Mora gets into it with reporter


We like Jim Mora.  Both Jim Moras, actually.  Our favorite is Jim the son.

Yes, he’s got a little bit of a mean streak.  Most football coaches do.  But he’s also passionate, and it comes through from time to time when he’s talking to the media.

Mora also doesn’t have a very thick filter, which sometimes creates good quotes for the media to highlight and dissect.

It happened again on Monday, when Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers grilled Mora over whether a UCLA loss to Stanford on Saturday was deliberate.

The argument is that, by losing to Stanford, UCLA ensured facing Stanford and not Oregon in the Pac-12 title game.

Mora took offense to the suggestion that he tanked against Stanford and Simers kept at it and it’s worth a listen.

The confrontation comes less than a week after Mora told Dan Patrick that the UCLA coach doesn’t “give a rat’s ass” about USC, with Mora then bristling about the manner in which the comment was characterized and repeated.

And before you complain that “this isn’t about pro football” in the comment, it is.  Mora has coached the Falcons and Seahawks, and there’s a chance he’ll be back in the NFL again in the future.

For our own selfish reasons, we hope it happens sooner rather than later.

12 responses to “Mora gets into it with reporter

  1. Mora’s THE MAN and I’m a USC fan.

    Simers is an @ss#ole. I hope Mora punched him out at the same time.

    An Patrick was an idiot and deserved to be gutted. All Patrick wanted to do was ask Mora about USC players. Mora should have went off on Patrick even more, “Dan, I don’t know if you know this but I’m the Head Coach of UCLA and if you want to ask me about our win against USC or ask me about any of MY players I’d be happy to discuss that with you.”

    Patrick was an idiot for not realizing he should’ve been asking Mora questions about UCLA NOT USC.

    I may be a USC fan, but I’ve got a helluva lot of respect for Mora after hearing him on Patrick and reading him in Simer’s column. Good for him.

  2. I’m all for talking college football, especially during all this realignment happening.

    But, “Mora has coached the Falcons and Seahawks, and there’s a chance he’ll be back in the NFL again in the future.” is a pretty thin argument.

    No wonder you’re not a lawyer anymore.

  3. Sorry but its still not about the NFL in the least bit. Couldn’t you find another stupid story about Tebow, Jason Garrett, Adderall, or Bountygate?

  4. I want Jim Mora Sr back as an NFL coach. He’s the one I miss. Jeez, he was great fun to watch on The Jim Mora Show down in New Orleans back in the day. Talk about nailing ignorant reporters to the wall with their lack of football knowledge and insight. Mora Sr. was icing on the New Orleans cake!

  5. I’m also a USC fan, but I’ve gained respect for Mora this year. His team plays hard for him, and they outplayed USC in the Rose Bowl.

    And TJ Simers is a complete idiot. He is so annoying, he tries to create news rather than report it, and purposely antagonizes and arguably harasses his interview subjects. I hope someone goes Jim Everett on him.

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