, absolutely — keep Andy Reid the rest of the season, and let him ride it out. He’s earned it, and any interim coach is just going to be some poor sap walking the plank.

  6. I don’t know why, honestly someone would not want to coach here. The best RB in the NFL, a top notch tight end, great receiving duo, and when the line is healthy, a strong unit up front. Bottom line, if you drop your 6’0 190lbs qb 60 times a game to pass, you will loose. A cohesive game plan will make this team much more dangerous. The ignorance and refusal to use the running game has killed Reid. Btw, because I know the comments are coming, every city has idiot fans. GB booed Favre out of Lambeau when he came back, the Giants in ’95 had to stop a game for 20 minutes because of fans throwing snowballs, there are numerous stabbings in Oakland, and SF isn’t that much better, so just stop. Ask Donovan, and Dawkins, who both got standing ovations on there returns to different teams, if they felt appreciated

  7. “whoever takes the job will have to deal with RG3, Eli Manning, and the Cowboys twice per year.”

    The Cowboys? I doubt any potential HC will be quaking in his boots about playing the Cowboys.

  8. Why does everyone assume the Eagles are going to have cap issues next year? According to Eaglescap.com, they are $17M over next year. Yet, everyone KNOWS Vick is gone, which means his $17.9M comes off the books, Nnamdi is gone, which frees up another $15, plus they can carry over this year’s cap space, which gives them another $21M. By my math, that comes to a surplus of just under $37M. Sure, they have some holes to fill, but the salary cap hell everyone keeps mentioning I don’t see.

  9. I am a Big-time GIANTS fan, and I hate, hate, hate the Eagles, but this is correct. Andy Reid definitely deserves to coach out the rest of the season. The guy has been a very, very good HC and should not be let go prior to the end of the season.

    Just remember back to how bad they were before he got there.

    He helped turn that Franchise around.

  10. Cap issues? Also, they are actually a young team. The QB is an issue but most of this article is way off. Of the teams looking for a coach, they will be one of if not the most desirable job. Steady ownership that allows the football people to do their thing, some young talent, cap space and probably a top 5 pick.

  11. Careful what you wish for…I know Philly needs newness, and Reid may well be burned out in the immediate. Name one better coach out there. I would place Reid in the top 10 football coaches alive…currently employed or not. Be car

  12. reid deserves to coach the rest of the season because of all he has done for the eagles. second the lineup is full of young guys who would be better off being coached these remaining gms rather than rudderless, without guidance.

    and mike, no way gruden or chip kelly is the next coach. but could be psu’s o’brien or bruce arians. and lurie could also sell the team.

  13. What purpose would firing Andy Reid with 5 games left in the season serve? Some people on this board are so ignorant/classless!!!! What type of relevant/qualified HC do you think would be interested in the Eagles job if they handled the most successful coach in the franchises history cold and callously? The man gave his all despite the tragic loss of his son this season and all I read is 90% disrespect!!! As a Giants fan I wish Coach Reid and his family all the best!!!

  14. Instead of firing reid how about cleaning house of all the underachieving, overpaid, quitters, non tackling idiots who aren’t taking any accountability for there poor play

  15. Nnamdi played the Eagles… He’s going to take his money and run..knew from the jump he was most overrated corner in the league he flat out sucks…. Nice knowing you “Dream Team”

  16. “Who is really going to want this job?”

    Al Davis and Daniel Snyder had no trouble running bodies through their coaching turnstile when their teams were at their most dysfunctional.

    I don’t see Lurie having any trouble there.

  17. There’s only 32 head coaches in the NFL. one of those spots open up, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles, and you don’t know who would WANT this job???? If people take on the Browns, Chiefs, Rams, Buccs, etc then someone will come here where there’s at least 2 awesome running backs.

    Are you kidding me w/ that comment?

    And we love playing Eli Manning and Dallas twice a year. It’s a guarantee we’ll get 3 or 4 wins.

  18. I think they’ll wait out the season and try to swipe either Fangio (DC) or Roman (OC) from Harbaugh’s 49er staff or David Shaw of Stanford. All have some PA/NJ or Eagles roots and have nice resumes. I’d be leaning Fangio or Shaw. With Fangio then they go 3-4 … which make the current Eagles defenders a tough fit. So there’s the total revamp! Cox and Jenkins slide out. Finding rush OLB’s or testing Graham and Curry and getting a NT. I would guess trading Cole, cutting Asomugha, and then drafting the best beast NT, shutdown CB, or Rush 3-4 OLB at their top spot. With Shaw they stick with a West Coast style offense though …….. so the trick would be a solid DC.

