Peyton Manning doesn’t get the Jamaal Charles criticism


Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles took some criticism this week for asking Peyton Manning for an autograph after the Broncos beat the Chiefs on Sunday. Manning thinks that criticism is misguided.

Manning told reporters today that he routinely signs items for other NFL players, some who collect autographs for themselves, some who want autographs as gifts for family members or friends, and some who are looking for items for charity auctions. Manning said he has never seen any problem with it.

“Players are constantly trading, you sign for teammates, that’s part of the deal,” Manning said. “That was blown way out of proportion.”

Manning also said that his father, Archie Manning, was always willing to take time to sign autographs when he was a player, and Peyton made a note of that.

“Growing up with a dad who got asked for a lot of autographs, I used to see it a lot after games,” Manning said. “After wins or after losses he took the time to sign and that makes an impression on a young kid.”

It clearly never crossed Manning’s mind when he was signing an autograph for Charles that anyone would have a problem with it.

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  1. Why should Peyton have a problem with other players asking him for an autograph or picture? Peyton is a bigger fan of Peyton than anyone else. What’s the harm?

  2. All the players do this. This is where a news station is trying to “make” news when it isnt there. I have no problem with a player waiting in a tunnel after a game to meet another player. Theyre all men. Its fine.

  3. Peyton is an icon. I would think many NFL players have huge respects for a player like Manning. I would think that being ask for an autograph would be one of the highest compliments a player can do for another.

    At the end of the day, these players are friends and Co Workers. As long as it doesn’t effect how they play on the field it shouldn’t matter, like if Jamal Charles ran over to the Broncos sideline during a timeout, and asked, that would be wrong. Who the hell cares what happens after a game.

  4. Maybe in the 1970’s it was possible to “hate” rival players over the course of your career, but even Peyton isn’t a Colt for life in today’s game. Most NFL players will be on another team 3 years from now, with the very players they are rivals with today. They exchange autographs and memorabilia, go to dinner with each other during the season and vacation in the offseason together.

  5. Peyton Manning admitted that he asked for Dan Marino’s autograph and a picture after his first game against the Dolphins.

    Guys do this all the time – it’s just an autograph/photo.
    I’d understand the anger if these guys did it in-game while they’re competing against each ohter.
    However, when the game is done, the competition is done, and there’s no harm in asking for an autograph.

  6. Peyton is a class act. No question about it. How cool is it to play against him and then get an autograph.
    Some people or just too tense.

  7. It’s funny that Chiefs fans get mad at your 2 best players. You do realize that you’re a QB away from being pretty competitive. I’d try to keep those two in town if I were you.

  8. I believe chief fans were angry after losing and they felt JC should’ve been upset after the loss, which I’m sure he was, but to get an autograph for maybe his kids, family and friends is a separate issue and all nfl players do the same thing after a game regardless of the outcome of it..folks really need to take a chill pill. JC didn’t do anything wrong.

  9. The entire Manning family are class acts. Archie and Eli would do the same thing. I think it is cute to ask each other for autographs and it really is no one else’s business but theirs. no one should judge. It is a nice thing to do.

  10. I also fail to realize, it’s not like Charles or Bowe were going to stop Manning during gametime, they all play offense…

  11. Its Peyton freakin’ Manning. Anybody who had an issue with this, especially considering the Chiefs were out of the playoffs since Week 4 really needs to learn some respect. Acting like Charles asked Carson Palmer for an autograph lol.

  12. I remember a few years ago the media and fans RIPPED Tashard Choice for getting an autograph from Mike Vick after a game. How come it’s not the same when Charles gets an autograph from Manning?

    /double standard

  13. I also am not a Peyton fan, I am an Eli fan. i was not happy with Peyton over the entire Tebow things as I am a long-term Broncos fan and a giant fan. however, I still think in this case Peyton did a class act, indicative of the classy family he came from.

  14. I really liked Manning’s comment and stance. I know it is big business and the the livelihood for these guys, but it is still a game. Charles plays strong for his team, big deal.

  15. sterilizecromartie,

    are you living under a rock or something? CHARLES was ripped for asking for mannings autograph. that’s what this whole thing is about..This is mannings response to the people who ripped him for getting the autograph.

    double standard? no, you’re just a little slower than most. Get a clue

  16. Anybody else think the Chiefs and their fans are embarrassing themselves this year on a too frequent basis??

  17. Been a huge PM fan since he came into the league. Been to a few games and out of all the players he took the most time to sign autographs which says a lot about his character because come game time he is the most important character on the field.

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