Jerry Jones: Cowboys “running out of time” for playoff run

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You don’t get as rich as Jerry Jones without being good at math.

So when the Cowboys owner looks at his 5-6 team, he realizes time is drawing short if they’re going to make the postseason.

But on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM, Jones also suggested there are other goals at play as well, goals which sound vaguely Shanahan-ian in meaning.

“Getting it right? We do, yes,” Jones said when asked if the Cowboys have time to fix their season (via “We’re running out of time as to the playoffs. Do we have enough time? It’s numerically possible, but you got to really step out here this week and do the right things to win a ballgame on the field. You have time to do that.

“Certainly you want to be going into the final weeks of the season, . . . [and] playing at an uptick to play well in the playoffs. But there’s another reason why you want to be playing well, too. You want to be playing well so you can basically look at your core and see where you are with your core and evaluate your core as far as seasons to come.”

While not as blatant as Redskins coach Mike Shanahan’s “evaluate” comments after their loss to the Panthers, it does illustrate an eye toward the future.

In the offseason, all the talk was about “windows,” and if this team doesn’t make a push, Jones may come to the realization it’s already closed.

“I thought we’d be better than this,” said Jones, “although I do realize the kind of competition we have in the league. We got nine teams that are 5-6 or 6-5 in the NFL right now. I knew we were in a league that has a lot of competition, but I thought we would be better.”

He always does. And they haven’t been. Which makes you wonder how long a leash this core has.

18 responses to “Jerry Jones: Cowboys “running out of time” for playoff run

  1. “running out of time for playoff run”

    He’s so full of hot air, he’s just afraid he’s going to die before cowboys win a superbowl again and that’s what it’s going to take for them to be contenders.

  2. Running out of time? Wouldn’t that imply that the Cowboys are capable of playing well in December?

  3. Cowboys are running out of time in much the same way Mitt Romney is running out of time to be elected president.

  4. I think somebody needs to explain to Jerrah that in order to go on a playoff run your team actually has to qualify for the playoffs you know, like the NY Giants, which your team is not doing, so take your ball and go home and run around the Christmas tree or something.

  5. I wonder if the petition to the White House will take hold…If it does and Obama did remove Jerry as GM would Texas continue to want to secede? Hahahaha

  6. Is there a bigger buffoon in all the world of sports than j jones? This egomaniac is a pompas jack @$$. I can’t stand the sight of him. He only needs to look in the mirror to realize why his team hasn’t made it to the big show. And maybe never will again.

  7. Well, Cowboy fans, better buckle down for a long ride on the Jones train to nowhere. Even after Jerry goes to the great narcissist resting place in the sky, you’re going to get about thirty more years of the self-made Stephen behind the throttle. The little engine that couldn’t.

  8. JJ, You have a handfull of superstar players – Ware, Romo, Witten, Bryant, Claiborne… – but the rest of the starting team is average. And when those average players get hurt then you are starting below average players (otherwise they would be starting). Since you give a lot of money to non-performers (Free, Ogletree, Scandrick, …) you don’t have any money left for solid starters with good depth.

    You don’t need superstars at every position. But you do need guys whose drop-off isn’t like the Grand Canyon.

  9. New York Giants fan here JJ please stay as the general manager because you have not a clue what you’re doing. Playoffs? You aren’t going to win and make the playoffs not this year clown.

  10. somewhere in sunny southern California Norv Turner sits nervously by the phone and wonders’ which call will come first. the one where he’s been fired or the one from the only owner smart enough to appreciate the genius that is Norval Turner. all awhile secretly pondering if that early nineties blue and silver members only jacket still fits

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