Vick hasn’t been cleared, allowing delay on QB decision


At least for the moment, the Eagles apparent-lame duck coach doesn’t have to make a decision on the Eagles apparent-lame-duck quarterback.

Andy Reid said during his press conference Tuesday that Michael Vick hadn’t been cleared after his concussion, so a decision on whether to play him or Nick Foles is moot.

“We have to get him healthy here to see where he’s at,” Reid said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “He took another test today and he didn’t pass it. I’m not going to put him at risk. I’m not going to do that. That’s not where we’re going with this thing.”

Of course, Reid probably doesn’t want to deal with the drama that would ensue if he picked Foles over a healthy Vick, either.

And frankly, as the release of Jason Babin this afternoon shows, the Eagles are clearly in “develop-the-kids” mode, whether Reid’s around to coach them or not.

“You saw some young guys play today,” Reid said. “If the young guys are available to play, we’re going to put them in and play them. If that’s the situation, I’m not going to hestitate to do that. But we’ll see how things go here as we continue to roll on.”

At this point, there’s nothing to gain by playing Vick, unless Reid wants to commit one last act of loyalty on his way out the door. Foles might not be the future, but Vick certainly isn’t.

10 responses to “Vick hasn’t been cleared, allowing delay on QB decision

  1. What exactly would be the point of playing Mike Vick now?

    I mean, he’s g-o-n-e gone at the end of the season, a season which is already lost. You’ve got 5 games left to find out if Foles is your guy.

    Starting Vick now is completely and utterly illogical. Which is why the Eagles will do it first chance they get.

  2. Problem with the logic of not playing Vick if he’s healthy is too numerous to name! You cannot properly evaluate your offensive talent with Foles under center! Foles has career backup written all over him. Meanwhile Vicks agents phone will be ringing off the hook after this season if the Eagles dont retain his services. Vick is having an off season, but he is far from the biggest issue the Eagles have to contend with. Put MV7 on the Chiefs and they immediately turn into a playoff caliber franchise! And I know Seahawks are set with Wilson, but could you imagine Vick behind that O-line and stout defense? Although the Jets sux, he would be a vast improvement over Sanchez but thatll never happen with the Jets since the preseason contract extension! Lol My point is there are several teams that will be interested in MV7 if/when he is released.

  3. foles the last 2 weeks that he is the worst qb in the entire draft class. he def isn’t starter caliber and even redskins rookie backup qb Kurt cousins has looked way better than foles in arm strength and accuracy!!!

    foles should have at least 7 picks over the last 2 games that the defender dropped. his accuracy is by far the worst in the 2012 class

  4. Vick and McCoy are all done. They are quitters. If they wanted to play they could pass the tests. Do you have headaches? NO Are your eyes senstive to light? NO Are you forgetting things? NO. Give me a break, there all done this year, and Vick is done for good in Philly.

  5. Big blu, you have have no clue. Why are you chimin in in this story anyway? Aint there a Tom Coughlin interview to comment on. Leave this story in house. Vick is washed up.

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