  19. Any coach would be dumb to think this isn’t a great opportunity. The team has a lot of talent, the owner doesn’t meddle, and it’s in one of the biggest markets for football.

  20. Please… Dallas is a step away from being in the same boat as we are. And their next coach has to deal with Jerry Jones on top of everything else.

  21. There really is no point in firing Reid at this point…Lurie is way to loyal to him to do that. They will probably come out at the end of the season and say they discussed it and both agreed that it would be best for all involved if Reid stepped down. As for who would want the job, are you kidding me??!? You don’t think there is a football ego out there who would want to coach the Eagles…like having to play the NFC East twice a year is a disincentive…Reid padded his wins by playing the weak NFC East for 14 years.

  22. You noted these same issues with aging players and cap problems in your power rankings this week and people refuted it across the board, Florio.

    As of September, the Eagles were the second youngest team (with an average age of 25.55 years) and had the most cap room (as reported by PFT, among others). Babin (32 years old) was cut yesterday. Vick (32 years old) can be cut after the Super Bowl without any cap hit, adding additional cap room. They have only 8 players on their roster over 30 right now, with Vick being one of them, as well as McBriar (33, punter) and Dorenbos (32, Long Snapper). The oldest players after that are all 31 – Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, Evan Mathis, Jake Scott, and Trent Cole.

    I agree the team has issues, as their record shows. A true franchise QB is one of them. However, most teams don’t go hiring a new coach because they just won the Super Bowl.

    Despite all the grief Andy Reid may have received, he still lasted 14 years in Philadelphia, which is a considerable amount of time without winning a Super Bowl in such a competitive business. I have trouble seeing how a coach would prefer to wind up in Kansas City, for example. Now this is just a personal belief, but I tend to find the best candidates enjoy a challenge, and want to go to a place they’ll be tested. If a coaching candidate is afraid of facing anyone, much less the Dallas Cowboys, he probably isn’t qualified for the position in the first place.

    Aside from that last throwaway paragraph, I agree Andy Reid should maintain his job until the end of season. After that, the Eagles can find a candidate who would have a few million reasons to take the job.

  23. I think this job would be attractive to a lot of coaches. You have a good bit of talent left to work with (Mccoy, Jackson, Maclin,Curry,Cox,Celek…..). Quarterback will be a problem but we do have the draft coming up and there might be a guy like an Aaron Murray form Georgia or someone who I think will be great Tahj Boyd from Clemson. Regardless this new coach will be able to mold this team into what he wants it to be. The Eagles have a winning culture and will bounce back rather quickly from this I believe.

  24. I have alot of respect for the fat man. The eagles were a joke before he got there. Do the eagles need a change? of course they do. If the Bears dont fire lovie, philly will have its choice of coaches. No way any top coach chooses dall> philly. So philly just go out and beat dallas this week and sit back and watch as the driveforfive marches on.

  25. Hahahahahaha. All the bitter Eagle fans in here whining and crying and have nothing better to do than rag on the Cowboys. last I checked it was the eagles in the cellar with a 7 game losing streak, not the Cowboys.

  26. Enough with the looming cap issues. They’re $18 million over the cap next year, right? Releasing Babin saves $3.8 million. Releasing Demetress Bell next year saves $9.6 million with no cap hit. And certainly there is no one that agrees Vick will earn $17.9 million next year. Whether they restructure or release him they’re now under $121 million for 2013 in those 3 moves. They could restructure deals with Asomugha, Peters, and/or Ryans. Ryans and Peters have no guaranteed money. They will also be able to carry over $10+ million of cap space from this year.

  27. I don’t hate the guy and I love what he did for a decade. But how can you be in dead last in the NFC and not be a first or 2nd year coach, and lose to the 2nd worst team in the NFC at home and still hold a job. There is no further to drop.

    Who cares who replaces him? They’re 3-8. The OC and DC would be bad choices, yes. But who cares? They will not be the head coach no matter what. They will not go 5-0. They are not good enough talent wise right now to do that. And not one coach on the staff would see it as anything more than temporarily filling a vacant hole.

    Tired of hearing excuses about not firing Reid. First it was that you don’t have anyone to replace him, like Andy Reid wasn’t a QB coach before joining the Eagles. Now it’s that you don’t have someone to be the head coach of a 3-8 team for the remaining 5 weeks of a dead season… Who cares? Anyone not named Andy Reid will do.

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