Gruden, Browns deny University of Tennessee report


The report that new Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is offering an ownership stake in the Browns to Jon Gruden if Gruden will coach Haslam’s alma mater, the University of Tennessee, has been denied by both men.

Asked on Mike and Mike in the Morning if there is any truth to the report, Gruden answered, “No, there isn’t.”

The Browns, meanwhile, released a statement also denying the report.

“Jimmy Haslam has no involvement in the University of Tennessee head coaching search, and the report that Jon Gruden would potentially have an ownership stake in the Browns is completely erroneous,” the statement said.

Gruden says his interest remains doing the job he’s doing, as ESPN’s Monday Night Football commentator.

“I’m just excited about Monday Night Football,” Gruden said. “I like what I’m doing. I’m just trying to hang on to the job that I have.”

Even so, the talk that Gruden could bolt for a job on a sideline is sure to continue.

24 responses to “Gruden, Browns deny University of Tennessee report

  1. Gruden does this every year. He lets the rumors swirl around, and parlays it into yet another contract extension with ESPN.

  2. Haslam should be offering him an ownership stake of the Browns to coach the Browns. That’s what Browns fans want. What is he doing trying to get him to Tennessee? So far not a good start for the Steeler fan/part Steeler owner/trojan horse.

  3. Gruden is a lot like J. Fisher; Overrated. He has a .556 winning percentage, thats a hair above average. And in his 9 years as a HC, as an offensive genius to boot, name 1 QB he drafted & developed.

  4. Man that 8 hour silence was sure deafening. He probably wasn’t sleeping, let’s speculate that he “will probably” take a coaching job.

  5. The grass is always greener… syndrome.

    Chucky was simply a ‘decent’ .500 NFL HC, with one championship.

    I guess it’s very nice to be ‘wanted’, but I’m struggling to see why all this mega hype is surrounding him now. Maybe he’s the ‘best’ available.

  6. I don’t understand who would have this kind of info and feel the need to talk about it?

    It’s not like Haslem is running around telling people Gruden will be the new owner if he just coaches Tennesee….and Tennesee wouldn’t say anything because jumping the gun on the guy doing the giving makes little to no sense…and Gruden wouldn’t do it because why risk such a financial opportunity for his family for a miniscule in comparison job with ESPN…so who did one of those 3 so massively unecessarily tell this info to?

    This story has looked and felt ridiculous from the drop.

  7. It’s a good rumor for Tennessee. Potential coaches now know that they will have a connection to an NFL team if they choose to work there.

  8. It’s true Gruden peaked a long time ago, he might come back to coach but really, what’s his track record after that Tony Dungy/Tampa Super Bowl victory?

  9. Seems kinda weird that Haslam is tossing Grudens name into the wind useing Tennessee as a spot. when his team “Browns ” needs a headcoach. maybe thats just what he’s doing ,tossing grudens name out there seeing what fans think before he hires him as the next browns head coach

  10. What people forget is that Tampa traded two first round pics and two second round pics to Oakland for him. With no high pics on an aging team what was he supposed to do? They peaked for the super bowl season and won it all. Then with no pics, aging players, and free agency ravaging the team the quality of play went down. None of it was his fault. He got screwed in Tampa and his personal stats suffered. He is a hell of a coach and I would take him for my team immediately.

  11. If this story has “an once” of truth to it, Browns fans need to question Haslam’s priorities…

    You mean Haslam is more worried about finding a HC for the Tennessee Vols than his is the Browns???

    …that is crazy !

    The Browns have become nothing more than “a toy” for the rich to play with, never making a serious commitment to developing the team into a winner.

    Browns owners never finish anything…why should Haslam be any different.

  12. Gruden on MNF praises everything and everybody. I’d rather listen to someone with an informed opinion be a little more critical while explaining the details of the coverages, blocking schemes, routes, etc. Inform us, engage us – don’t bore us with “this guy is the best.”

  13. While I certainly don’t assume John Gruden to be the greatest head coaching prospect out there this coming offseason, there are some things to consider:

    Some people give him no credit for his Super Bowl winning season in Tampa, saying he did it with Tony Dungy’s team……OK, fine. But he beat the Oakland Raiders-the team that HE (Gruden) built, readied, & got into championship shape. You can’t have it both ways-either Gruden deserves credit for the Super Bowl winning Tampa team, or for defeating his “own” Raiders that he built & readied.

    Gruden took a slightly above average journeyman QB in Rich Gannon, & polished him into a Pro Bowl-er & MVP. Comparitively, Gannon did very little before Gruden’s influence, & couldn’t even hold on to a starting job on several different teams with no clear, obvious starter (Vikings, Redskins, Chiefs)

    If you’ll remember, much was made about Gruden’s preparation of his Tampa defense for the Super Bowl, because he so intimately knew Gannon’s tendancies, strengths, & weaknesses.

    Additionally, Gruden got the best out of Brad Johnson. Johnson (admittedly benefitting from a good defense & running game) was his QB at Tampa. Johnson also had a decent defense & running game in starting jobs for the Redskins & Vikings (plus a few games in relief for the Cowboys), & never did much of anything for those teams.

    Personally, I’d be happy to give Gruden a try for my lowly but beloved Chiefs although I’ve always considered Gruden more of “rah-rah” kind of guy, like Pete Carroll-perhaps more suitable for college, not the NFL.

  14. That offer sounds like a potential NCAA violation anyway.

    Then again, Gruden isn’t a player, so the NCAA is probably just fine with him making however much money he can from whoever.

  15. Let’s also throw Mike Holmgren’s name into the mix. since he left Cleveland, what’s he going to do? Change jobs with Chucky for a yr or 2, then see what opens up.

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