NFL fines Ndamukong Suh $30,000

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The NFL has fined Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh $30,000 for his kick to the groin of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub on Thanksgiving.

The fine was confirmed by the NFL shortly after Suh made his first public comments about the incident, comments in which he insisted that he had nothing to apologize for because he hadn’t intentionally kicked Schaub and had only made contact because he was falling awkwardly after being dragged to the ground.

Apparently the NFL didn’t buy that explanation, although the NFL’s decision to discipline Suh at all raises a couple of questions.

For those who think Suh is telling the truth that it was an accident, the question is, Why should Suh be fined at all? After all, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said the league has no way of knowing what Suh’s intent was.

For those who think Suh meant to do it, the question is, Why wasn’t Suh suspended? This was his second consecutive Thanksgiving in which he was involved in a controversial incident with his foot striking an opposing player. Last year he was suspended two games for stomping on Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith. The NFL says it will deal particularly harshly with repeat offenders, and yet Suh is getting off with a much softer punishment than last year’s two-game suspension.

Ultimately, this punishment indicates that the league doesn’t want to give Suh the benefit of the doubt given his history but also can’t say for sure that Suh meant to do it.

53 responses to “NFL fines Ndamukong Suh $30,000

  1. Great, more contradictory behavior from the front office. The refs in that game should have gotten fined.

  2. Being that I’m a teacher, his one leg kick got him fined almost a year salary for me. Crazy they kind of dollars our athletes make. But in the long run, I guess he’ll be bankrupt before me.

  3. If the NFL can suspend players over arrests that don’t result in convictions why can’t they suspend a guy who makes it habit of accidentally footstomping ,legwhipping and kicking people in the groin?

  4. This is getting insane with the ineptitude of the league. Regardless of my feelings towards this player, if the league can’t figure out intent, they have no basis for a fine even as an after thought.

  5. There is no clear evidence that the kick was intentional, although it still seemed to be a little acrobatic on Suh’s part.

    I would have to say this play was brilliant but evil on his part. In broad daylight, no less.

  6. The level of ineptitude in the NFL office is amazing. There was only one way to be completely wrong on this one and they managed to do just that. It should have been an all or nothing deal. Either he meant to do it and he gets fined and suspended or he didn’t mean to do it and no discipline is warranted. They seem to be trying to placate both sides. They already said they could not determine intent yet they fined a player $30K. The only thing the NFL has done here is add to the skepticism for their decision-making process. I would expect the fine gets overturned on appeal based on what they have already said.

  7. Also good to know that a kick to the groin went up $10k this year. Robison of the Vikings was fined $20k last season. So a note to all players next year…it will cost you $40k if you kick someone in the junk.

  8. “comments in which he insisted that he had nothing to apologize for”
    ummm, somehow I missed the part where he “insisted”….very strategic choice of words. I’m sure that your sheep will follow.

  9. Another “pocket change” fine from the NFL. If you want this type of stuff to stop, sit’m down for a few weeks or start fining them game checks. Until then, it’s all a bunch of lip service.

  10. C’mon guys…the NFL is not a video game; it is made up of imperfect people. All they are saying is that when a player has a bad history, he is guilty until proven innocent. And in the case of Ndamukong Suh…he is never innocent.

  11. Maybe by not suspending him it’s like his “get out of jail free” card.

    Next time (because there will be a next time) they can throw the book at him and he and his backers cant complain that they are being too harsh on him and singling him out.

  12. I know Lions fans that are really shocked he didn’t get suspended. Not that it really matters because the Lions will be irrelevant for the rest of the year anyway, but he should have gotten suspended for three or four games.

  13. I agree, this doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t matter if his intent was to hit the nut sack or not. The INTENT is to KICK…anywhere. What if it was Schaub’s knees and he went on IR? Would they still say it’s worth just a fine?

  14. “For those who think Suh is telling the truth that it was an accident, the question is, Why should Suh be fined at all?”

    He is still responsible for his body, just as the players who get fined for helmet-to-helmet hits are.

  15. Yes Suzy we believe you, it was all an accident . Which is why you extended your leg after you saw it was close.
    Poor suzy the nfl is always picking on him, after all you were just getting up off the pile when that bad offensive lineman slid his arm under your foot. It’s not like you were stomping on him or anything, they just don’t understand your “style” of football.

  16. What the hell else is the NFL supposed to do? Everybody feels that this guy meant to do this, but nobody can say for sure. This puts the NFL in an awful spot. At the end of the day, Suh has lost the benefit of the doubt and should be punished, but from a pure practical standpoint, we all know a suspension would never hold up. At least this $30k fine might have some traction.

  17. The NFL is beginning to become a joke with these types of calls. Goodell, while having done a lot for the safety of the game, would be well served to keep his mouth shut until final decisions come out on fines and suspensions. This makes them look foolish, talking about not being able to determine intent and then fining him anyway.

    I’m not a Suh fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this seems ridiculous to me.

  18. Hope they’re also fining Watts for the direct head to head contact with Stafford, which was shown on instant replay and which this clueless crew of refs totally misssed.

