Namath still believes in Sanchez, thinks Tebow should move on


No matter how bad it gets for Mark Sanchez, he’ll always have Joe Namath.

The Jets only championship quarterback said Tuesday that the current passer has a chance to join him in that club, if the team would help him.

I believe Mark Sanchez can be a championship quarterback as long as he has the right supporting cast, yes I do,” Joe Namath told Newsday’s Bob Glauber. “He hasn’t shown me enough yet to give up on him. To say he can’t? Excuse me, he’s just finishing his fourth year. Who’s to say he can’t get better? He sure as hell works hard enough.

“I’m not a person to say this man can’t do it. I like him. I think he can. It takes Lady Luck to be on your side, but yes, I think he can do it.”

That said, Namath said he was disappointed Sanchez hadn’t improved this year (though that could easily be explained by his circumstances).

“I believe in his courage and in his work ethic,” Namath said of Sanchez, “but the only thing I’ve been disappointed with throughout the season is that he’s missed several open receivers.

“I love his heart, he’s going to keep trying, and he doesn’t bad-mouth the other guys. But he needs to be more on target with his passes.”

Namath also holds firm that the Jets could help Sanchez by finding a new home for Tim Tebow, for whom he does not share the same high regard. Asked if Tebow should return next season, Namath replied: “No. What position are you going to play him at?”

Asked if he should be in uniform Sunday, considering his two cracked ribs, Namath was equally clear.

“It’s a no-brainer,” said Namath. “With two broken ribs, and he’s not a gifted passer to begin with and running the ball is his forte, you’re telling me he’s going to be the active quarterback? This isn’t complicated, but they’re making it more complicated.”

That’s perhaps been the Jets greatest skill, since the days Namath was playing.

22 responses to “Namath still believes in Sanchez, thinks Tebow should move on

  1. He’s getting to be like the old guy in the corner who can’t keep his opinion to himself and with every blathering statement, has fewer and fewer people listening.

  2. Strug-a-lin in the AFC. No opportunity for Tebow. Fireman cheerleader quits. Fans BOO. Coach on the hot seat. Frustrated owner. Better team in the same stadium. Attendance down.
    Shut up Joe Willie.

  3. Namath sounds more senile by the week. Last week he ripped Sanchez saying he has not improved and isnt good. Now he’s a “championship caliber quarterback” just a week later? There have been plenty of QBs in this league with bad supporting casts who have at least shown flashes of top tier talent – see Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, even Ryan Tannehill for god sakes. Sanchez is just an accident waiting to happen. He does not provide enough in the passing game to make up for his consistent bonehead mistakes. If the defense or special teams has a bad day, he is not good enough to make up for them. He has ZERO pocket awareness. Roethlisberger has played with a makeshift O line for years now and shows how by having awareness and good feet, you can extend and make plays. Sanchez just stands there and either gets sacked or flips it to the other team. What’s even harder to figure out is how Sanchez has 10 carries for 12 yards this year. Coming out of USC he was supposed to be a stud athlete who could scramble and pass. He has completely looked unathletic and has added nothing to the running game. After starting for 4 years straight with both good and bad teams, the end result is clear: he is not a franchise QB; he is average. We need to get better at the most important position. Period.

  4. Tebow is terrible and every diluted fan base that follows him seems to be drinking from the same kool aid.

  5. The only way the Jets could get any worse – is if they made Joe Namath President of Football Operations.

  6. “I believe Mark Sanchez can be a championship quarterback.”

    “I’ve been disappointed with throughout the season that he’s missed several open receivers.”

    Those 2 statements usually don’t go well together.

  7. obviously jets dont watch the rest of nfl. if they did they would realize Sanchez is pathetic n chicken. sliding up a rite guards but. not only does he run out of bounds he slides out of bounds 2 most cowardly plays ive seen exept for flinch. yea Tebow is terrible its why he beat jets n pitt and has a statue. while sanchez has exuses

  8. “I believe Mark Sanchez can be a championship quarterback as long as he has the right supporting cast, yes I do,”

    The only time “Sanchez” has been successful was when they had an elite defense holding teams to 15 ppg and a great run game. Sanchez was just an accent piece to those teams.

    If you give 90% of the Qbs in this leage an amazing D and great running game, they too can be “championship level qbs”. The problem is that most teams dont have an elite defense and running game so the QBs get most of the burden. Thats where the men seperate themselves from the boys… And its pretty clear that Sanchez is just a boy.

  9. Who gives a crap about what Namath or any other former player has to say. If you want your opinion to “mean something” go be an analyst. Espn has 457 nfl analysts I’m sure they’ll take him

  10. “I believe in his courage and in his work ethic,” Namath said of Sanchez……
    For a sample of Sanchez’ courage, watch the film clip from last season when he lined up as a receiver and Drayton Florence made him jump like a cat. It’s laugh out loud funny.

  11. Does anyone know if Joe’s on the jug again? it sounds like he might be sippin again if he thinks Sanchez is a championship type QB. It’s that or someone in the front office has paid him to pass some goodwill Sanchez’s way. Sanchez is best suited for a back-up QB at best.

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