Officially still a Raider, Rolando McClain says he’s done in Oakland

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Officially, Rolando McClain is still a member of the Oakland Raiders. But after he missed practice today for reasons that weren’t fully explained, McClain wrote on Facebook that he’s done in Oakland.

McClain later deleted his Facebook updates, but for a time on Wednesday afternoon he had posted messages including “Officially no longer an Oakland Raider!!” and “I’d like to be anywhere besides here.”

It is not correct for McClain to say that he is officially no longer a Raider — he hasn’t been placed on waivers, which is what the Raiders would have to do if they wanted to get rid of him. It is possible that someone on the Raiders’ coaching staff or in the front office told McClain they’re getting rid of him, although the team has made no public statements indicating such a move, and McClain’s agent Pat Dye told Mike Garafolo of USA Today, “I have not been notified of any change in his status.”

McClain has been a starter in Oakland since the Raiders took him with the eighth overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft. Off the field, McClain recently got some good news when gun charges were dropped against him. On the field, McClain’s poor play has been one of the reasons the Raiders have one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

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  1. I am very surprised that he hasn’t lived up to the potential he had coming out of Alabama. I know that college game ability isn’t the best indicator of pro success, but McClain seemed to be always a step faster than the offense & a bit stronger than the men trying to block him. He was the heart & soul of that National Championship team & singlehandedly shut down Tebow’s Florida offense in the SEC Championship, when Bama was a double digit underdog & no one thought they had a chance (I did though; I won $4k on that game, picking them to win outright). I was really hoping the Giants were going to trade up to get him or that he’d fall to them. Nevertheless, if he is in fact done, I would like to see the Giants take a flyer. The Giants have gotten career-best performances from Martellus Bennett this year & have career-high games played from Keith Rivers. I think in the right scenery, with the right coaches, McClain could still be a beast. Giants or Pats would be best, but if the Jets jump in like I expect, he might as well kiss his career good-bye.

  2. Good riddance! He may have luck in a 3-4 somewhere, but he was yet another terrible 1st round pick by the Raiders. Say what you want about Reggie, but does any other team have such a history with their #1’s?

    12 – Traded
    11 – Trades
    10 – McClain
    09 – DHB (Mediocre at best).
    08 – McFadden (one decent year – 0 healthy ones)
    07 – Jamarcus Russell
    06 – Michael Huff – Mediocre Safety/Corner
    05 – Fabian Washington
    04 – Robert Gallery
    03 – Nmandi (Ironically the lowest pick on this list!)
    02 – Phillip Buchanon/Napoleon Harris

    That is a decade of sadness and blown lottery picks!

  3. I thought this guy was going to be a stud. His off field issues show tremendous immaturity and that might have something to do with why he sucks on the field. Maybe he could be a decent player if he ever grows up.

  4. The team is doing the right thing, they may as well start cleaning house now. Seymour, Mitchell, Branch, Kelly, DMAC, every offensive lineman not playing LT or center, Ford, DHB, Pryor all my as well start putting their houses on the market. They are either not productive enough or not worth the headache they produce. They will not be on the roster next season, and this season is all but over.

  5. Like I said before,,,normal people in life have fired gunshots at others before right….right,,,,who/where/whats the problem Rolando ?

  6. I remember after this pick when Mayock was praising a “surprisingly” good pick for the raiders… Wouldn’t mind seeing him in Chicago learning the ropes behind urlacher, seeing as though T’eo had to go have an amazing top 5 kind of year, putting him way out of reach for Da Bears.

  7. Someone beat me to it but I was going to say pretty funny that he said this right after the 49ers resigned the LB they took in that years draft.

    The really ironic thing is that draft class was labeled as one of the best for the Raiders right after it happened. I think he’s similar Curry in that he suckered the Raiders in with good physical attributes but could never really live up to them; he’s dependent on having more talent around him.

    If he is gone he’ll be a good pickup some where if they have good players already in place.

