Henne’s ability to get ball downfield giving Jags a chance

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As it pertains to the Jaguars’ future, the difference between Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert is bigger than Henne’s excellent mustache.

Henne’s ability to get the ball downfield is the biggest tangible difference, and the reason the Jaguars looked competent in beating the Titans.

According to Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com, the numbers point to the difference.

Henne completed seven passes at least 15 yards downfield against the Titans. Since relieving an injured Gabbert two weeks ago, Henne has completed 12-of-17 such deep balls, for 418 yards and two touchdowns. Gabbert didn’t reach those numbers until his sixth game this season.

Henne’s completed 57.1 percent of his deep balls to Gabbert’s 40.4 percent, with two touchdowns and no picks to Gabbert’s three touchdowns and three interceptions.

Granted, the Jaguars aren’t a setting where many quarterbacks are going to flourish, but the dramatic difference with Henne under center underscores the fact Gabbert doesn’t appear to be anyone’s answer.

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  1. I believe Henne gives them the best chance to win, regardless of the modest strides Gabbert has made over last year’s body of work. This however, is proof positive of what many have said since the draft – you still need a starting QB, which should have been addressed with their first pick.

  2. I have always enjoyed watching Chad Henne play the position. In Miami he really wasn’t provided the opportunity to flourish, I can’t recall who his receivers were.

    In Jacksonville, he isn’t being asked to carry the franchise, he’s simply playing the position to his ability and not trying to do too much. I do not believe this will create a quarterback controvery, but, I do believe this will give Henne an opportunity to vie for a starting opportunity in the offseason.

    Great job by Henne for making the most of his chance. Best of luck in the future Chad!

  3. dude, until you learn the difference between fact and what espn is trying to make you believe…you’ll never enjoy sports. nobody outside of espn said Gabbert was best qb

  4. He throws the ball to Blackmon. Or CAN throw the ball to Blackmon. Not rocket science.

    Say goodbye to the Surfer Dude…

  5. So the Jags didn’t know until now that Henne threw a better deep ball? Why would you hire a QB and not see if he can sling it? It’s just another case of one being handed the job without regard to actual performance. Nothing against Gabbert, and I hope he does well, but if he can’t open up the field like Henne then the choice should have been clear to the Jags early on.

  6. It hasn’t been the case for a long time, but now with Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon, along with Lewis at TE and MJD when he’s back healthy, Jacksonville can really be a place where a decent QB CAN “flourish”

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