Fisher the latest coach to say Justin Smith a little handsy

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If Jim Harbaugh needs a break from obfuscating about quarterbacks today, maybe he’ll call Jeff Fisher “outrageous,” “irrational” and “absurd.”

Fisher, like Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride earlier this year, said 49ers defensive end Justin Smith does a great job of using his hands.

“The one that’s most effective is the grab game, it’s been in the game forever,” Fisher said when asked about the stunts Justin and Aldon Smith run. “And Justin does a great job of it, a really good job of it.”

Gilbride put it more strongly, saying Justin Smith “gets away with murder,” causing Harbaugh to fire back in no uncertain terms, saying the Giants assistant was trying to influence officials.

But Fisher was careful to say he wasn’t implying that Smith was holding.

“I’m not implying, I’m just stating facts,” Fisher said. “And I’m not complaining. Everybody does it, and Justin does a great job of it. As long as his feet are moving toward the quarterback, it won’t get called. It’s a legal act.”

Clearly, it’s a diabolical ploy by Fisher, to distract Harbaugh from fooling us about which quarterback he intends to play.

15 responses to “Fisher the latest coach to say Justin Smith a little handsy

  1. Justin Smith canno’t be stopped without being held, grabbed or choked period !
    It’s only normal opposing coaches are trying to get the ref to focus on the wrong guy in the battle to help their guys out.

    Bowling ball bull rush FTW !

  2. At least Fisher is stating facts and not calling Smith a cheater.All he’s doing is complementing his skills.

  3. Of course, Fisher is right and he’s a smart guy, but if you’ve been watching Aldon Smith this season, you know that a lot of his sacks have really been all his. He’s bull-rushed guys, he’s juked guys and he’s used his own hands to swim past guys quite a few times. The guy is phenomenal and the Niners were brilliant to draft him.

  4. As a Ram’s fan I was stunned to see how good our O-line was at keeping those guys in check a few weeks ago. With that being said they better be on their A-game especially when Aldon lines up opposite of Barry Richardson

  5. Sounds to me like Justin Smith is a Jeff Fischer kind of player, and Fischer is praising the guy as a beast.

    The guy is an animal, and lets face it, the 9ers have put together one of the fastest and most physical defenses I have seen in a long time.

    Everyone on the defense can run, and everyone can tackle.

  6. Yeah that’s actually quite a bit different from what gilbride said.. Gilbride said it with full intention of causing a stir. Fish was deliberate in saying it was a legal act and he does a great job.. he has a point in that Smith always has his feet going towards the QB… its not like he is just bearhugging them and pulling them away

  7. Good point right above me. As a 49ers fan, I haven’t really thought about that. We don’t have any Vince Wilfork types out there lumbering around.

  8. Number one, Justin Smith is a freaking monster — he was with the Bengals and with Mizzou prior to that. The ‘Niners hit the jackpot in signing him as a Free Agent.

    As for the technique of Justin Smith “occupying” a blocker by use of grabby hand-techniques — it’s true. The eye in the sky don’t lie. It’s clearly been coached.

    And whether it’s cheating or just gamesmanship is in the eye of the beholder and their tolerance for what is going on.

    If it’s viewed as pushing the envelope that the ‘Niners are doing, and quite successfully — then one could argue they deserve some credit for creating a competitive advantage. But if it’s viewed as a more nefarious to skirt the rules – it’s might be viewed in a different light.

    But either way, one thing is certain: it most definitely is highly effective. Very very very effective.

  9. lionsdraftguy says:
    Nov 28, 2012 1:10 PM
    The whole niners team is dirty and unclassy, so no surprise here.


    Imagine that. Both characteristics you mentioned happen to be the epitomy of Lions football and it stems from your coach.

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