Jags boxed out Bills, ‘Skins for Babin


The Jaguars, with the No. 2 spot on the waiver priority list, had dibs on defensive end Jason Babin over every team but the Chiefs.

But having dibs is one thing.  Using them is another.  As it turns out, the Jags used their dibs over only two other teams.

Per multiple reports, the Bills and Redskins also made a waivers claim for Babin.  Those reports contradict another report that the Browns, Chargers, Raiders, and Dolphins “tried to get” Babin.

The Bills will nevertheless get a look at Babin.  He’ll be heading with the Jaguars to Buffalo for Sunday’s game.

15 responses to “Jags boxed out Bills, ‘Skins for Babin

  1. No offense intended towards the Jaguars but I have not clue what they are trying to do.

    The Jaguars are out of the hunt this season, most likely will be the next, and in 2014 Babin will probably be to old to contribute. He’s a speed-rusher, wide 9 specialist.

    Once you hit 35 in the NFL your “speed” days are over.

    I have no idea what is going through Gene Smith’s mind.

  2. He’s scared of the stat sheet and is the worst DE against the run in FB. Last year he had 18 sacks, but 25 total tackles.. he’s a one trick pony and left the one system that worked well for him

  3. It is just a ploy to sell more tickets by the Khan Man. They get a much needed win over a pathetic division foe in the Titans, and sign Babin to but put more buns in seats that aren’t covered by tarps.

    If I were Babin, I would be depressed. Sure you are getting paid, but for what? To go maybe 4-12 at best?

    Have fun playing out the rest of your limited career in JAX, make the most out of those London trips once a year.

  4. Babin probably has lost all his enthusiasm for football. The Dream team became a nightmare and then he gets picked up by an even bigger nightmare of a team.

  5. As if the Bills d-line wasn’t over-paid and under-performing enough already. I can’t wait to see how many dollars they paid per sack at the end of the season.

  6. I do not wish for players to falter, or get hurt for that matter, but when it comes to Jason Babin I am glad that he’s returned to his rightful place in the NFL as an average player.

    I got sick watching him and Trent Cole utilize the ‘wide-nine’ scheme because it completely took their two defensive ends (Babin, Trent Cole) out of the play if it was a run.

    I didn’t understand how a team could allow that scheme to continue for as long as it did knowing how damaging it was to their defense. I know Babin and Cole didn’t care, the system set them up for a career year but like usual wins were not a part of the formula.

    Babin needs to shed being a ‘pure pass-rusher’ and instead accept being a well-rounded defensive end.

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