Atlanta airport workers egg Saints bus

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If it’s not a rivalry, we’d hate to see what would happen if it were.

Via WWL-TV, multiple Saints players indicated via Twitter on Wednesday night that workers at the Atlanta airport egged the Saints buses after the team arrived from New Orleans for Thursday night’s game at the Georgia Dome.

A team source confirms that, indeed, eggs were hurled at the buses by workers at the airport.

It’s fitting that they chose eggs, given that the Saints are going for a dozen wins in their last 14 games against the Falcons.

122 responses to “Atlanta airport workers egg Saints bus

  1. Didn’t realize anyone in Atlanta cared that much about the Falcons or who they were playing…or maybe they thought it was the Alabama team bus…

  2. HA! I find that kinda funny (as long as no one was hurt and there was no serious damage)! Some of these pro atheletes these days are lucky they haven’t had worse than that tossed their ways by the many fans who pay thier salaries.

  3. I hope no one was hurt……….NOT
    I hope Drew Breasy is ok…… NOT
    NOT at all expected in a down Economy with all the hungry homeless people out there, these people should be fired….NOT. What a great read LMAO

  4. That’s kinda funny, and I like the Saints. Reminds me of the movie “The Replacements”. Let’s not get too overboard on this guys.

  5. Awesome, as a Bucs fan I’d love if they’d egg our bus as well. Maybe in turn we can teepee their dumb dome. Regardless it’s good to read about a stupid little rivalry prank that isn’t turned into a hate crime, at least not yet anyways.

  6. Speaking as a fan of another team that lives in Atlanta, I find this funny. This town is the most bandwagon-jumping collection of fair weather fans I’ve ever seen. Most people in Atlanta barely acknowledge that football is even played on Sundays — they’re all college fans.

    People meander around during the games — they are not riveted to their seats as they are at other NFL games that I’ve attended. Mostly they don’t find their way to the seats until well into the first quarter.

    I can’t wait to see Atlanta lose their first playoff game — just like everyone knows they will. They’ve won a lot of close games against very bad teams.

  7. Hilarious: that’s why we ruined their perfect season and about to give them their second loss! Everybody sit back and watch the Falcons lay eggs and flop in the playoff’s. Who Dat Nation!!!

  8. Childish, immature and criminal act (vandalism) by childish, immature and criminal workers at a childish, immature and criminal airport in a childish, immature and criminal ‘city’.

  9. Anyone who says anything like “Stay classy, Atlanta” is a COMMUNIST. Just watch what’s what Thursday night, comrade. 11-1

  10. As a Saints fan, I think this is sort of fun. So long as it doesn’t escalate to Raiders or Eagles fan levels of senseless violence, a little bit of rivalry doesn’t hurt.

  11. Every one of them should be fired for unprofessional behavior on duty! Guaranteed, they’re DL or DL contract employees.

  12. Lucky there were eggs and nothing worse. Hope they don’t turn this into another “victim” storyline for the NFL.

  13. But I thought bad stuff only happens in Philly? (Cue moronic media commentator bringing up booing Santa Claus)

  14. I would say the “stay classy” overused comment but as a Saints fan, this is just good, fun, and funny.

  15. Classless. The ATL fans are just as classless as their team. Not called the Dirty Birds for nothing. Time to man up Saints!

  16. If you can’t beat ’em, egg ’em. Stay classy ATL.

    How many times did Matty Poopstain miss the bus?

    Here’s to another 2 point performance in the playoffs for the dirty birds..

  17. Classy? Classy like a pay to injure program?

    Classy like cheating your way to a Super Bowl win and hiring a convicted felon to run a subterfuge campaign against your opponent?

    Classy like claiming you pissed on your rival team’s logo?

    Classy like using team facilities as your own personal Vicodin dispensary?

    That’s rich, the team from New Orleans, a urine and vomit soaked city in one of the most notoriously corrupt states in the Union calling us classless is beyond ironic. NOLA is the epitome of no class. Spend 5 minutes on Bourbon Street.

  18. Wow!..what a bunch of whiny little babies on this one..this is what rivalries are all about,lighten up.

  19. WWNO in New Orleans is also reporting that Saints fans themselves were also egged while walking from the plane to the terminal inside. If true, that’s going too far. Egging the team bus, funny, egging actual people just going to pick up their luggage at baggage claim, not funny.

  20. Heh, egged the Saints bus? At an airport? Will the Department of Homeland Security consider this an act of domestic terrorism? :0

  21. Funny how they are calling Atlanta fans classless, thus coming from a fan base who still thinks cheating is ok. That’s why your Superbowl will always be TAINTED

  22. Heard a rumor that a few of the Falcons players were also throwing eggs at the Saints bus. Matt Ryan’s eggs never hit the bus. They were all intercepted! HAHAHA! Geaux Saints!

  23. When did this 180 occur for the saints? Theyre “model citizens” but i could of swore just a few months ago they were trying to injure WRs and QBs…

  24. Class act Atlanta. It’s a shame that they allow sports to effect even their job. Hope you really love your team, because you’ll have plenty of time to root for them once you’re fired for such an idiotic act.

  25. Atlanta seems to be evolving from having a reputation of a fan base that is not very passionate to one disturbingly so with the infield fly disaster and now this. Now if they get this worked up about the Hawks, then I’ll be convinced.

  26. news flash bus from loserania arives to take the losers back to there dark place in H$LL move on loserania cheating aints

  27. Rumor has it that Fat Boys Turner and Smith cooked up omelets with the remaining eggs…

    Atlanta Failcant fans are so desperate and pathetic…they can’t win a SB, are jealous of the Saints and resort to such measures….really reflects well of your demographics….ghetto and redneck….

