David Wilson looking forward to chance to prove himself


After an early fumble, the Giants had to learn to trust David Wilson.

Now, they don’t have much choice in the matter.

The rookie running back will have a much bigger role because of Andre Brown’s broken leg, and that’s changed things for him.

“The other weeks you come in hoping and wishing you get your opportunity,” Wilson said, via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPNNewYork.com. “And now you know this week, you will.”

Since fumbling on his second pro carry, Wilson has been a bit player, with just 24 carries this season. Coaches have preached to him that he had to improve at pass protection and reading defenses as well, but his first priority has to be hanging onto the ball.

“It’s his time,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. “The timing as far as where he’s coming from couldn’t be any better. It is a great opportunity for him, and I think for our team as well, in terms of what could develop here for David.”

He’s shown flashes as a return man, but the early fumble and the success of the back drafted one spot ahead of him (Tampa Bay’s Doug Martin) makes it easy to declare his first season a disappointment.

But Monday in Washington, he’ll have a chance to change his own story.

10 responses to “David Wilson looking forward to chance to prove himself

  1. wilson should of already had a chance.. if a banged up bradshaw and a walkon like brown came do what they do behind that o-line imagine what a guy who reminds of me eagles McCoy would do. i been waitin for him to get an opp… but that opening day fumble seemed to be the biggest fumble of anyones 1st game ever for some reason

  2. Bradshaw had about the same role at this point in his rookie season (granted as a 7th round pick), but he made his name by contributing in the last few regular season games an in the playoffs. Wilson looks to have a similar chance. If he can contribute now, few will look back at the season as a disappointment.

  3. Agreed. This is getting on my nerves. He’s only fumbled once, but Bradshaw has coughed the ball up several times and no one writes about that. Coughlin, the coaching staff and the media needs to stop their assault on this young man. A rookie who fumbled. Who’s ever heard of such a thing? GEESH!

  4. Wilson is getting a bum rap, as he’s not been given a chance to redeem himself. One fumble doesn’t warrant all the flak he’s been given.

  5. I trust in Reese and Tommy. They know what they are doing, walk on or not, management found him and have Brown at the right time in his career. If they have reservations about Wilson, I trust the reasoning.

  6. It is not the fumble that is the issue. He also has not shown the ability to correctly pass block, pick up blitz and perform the other tasks that are asked of RBs. The fumble, especially at this point in the season have very little to do with why Brown jumped so far in front of Wilson.

  7. Andre Brown wasn’t a walk on folks. He was the Giants 4th round pick in 2009. The only reason he was signed as a free agent is because he tore his achillies his rookie year. Denver picked him up then cut him. He didn’t have “it” back really until this year.

    The guy could always play when healthy. He was really good at NC State.

  8. I am disappointed he hasnt had more of a chance but let’s face it – this is the Giants Modus of Operation. Just as Bradshaw came on late in his first year to lead us to a Superbowl with fresh legs, now Wilson will have the chance to be the kiss of death for tired defenses down the stretch.
    Oh and I can’t wait, cause he’s on my fantasy team too.

  9. He doesn’t remind me of Shady McCoy at all, more Darren Sproles, but bigger and more of a burst. (not Sproles pass catching ability though)

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