  8. One of the biggest wastes of potential ever… Do you blame Oakland, or do you blame the Bonehead? Early indications were another Patrick Willis. Indications now would be he couldn’t even crack that roster as Larry Grant is a beast as well. Maybe a fresh start will do him good, but he needs to grow up too

  9. pacificamjr says: Nov 28, 2012 7:44 PM

    he really shot himself in the foot on this one…

    I see what you did there 😀

  10. Dallas should pick him up for relatively cheap, start him in the middle with Lee, next year, put Carter on the outside (if Spencer leaves) with Ware on the other side. Connor and Sims would continue to come off the bench. Carter played on the outside at UNC and is definitely fast enough to do it. Maybe the Cowboys choose to trade Ware to a “contender”, keep Spencer, save some money, and get another FA lineman on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.

  11. That Fabian Washngton pick was one pick ahead of Aaron Rodgers —-what a difference that could have made —you sure are correct JM I dont think anyone can match that abysmal draft record

  12. Cut him loose. A 4th round rookie absolutely outplayed him this year. On one of Green Ellis’ runs on Sunday, he missed blocking his gap and instead was tangled up with a lineman. He has no desire to be there? Then send him packing.

    While we’re at it, send Mike Mitchell packing too. Sick of hearing him whine about how he could start anywhere in the league, and how he felt like he was being held back before he started against the Saints. Free up the cash and spend money on people who want to play like Philip Wheeler.

  13. It’s amazing to see all of the people that want him on “their” team! Good football players generally play hard and well on any team, good or bad.

  14. How slow is this guy? Every time I’ve seen a highlight of him it looks like he’s running in quick sand.

  15. Jags-
    12 Blackmon- jury still out
    11 Gabbert- jury still out, tending bust
    10 Alualu- marginal
    09 Eugene Monroe- solid
    08 Derrick Harvey- bust
    07 Reggie Nelson- bust to marginal
    06 Marcedes Lewis- average
    05 Matt Jones- bust
    04 Reggie Williams- bust
    03 Leftwich- journeyman
    02 John Henderson- excellent player

  16. If its true thank god!! A.Curry and now R.Mclain gone!! I really like what the front office is doing, clean this team up and get some real football players in here, we’ll probably have a top 5 to 7 1st round pick to start the draft off, maybe we’ll just deactivated him for the rest of the season and try and trade him for a 5th round pick…we seem to have luck with that round lately and that’s probably all he’s really worth!! Go Raiders!!!

  17. Poor Raider fans, They touted McClain as the next PWilly. The jokes on them (again) The Niners just signed an extension with the next PWilly, chosen in the same draft in the 3rd round. NaVarro Bowman!

  18. “DHB is not “Mediocre at best”

    Watch a game.”

    I have watched all but 2 games since he has been drafted, I think you are correct.

    The 4th year pro, #7 pick in that draft, who currently is 68th in yards and tied for 104th in receptions? The one with a whopping 3 TD’s (while Palmer is 8th in passing yards)?

    “Mediocre at best” would be overrating the lad.


  19. It must say something about you as a person when a team that’s drowning on defense cuts you…. Maybe you should hit up Jamarcus for a shoulder to cry on…

    As stated on a earlier post:

    Ha, he says he’s looking forward to playing for a actual “team”… We say we look forward to replacing you with a actual “football player”…

    -Raider Nation

  20. You know there are a bunch of NFL prospects praying at draft time they don’t fall to the Raiders…

    Or the Browns, Titans, Jaguars, Chiefs and Bills for that matter

  21. Finally, a coach in Oakland can make ballsy moves without having to get berated by a senile owner. I hope this new era of the Raiders is rebuilt the proper way with football players who care about the game and not if their gym shorts are perfectly pressed for their 40 yard dash. McClain was another bust in a long line of them. There are 2 more on the team as well: DHB and McFadden. They are paid too much from the old CBA. They can go too. Let’s get cheap players with heart and aren’t on short term IR every season.