    What a bunch of losers….bet Ratty White ‘s mom through the first egg….Matt Ryan tried, but could not reach the us from 10 yards…

  28. Could those throwing the eggs have been disgruntled Saints fans embarrassed that their former favorite team had run a bounty program for several years….

    Just sayin’….

  29. In New Orleans they are used to having bullets rain down from the sky. This was probaly a nice change of pace for the Saints.

  30. Where is our Homeland Security drama in this terrible breach of airport security? If I have to fly out of ATL I don’t want to wind up with egg on my face. I don’t feel safe!

  31. Atlanta loves their sports. But there’s also a huge transplant population because of all the midwestern and northern folks that move down to ditch the weather. Especially after college. There’s a Bills bar, a Steelers bar, an Ohio State bar, a Michigan State bar and some of the obvious SEC bars. Atlanta has become a melting pot. As far as people in ATL being more rabid college football fans, well, duh. We’re in the South. If you’ve ever been to some of the high profile SEC home games it blows any NFL game anywhere put of the water hands down.

  32. So the lone Falcon fan works at the airport?

    I live in ATL … every NFL team is supported but the Falcons.

  33. It is a direct reflection on the mentality of the Atl. fans. Wonder why no big front page coverage of this event?? Oh thats right, they probably can’t read either.

  34. Talk about children. Guess they figure throwing eggs will bad luck the Saints to assure them a win. Yea – thats going to work. Overated dirty birds need new tatics.
    Hell the Saints should put a bounty on them in the game.

  35. Did you know …

    Under Georgia law, anyone who “shoots or throws an object at a conveyance which is being operated or which is occupied by passengers” commits a terroristic act.

    Just saying.

  36. Twisteditoff, you continue to be disgusting. So much hatred! Did someone of the opposite sex, or maybe of the same sex, from LOUISIANA, ( that’s how it’s spelled), jilt you? Couldn’t have anything to do with your nasty attitude, could it?

  37. Wow! I’m impressed they had enough money to buy eggs, ever been to that part of Atlanta ummm Ghetto!…… Then again I guess if you blow your money on crack the welfare and food stamps you live off of can get you eggs at the grocery store.
    Go Falcons! lol

  38. Well I guess that’s better than the Packers fans who like to moon the Vikings team bus when they’re in Lambeau.

  39. I’ve been a Saints Fan my whole life and I’m originally from New Orleans. So, I find a lot of these post offensive. Concerning the idiot that posted the statement concerning gun fire rainning down in New Orleans. I’m sorry I didn’t realize that Atlanta was voted the safest place in America to live. And, to the individual that found it amusing to post that he wasn’t concerned that no one was hurt, that shows what type of human being you are.

    Now concerning the game. I hope the fans of the dirty birds that were throwing eggs enjoyed themselves. And, if you feel the need to throw eggs after the game, I know where you can get a great big egg. You can find a big one on the carpet of your dome. Because; your team will lay a big egg on thrusday night. Because, we’re going to come to your house and do what we always do. We’re going to make you house our own. And, there’s not a thing you or your, wanna be great weak arm QB, overrated Defense, choke in the playoffs, no superbowl winning, team can do about it.
    But, I’m not angry. And, to prove it I would like to extend a invitation to all the Falcons fans. For, the superbowl when you come to visit you can look me up. I know some great sport bars we can watch the game in. You and your entire football team is invited sense they won’t be playing in the game.

  40. Love the hate towards New Orleans in this tread. If you hate it so, just stop coming on down here. We will continue to party hard, serve some of the best food this world has ever seen, the best fishing in the country, hand down, and just enjoy life like we always do. Sorry the place you come from has you so filled with hate. In fact, maybe you should come on down to NOLA. Possibly stop taking yourself and life so seriously all of the time.
    The egg throwing is funny as hell. Love a good rivalry and for Saints and Falcons fans, this is the only real rivalry we both have had for decades.

  41. As a Saints fan I think it’s hilarious. There’s nothing wrong with a little rivalry. Extra motivation to beat their behinds! But, I do now have to question how secure the Atlanta airport is, also was it really worth risking your jobs over? It could have waited till the bus got to the hotel.

  42. Dirty Bird !!!! I love it . As a ATL resident its nice to see us support a pro team . Normally it would be UGA-Bama 24/7 . What a great rivalry Saints/Birds has become . And we stole some of their equipment ? Awesome !!

  43. as a saints fan…I love it lol..add fuel 2 the rivalry….maybe thats what they needed to turn the ON switch due to a short practice week coming off a lost

  44. Let’s give those folks the benefit of the doubt. They are from Atlanta and they might have been just trying to show some hospitality to the Saints. Did anybody check to see if they also threw some grits and scrapple?

  45. My guess is the egg-throwers were products of the Atlanta public school system. I’m surprised they could read the word ” eggs” on the package.

  46. Since when do the terms “Atlanta” and “class” go hand and hand? Those terms are big-time oxymorons.

  47. hor2012 says:
    Nov 29, 2012 9:38 AM

    Now concerning the game. I hope the fans of the dirty birds that were throwing eggs enjoyed themselves. And, if you feel the need to throw eggs after the game, I know where you can get a great big egg. You can find a big one on the carpet of your dome. Because; your team will lay a big egg on thrusday night. Because, we’re going to come to your house and do what we always do. We’re going to make you house our own. And, there’s not a thing you or your, wanna be great weak arm QB, overrated Defense, choke in the playoffs, no superbowl winning, team can do about it.

    ————————————————————————————————————————————————How’d that work out for you?

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