Joe McKnight tries wide receiver on for size


If Joe McKnight got a separate paycheck for every position he’s played for the Jets this season, he’d be a good bit wealthier than he is right now.

McKnight started the year as a running back and kick returner for the Jets before making a brief switch to cornerback in the wake of Darrelle Revis’ season-ending injury. That didn’t last particularly long, but the Jets obviously decided that they liked moving McKnight around the field.

With Clyde Gates and Chaz Schilens coming off concussions suffered against the Patriots and Jeremy Kerley continuing to battle leg injuries, the Jets have some issues with depth at wide receiver. One of their answers to that problem is to put McKnight out there. McKnight practiced with the wide receivers for part of Monday’s session, although he’s not sure he’ll be remaining there against the Cardinals this weekend.

Brian Costello of the New York Post reports that McKnight said he wasn’t clear just what the Jets had in mind for him at receiver, something that probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise given how rarely the Jets seem to have a good grasp on what they’re doing offensively.

12 responses to “Joe McKnight tries wide receiver on for size

  1. They move this guy all over the field, meanwhile they have a super athletic 6’3″, 240 lb wrecking machine that they stubbornly insist on using only as the backup QB and “personal protector” on punts.


  2. What a train wreck! How many jest players think they can just switch positions at will? The coaching is a joke.

    Only the jets. Joe kinda has that Ricky Williams look going on, no?

  3. In addition to halfback and kick returner, they’ve used McKnight at db… this position requires quick reactions and foot speed…I don’t think Tebow would be a good db…they may use McKnight this week at receiver…I’d be willing to bet that Tebow has shown sub-NFL level hands in practice (and I know he’s never been asked to play the position in an NFL game or at Florida)…so what exactly is your point, realitypolice?

  4. You may get an occasional …two way player, but I have never seen a team with so many people playing out of positions…it is what happens when you have a “genius” as GM.

    GM’s job is to make sure you have the right position people on the team…Great job Tannenbaum!

  5. I wish people would give this guy more respect. Hes been solid returning kicks all year, been one of the teams most productive running backs and has shown pure athleticism in taking on every possible role the jets could put him in.

    I just hope the jets just don’t pull their usual nonsense and get rid of the little talent they have in their line up during the off season.

  6. Isn’t Cromartie their best wideout?

    They may as well put McKnight and Cromartie at WR, Tebow at QB, Greene at LB, Fireman Ed at RB, and Sanchez on the bench.

  7. Any articles about the Jets should now only refer to the 2013 season. Top 5 draft choices, new front office, who Sanchez is going to back up since he has a guaranteed contract for 2013.

    As far as 2012, on Thanksgiving Night the

    J ust
    E nded
    T heir
    S eason

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