With Williams out, 49ers bring Chad Hall in


With Kyle Williams out for the year with a torn ACL, the 49ers are looking for cover at receiver and returner.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, the 49ers are going to sign former Eagles wideout/return man Chad Hall to the practice squad.

That could be a temporary assignment, as a punt returner would help, particularly after Ted Ginn injured his wrist and muffed a punt against the Saints.

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  1. I suppose it’s a nice signing for the practice squad…surprised they wouldn’t look at bringing back Rock Cartwright though.

    Also looking for either AJ Jenkins or LaMichael James to step up as well.

    Go Niners!

  2. This team is deep at all positions. If you notice, the article said PRACTICE SQUAD not active roster. Jenkins and LaMicael James are already on the active roster .. Hall will probably be activated to the 53 man roster in a few weeks after Kyle goes on IR… Baalke did his homework in the offseason , this was one of the reasons Jacobs/James were brought in b/c of the wear and tear on Gore/ Hunter..This offense will probably be more explosive.

  3. This move has no bearing on AJ Jenkins.

    AJ is part of the 53 and will be active this week.

    Hall is going to the PS in case he needs to come up for Ginn.

    All this means is that AJ and LMJ are not slated for KR duty, which is no surprise.

  4. jenkins and james are not punt returners…they are wide receiver and runningback.. im sure they would like to use james but if anyone remembers the preseasson. james was horrible at returning punts…he muffed like 5 in one game….seriously. jenkins is just not playing because now ginn will fill the williams spot on wide receiver. dont fret. this coaching staff knows what they are doing.

  5. Forget excitement on kick returns. The Niners need someone who can secure the ball safely. After last year’s playoff experience, there is nothing, repeat, nothing more important on special teams than ball security, and a guy who can safely make a fair catch is a much better option than a guy who is a threat to break a big one but puts a ball on the turf now and again.

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