  19. Were the officials fined or even reprimanded for blowing the call on Forsett’s run. I mean jeez there are only 7 of them on the field… Haven’t heard a peep about that.

    Who cares what Suh does, can we move on to another topic already…. Haven’t heard much about the 4 or so guy suspended in the last few day for failing drug tests, to me that’s more interesting than Suh or the Lions.

  20. beerbratscheese says:
    Nov 28, 2012 3:22 PM
    I know Lions fans that are really shocked he didn’t get suspended. Not that it really matters because the Lions will be irrelevant for the rest of the year anyway, but he should have gotten suspended for three or four games.

    Lion’s aren’t irrelevant. If they beat the any of the remaining teams on their schedule they will affect the playoff seeding.

  21. Not enough to make him change his dirty play. Suspend him for the rest of the season without pay. That might get his attention, but I doubt it.

  22. Ed Reed was initially suspended last week for a certain hit on an offensive player. The suspension was based on the presumption that Rees intended helmet to helmet contact. On appeal, Reed convinced the league (Merton Hanks) that the contact was not intentional. Thus, the suspension was lifted but Reed still got fined.

    Same situation here. Suh’s actions were subject to league discipline. Apparently it couldn’t say for sure Suh’s kick was intentional so the league levied a fine instead of a suspension.

    Entirely consistent sanctions by the league.

  23. Suh was a good little boy, right up until he arrived at University of Nebraska. Now what the hell did the Nebraska Blackshirts do to this once innocent child? Who’s to blame for this young man’s mean streak? Is it the Lions? What about little boy Suh’s family? Or did Nebraska turn this once docile man into a ferocious monster whose primal motivation each snap is to not only make a play, but to injure opponents, cultivate hate and treat his competitiors like victims. Maybe Dr. Phil can do something with him.

  24. Same guy that took how long to finally realize the stomp last year really was his fault after denying that for weeks. The guy is a jag….sorry. I’d be pulling crap too in frustration mode if I was supposed to be one of the top defensive players in the league and was basically the defensive version of Tony Mandarich to this point.

  25. I remember how last Thanksgiving he said something similar about how he was innocent and how he didn’t intentionally stomp on a player… New Thanksgiving tradition? Possibly watching Suh get in trouble for cheap shots only on Thanksgiving?

  26. Goodell only suspends New Orleans Saints players….They can be suspended for an entire year based on hearsay, but players like Suh is seen on live TV and gets a slap on the wrist…the league desperately needs a new commish…

  27. I don’t get all the hate for Suh, Last years fine and suspension was deserved but he has never hurt anybody. He has been fined for pushing Cutler down and tackling other Quarterbacks too hard ,but that’s why he was drafted so high. Let the man play football and when he plays dirty and tries to hurt someone on purpose fine him and suspend him.

  28. Wow, a decision that Suh’s biggest hater and his own mother would both disagree with. Nice job, NFL!

    If the argument is going to be we can’t guess his intent, then he shouldn’t be fined at all. But if it’s deemed to warrant a fine, how exactly does a repeat offender (he got suspended for two games just last year) escape without another suspension?

  29. It’s actually very clear. The NFL can’t prove intent so they can’t reasonably suspend him. However, his negligence is not open to debate (it happened, intentional or not) and given his track record, this is the fine he gets.

  30. If you can’t determine intent, you can’t fine…players are now paying the price for a nasty labor deal negotiations.

  31. A compromise is successful when everyone is unhappy.

    Can not prove intent but it sure did not look like an accident.

    This is coming from a life long Houston fan.

  32. Sometimes, it is very difficult to conclude anything about Roger Goodell except that the man is just not very smart. Seriously. After his comments yesterday, about being unable to determine whether Suh’s kick was intentional or not, it boggles the mind that he would go ahead and impose a punishment anyway. If they think the “kick” was intentional, that would justify a punishment (whether a fine, suspension, or whatever). But if you find that you cannot determine Suh’s intent, then punishing him for the conduct has zero justification.

    I couldn’t care less about Suh or whether he gets disciplined or not for this incident. But Goodell’s actions are, at times, inexplicably stupid for a man in his position.

  33. The NFL admits they can’t be sure of Suh’s intent but fine him $30,000?
    Look at the replay of Jared Allen’s “block” on a defenseless player that results in a season ending injury and a potentially career ending injury and they fine him $21,000 and no suspension ? … he left his feet to blindside a guy, I think his intent was pretty clear.

  34. Maybe after kicking the Lions in the nuts on Thanksgiving day, the NFL felt they were even.

    Suh has one penalty for the whole season(offsides), yet the media narrative is Suh is dirty. As closely as they watch him, don’t you think they’d catch some of this dirty play?

  35. All the people who wanted Suh suspended, remember this when a player on your team whips his leg out to either slow down a blocker, or stop a runner, and accidentally kicks them, that they too should be suspended. Players do this every single game, they throw out their legs, and other players get hit.

  36. Suh is still in college football mode. He need to learn the NFL (flag) football style. Give the man time.

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