  22. Oakland Raider are very generous team. They will let your team score TDs and your Offense still can’t score a TD, don’t worry, their QB is known for throwing pick 6’s…oh yes, thanks for the draft pick..oh wait. You all still owe us 1 more..hahahaha..gotch ya!

  23. I remember thinking I wanted to the Steelers to take this guy in the first rd.

    But then I wondered if he ever had to really stack and shed blocks with Terrence Cody lined down in front of him at Alabubba.

    Jumping by all the comments from Raiduh fans, I’m glad Tomlin and Colbert didn’t get him or were in position to.

  24. see ya you bum. Have fun with your roomate jamarcus in a few years sipping some sizurp and listening to sweet home alabama in your blinged out double wide while pistol whipping fools. Has a Raider i’m glad to see this man leave the Nation.

  25. It’s a shame that he couldn’t live up to his potential in Oakland. He’s still very young, but unfortunately he was a lot more violent off of the field than he was on it.

  26. Anyone who thinks Slowando will do better anywhere else haven’t seen his performance in any of his NFL games. Reggie is cleaning house. Some of us long suffering Raider fans welcome the cleansing.

  27. Do you blame him? He went from the worst defensive coordinator ever last year to someone who’s actually worse, and from a real head coach last year to a moron in Dennis Allen. Good job Raiders, keep cutting players and telling yourself it’s all on them, not your incompentnt coaching staff.

  28. Slow + lazy + no heart

    Saw this one coming a mile away. He was really more a product of the system at Alabama. Totally overrated.

    Funny thing is the Giants supposedly really wanted him and had a major need at LB at the time. Their consolation prize … JPP.

    Goes to show that the draft is largely about luck.

  29. Like to see a 3-4 team like Pittsburgh pick him up. They have a need to get younger and no pressure on him. Could be a perfect fit. At the very least it adds depth to a thin line backing core.

  30. I live near where this guy grew up. He’s definitely has issues with anger and maturity.

    We played him in flag-football game at one of the local leagues during the lockout.

    He simply is an immature baby. Not only did he not see why form tackling (Note: obviously he was bigger faster and stronger than anyone on the field by a long way) in a flag league was cause to get a roughing flag. At one point he said some crazy stuff. He went on to let us know that he yells at whoever the -bleep- he wants and will… and I quote “I’ll Yell at coaches! refs! girls, grandmas and hell cripple kids too!”

    Then he proceeded to lose his mind on the field at his own teammates.

    The absolute best part of the day had to be when we beat his team. He grabbed his gear, didn’t shake hands, speak to his teammates then peeled out in the parking lot.

    Also, seeing him get schooled by a Div-II freshman offensive lineman who played for us that was half his size….was just great. I laugh every time I think about it.

    I figured you all enjoy this story. I certainly enjoyed participating in it.

  31. People act like McClain will suddenly become a good football player simply because he leaves the Raiders. That logic, or lack thereof, is flawed. McClain will continue to be slow, continue to read the wrong gaps, continue to play undisciplined, continue to be unable to cover, continue to be unable to get off blocks, and continue to have off the field troubles.

    The team was not the problem. The player was.

  32. Remember when rolando McClain and Aaron curry were the safest picks in their drafts? Guess mayock doesn’t know everything after all

  33. Releasing McClain, given his unsavory performance off the field, is addition by subtraction.

    Anthony Smith, Patrick Bates, Rolando McClain… will it ever end?

    On the plus side, Oakland will very likely have a high enough pick to warrant a shot at guys like Manti Te’O and Star Lotulelei.

    Gotta look for a plus somewhere; this season has been lost for a while now. Just hope Mark Davis shows more patience than he’s been hinting at lately.

