Curtis Lofton: Saints don’t see Falcons as rivals


After the Saints beat the Falcons a couple of weeks ago, there were a lot of chatter from both sides.

The Saints were upset by the way the Falcons were “classless” before the game and talked about the Falcons as their “little brothers” who have come up short of victory in 11 of the last 13 meetings between the teams. Falcons wide receiver Roddy White, meanwhile, found it impossible to credit the Saints with doing much of anything to get the victory. These are recognizable beats from some of the more heated rivalries.

So is the fact that the Saints claim not to view their relationship with the Falcons as a rivalry at all. Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton, who was on the Falcons until signing with the Saints this offseason, explains the difference between the two sides.

“Being here in this program, I feel like they see it as a divisional game, not a rivalry game,” Lofton said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Whatever you want to call it, there’s definitely some bad feelings between the two teams. That has made for some good games in recent years and sets the table for another good one in Atlanta on Thursday night. As long as those continue and the two teams remain in close competition in the NFC South, the semantics don’t really matter much at all.

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  1. Some teams, due to their reputations as bad organizations, will never get any respect until they are actually holding the Lombardi Trophy. Unlike teams like the Eagles, who before this year anyway seem to be considered around the league as an elite franchise despite never winning anything, these teams get little or no credit for consistent winning in the regular season.

    That used to be the case with teams like the Saints and the Colts and 20 years ago with the Broncos. And it’s like that now with the Falcons.

    They can pile up all of the regular season wins they want. No one will ever view them as an elite franchise until they win a Super Bowl.

  2. As a 49er fan living in Atlanta, I have to watch the Falcons week in and week out. Curtis Lofton was a great linebacker for the Falcons and I can definitely see why the Saints would want him.

    Rivalry/ Divisional chatter aside, I think the Saints win this game. The Falcons have had way too many miracles on their way to 9-1 and they can’t keep winning with Turner being as washed up as he is.

    And ever since Hurricane Katrina, there are a LOT of New Orleans people who permanently live in Atlanta now and their huge Saints fans. When I went to the last game against the Saints, you’d have thought it was a home game for them.

    Saints play better in the Dome, and I think they’ll win this.

    (Falcons are still good though. Top 5)

  3. Yea Curtis it’s not a rivalry, it’s just a division game. It can’t really be a rivalry when one of the teams is at the bottom of the division right?

  4. The two mentioned teams are not in ‘close competition’ this year. The Falcons (10-1) are 5 games up on the Saints (5-6) with 5 to play.

  5. kane337 says:
    Nov 28, 2012 11:00 AM
    Yea Curtis it’s not a rivalry, it’s just a division game. It can’t really be a rivalry when one of the teams is at the bottom of the division right?
    No it can’t really be a rivalry when one team loses 11 of the last 13 games.

  6. Curtis Lofton did a great job for the Atlanta Falcons. I enjoyed watching him play. I agree with his assessment of the situation.

    I have often been amused about the supposed rivalry between the Saints and Falcons. I personally don’t know of any Falcon fan in the past or present who has seriously considered this anything other than another division game on the schedule.

    Back before we had the Bucaneers or Panthers, Atlanta and New Orleans were the only two southern NFC teams. It was the sports news media then and now who hyped these games as a southern rivalry, not the fans or players.

  7. FWIW…

    Atlanta leads the head to head competition between the two teams with 45 regular season wins compared to 41 losses.

    As to playoffs, Atlanta has the upper edge there in head to head competition.

    So for any Saint player to say that they don’t consider the Falcons rivals is amusing – as they have a losing record against the Falcons – regular season and playoffs…

  8. Been a Saints fan die hard since 1981. Grew up in between the two cities. IMO, this has always been the least publicized rivalries in NFL history. Go to a game in either stadium and it is ALWAYS a big deal. Not saying it is the biggest one in the NFL, they would both have to be semi-winning teams to match up to some of the others, but these two teams have ALWAYS hated each other. If you disagree, I am willing to bet you don’t follow either team closely as well.

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