Troy Vincent: I’m offended that the Eagles have no desire to win

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Troy Vincent is a former player who now serves as the NFL’s V.P. of Player Engagement. That title might suggest that he needs to take the diplomatic approach to discussing current NFL players, but Vincent used harsh terms in an interview about one of his former teams.

Vincent, who played for the Eagles from 1996 to 2003, told USA Today that he’s personally bothered by seeing this year’s Eagles failing to work hard and show a desire to win for coach Andy Reid.

“I’m offended,” Vincent said. “”I’m a former player, but I’m passionate about the Green. I want to see the franchise do well. I see it from afar. I see a lack of leadership when you see things happening on the sideline. It’s a want, a will, a desire. You have to hold each other accountable in the locker room.”

Vincent, who was speaking before the Eagles’ loss to the Panthers on Monday night, said that in the Eagles’ six straight losses before that game, he saw no evidence that the players were taking pride in their work.

“I was asked a question about someone’s hustle,” Vincent said. “Why are we talking about a professional not hustling? We need all 11 to the ball. Those are the things that leadership and personal accountability bring. Some of those things aren’t Andy’s responsibility. They’re about the 53 guys in that locker room. Don’t cheat the sport.”

Those are harsh words, but it would be hard for anyone who has watched the Eagles to deny that Vincent’s comments ring true.

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  1. The problem isn’t hustling or “not getting to the ball”. The problem is one of three things: 1. Every single member of the secondary is terrible. 2. They do not understand the schemes being installed. 3. They are not football smart enough to apply the schemes. Probably some combination of the three.

  2. I met Troy Vincent once – extremely nice guy. Agree with everything he said. And he forgot to add to his critique: “and HOLD ON to the football!”

  3. I hate this Eagles team. So many Kool-aid heart pumping players on this roster. As Eagles fans we’ve seen some horrible teams over the years but at least those players tried and gave effort. You could respect that at least. Those teams were bad from lack of talent. This current Eagles team is a joke. I can’t wait till it is blown up…

  4. the eagles are just terrible. fire reid. not sure i want foles as my starter next year so im almost like keep vick, although hes owed a ton of money. new oline. cut babin like today or tomorrow, preferably today. draft a wr over 5’10, run the ball 20 times, cut asomough, release their trainer burkholder, sign koy detmer and lets start looking forward to the 2013 soul season

  5. The best thing this team can do in the offseason is fire every coach and every starter not named McCoy. What a mess.

  6. I feel bad for Troy Vincent. He had to watch that crap last night? Well, he should feel fortunate that He doesn’t have to be given garbage on TV this Sunday night.

    I can name five matchups that are better than the most beatable team in football (Philly) and the most overrated team football (Dallas).

    The Cleveland Browns @ the Oakland Raiders

    The San Francisco 49ers@the St. Louis Rams

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers@the Denver Broncos

    The Indianapolis Colts@the Detroit Lions

    The Seattle Seahawks@ the Chicago Bears

    Honorable mentions:
    The Cincinnati Bengals@the San Diego Chargers

    The Houston Texans@the Tennessee Titans

  7. Way to pile on Troy. Where was your leadership in the ’01, ’02 and ’03 NFC title games? You blamed others for the losses, including Jim Johnson. Go root for the team the Eagles rescued you from in Miami.

  8. I havent even watched the eagles for weeks. If I want to watch a trainwreck, I prefer to see how the chargers try to lose. There is no effort or originality with this team’s collapse.

  9. Troy’s offended?!……..I’ve been an Eagles fan for 53 years and this is the worst mess I’ve ever seen…….I watched them at Franklin Field, Veteran’s Stadium and now the Linc…….I only hope I get to see them win a Superbowl before I die!!!

  10. I really hate this for Andy. I think he’s a good coach but maybe the time has come to end this. JG in Dallas might want to watch what happens in Philly. I’m just saying.

  11. Troy Vincent is a sharp dude. The NFLPA dropped the the ball by running Vincent out. Now they got this clown Smith in charge – still can’t believe that all the NFLPA ‘got’ in the new CBA was a few less practices in the off-season.

  12. The lack of veteran leadership on this team is a direct result of the Eagles organizational philosophy of getting rid of players once they turn 30. Bad strategy coming back to bite them.

  13. I am a life long skins fan. You eagles fans are pathetic. You know how bad and for how long the team I root for has sucked. Longer than I care to remember. You have had maybe 2 rough seasons and you bail on your team that fast. Thats just ridiculous, and you can and should not call yourselves REAL fans.

    Good Luck dealing with RG and the rest of the squad for years to come. Be prepared for some epic beatdowns like the one the Eagles laid on us on that Monday night.

  14. You hit it right on the head it is the lack of leadership ever since Brian Dawkins has been gone a real team leader, the Eagles just haven’t been the same. They need someone to get them Pumped Up on an off the field

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