  34. I’ve literally played basketball with this guy twice in the past week at the local 24 hour, he knew he’s been done in Oakland for a while now. dude can jam, but can’t play for the worst defense in the NFL, time to change sports

  35. This is why players from schools like Boise State surprise everyone (Doug Martin) while a high percentage of SEC players suck like Sookie on a double dose of X:

    Players from small schools are pushed to succeed academically. They’re surrounded by sub-par talent, so they have to play to their full potential. They tend to take coaching better and player harder, having not been told by everyone within earshot how “great” they are.

    The SEC ruins good players. They all think they are little Gods…when in reality they’re just on a overstuffed teams. When the talent on the OTHER team is equal to their’s–something an Alabama rarely sees–they fold like a bad hand.

    McClain lacks character, work ethic or accountability. In other words: he’s a prototype product of the SEC.

  36. Very slow, can’t cover, can’t tackle, always finds the wrong holes.

    You always knew when he was in on plays the offense always seemed to run the ball at him, and bam a big run would be busted for a touchdown.

    Now Tommy Kelly needs to be next on the chopping block.

  37. I actually work with Te’os cousin… he said Manti wants to play anywhere but oakland or Pittsburgh.. Oakland is understandable but I don’t get the Pittsburgh thing

  38. Let the purge begin, this defense has stunk for the last 10 years. Rolando is a bust, he is just to slow for the NFL, and he does not play with passion and was always out of position and gets engulfed by OT’s. What a wasted pick he was, glad to see him go. Kelly and old man Seymore are probably gone next year too. I doubt Mcfadden will be back either. A lot of dead wood on this defense. What a Charlie Brown year this has been UGGGGGGG. Good luck Reggie and Dennis, you’ve got a real mess to clean up.

  39. Wow you guys that bash the Raiders are funny, the guys who think that its the Raiders who make this lazy, criminal immature player who he is on the field, are just not very smart football minded people and for that matter never played a down at any level of the game going back to peewee football. Even if the rest of the team stinks a good football player will shine, his talent will show on tape. This guy got paid and doesn’t care how he plays. He never studies game tape and he doest practice hard which shows when he is jogging to make a play. I was hoping when we got Curry back that they would use him as a MLB and cut Mclain then, but I guess he was not healthy enough. I believe we realy do need to cut ties with alot of our players like Kelly and Seymour. I think id like to see Houston move inside and I like Bryant but maybe as a rotation guy and get a nice big NT and 2 edge Rushers. Then our Corners will look alot better. I like Huff at corner he makes plays on the ball, though he gets beat deep maybe play more cover 2

  40. He is done. Good riddance. He’s running his mouth now, trying to push to be waived it sounds like. I don’t know what the plan is, but read something elsewhere that makes it sound like the Raiders are worried about KC picking him up when they cut him. Very Al if so.

  41. if al was still alive, he would at the very least put him on a 4 game suspension w/o pay for conduct detrimental to the team, and then cut him.

  42. “bengalskuta82 says:Nov 28, 2012 9:37 PM
    thanks for the draft pick..oh wait. You all still owe us 1 more..hahahaha..gotch ya!”

    And how IS that 1st round draft pick working out? Dre WHO? You screwed the pooch on that one…more than likely you mess that next one as well.

  43. realfootballfan says: Nov 28, 2012 11:24 PM

    Do you blame him? He went from the worst defensive coordinator ever last year to someone who’s actually worse, and from a real head coach last year to a moron in Dennis Allen. Good job Raiders, keep cutting players and telling yourself it’s all on them, not your incompentnt coaching staff.
    There are a lot of good players on bad teams. McClain is getting paid to make his team better, and he’s not getting it done. He’s not completely useless, but he can’t play the pass, and he can’t get off blocks. If he has position he can usually make the tackle, but he’s a slow-twitch guy and rarely seems to know where the play is going. He might do alright playing inside in a 3-4, but he makes too much money to be a two down guy, and from the sound of it, his attitude sucks.
    As for the coaching staff, I’m not impressed with them, either, but if you want to work up a list of players they’ve cut that are tearing it up somewhere else. I’d like to see it.

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