Kromer emerges as Boston College candidate


Boston College is looking for a new head coach.  And the man who served as the interim to the interim head coach in New Orleans earlier this year will be getting a closer look for the job.

Per a league source, B.C. athletic director Brad Bates will interview Saints offensive line coach/running game coordinator Aaron Kromer for the vacant position in the days after the Saints’ Thursday night game against the Falcons.

If offered the job, Kromer will have a dilemma.  He’s regarded as a potential candidate for the various openings that will be emerging in the NFL.  So he’ll have to decide, if offered the job, whether to grab the bird in the hand or wait for an NFL opportunity to emerge from the bush.

Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael’s name previously emerged as a potential candidate for the Boston College vacancy.  It’s unknown if or when he’ll be formally interviewed.

Bates and Kromer have a common connection to Miami (Ohio).  Bates spent 10 years as athletic director at the school; Kromer worked as an assistant coach there from 1990 through 1998 and played for the MAC program from 1986 through 1989.

10 responses to “Kromer emerges as Boston College candidate

  1. His 6 game stint with the Saints was garbage .. I wouldnt let this guy coach my sons youth team….

  2. Strange thing about football fans, they like to consider themselves experts and they only go by the wins and losses much like when you ask most fans their all time favorite players the vast majority will pick the players with the best statistics. It’s much like anything else in life, you cannot judge by just a bottom line because there is so much more to it than that-I think Kromer will do well as a college coach.

  3. sterling7: That’s an interesting post, obviously you do not understand the business of professional sports or college sports for that matter.

    In the NFL and every other sport for that matter, you do not go by anything else when evaluating coaches and players but wins/losses.

    Dan Marino and Jim Kelly were outstanding quarterbacks but when they are talked about nowadays it’s usually followed up with, ‘but he never won a Super Bowl.’

    Tom Brady isn’t highly respected because he’s a nice guy or because he is on the cover of GQ magazine, it’s because he wins football games and puts up big numbers.

    At the end of every NFL season what trophies are given out? The MVP which is designated to the player who put up staggering numbers while also factoring his teams’ success and the Super Bowl which goes to the team who wins the last game of the year.

    So much for your it’s not about wins and losses. T

  4. Considering that BC’s last head coach was a 62 year old, mediocre defensive coordinator who was NEVER a head coach before this guy seems pretty good in comparison.

  5. Football is not only by wins/losses folks..the majority of the time it’s about previous relationships with other coaches who have worked together in the past.

  6. Wow I am so impressed with how well he coached the Saints during his stretch there, and then the guy that came in and replaced him… what a mirror image of records!! Definitely hire Kromer for you team!!!

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