Report: Jon Gruden may meet with Tennessee Volunteers AD soon

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Jon Gruden’s denial isn’t ending the speculation that he could become the next head football coach at the University of Tennessee.

Within a couple hours of Gruden saying that he had not been offered an ownership stake in the Cleveland Browns in exchange for coaching Tennessee, Mike Freeman ‏of CBS reported that Gruden may meet with the Tennessee Volunteers’ athletic director later this week.

What Gruden specifically denied was a report that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, a Tennessee graduate whose brother is the governor of Tennessee, had offered Gruden a piece of the Browns. Gruden didn’t pull a Nick Saban and say “I’m not going to be the coach of Tennessee,” not that anyone believes any coach anymore after Saban infamously lied about taking the Alabama job.

The report about Haslam’s role in the Volunteers’ coaching search is farfetched for a number of reasons, including the fact that the NCAA wouldn’t allow a booster to give a coaching candidate part of his business, and the fact that Haslam is probably too busy considering his own football team’s future to worry about his alma mater’s next coach. But that doesn’t mean there’s no truth to the many reports that the University of Tennessee would like to lure Gruden.

However, if Gruden does leave the Monday Night Football booth to return to the sideline, most indications are that it would be an NFL sideline. Gruden’s name surfacing in the college coaching carousel is likely just an appetizer before the talk of Gruden returning to the NFL heats up.

31 responses to “Report: Jon Gruden may meet with Tennessee Volunteers AD soon

  1. Let me tell you something about this guy Mike. This guy Jon Gruden is one of the best offensive minds in the game of football today. He is an animal and the best in the league in breaking down film. He is a FOOTBALL coach. I know which ever team has Jon Gruden on their team will win a few championships.

  2. all of this talk is putting pressure on certain NFL teams (Chargers, Eagles, Browns) to hurry up and fire their head coach so they can start real discussions with potential candidates. Someone is getting fired next week.

  3. Please let this be true. I really ned for this guy to be as far away from the MNF broadcast as possible.

  4. I think it’s funny that other college faculty at most universities typically start at about 48k per year.

    But the university football folks are millionaires and reportedly getting partial NFL ownership offers in their contracts.

    This sounds about right.

  5. How easy is it to be a reporter now a days? This is so ridiculous….He MAY meet with the AD? He MAY is the basis for a breaking news story? Come on. I can play this game.

    Breaking news: He MIGHT NOT meet with the AD.

    Take that Freeman….now at the end of the week one of us WILL be right. And the wrong one? Eh….at we tried right?

  6. Gruden is a good FB coach, but wildly overrated because he’s in the spotlight all the time. Sure, he breaks down film well. So does Jaws, do you want him as the next head coach. Yes, he helped rebuild a Raider franchise in disarray and found Gannon. He also failed in the playoffs and left a very old team without a lot of young talent. In Tampa he inhereted a loaded roster, with a great D built by Dungy and Kiffen, won a SB, then did nothing. 95-81 career, 5-4 in the playoffs. Gets a lot of milage out of a dynamic personality. Like I said good coach, but someone is gonna throw way too much $ at him.

  7. “not that anyone believes any coach anymore after Saban infamously lied about taking the Alabama job.”

    Was Saban the first coach to ever lie about a career move? Quit acting like such a piss-ant and move on.

  8. As a Vol alum, I’m glad this is picking up steam.

    since this is all speculation at this point, I’ll say this: Gruden would get the top QB recruit every other year. how many of these high school kids have seen Gruden do his QB film study on ESPN before the draft with all the best prospects?

    They could have that every day of their career…

  9. maddenisfordorks says: Nov 28, 2012 11:27 AM
    I think it’s funny that other college faculty at most universities typically start at about 48k per year.
    But the university football folks are millionaires and reportedly getting partial NFL ownership offers in their contracts.
    Maybe if the mathamatics or English faculty were responsible for a department that accounted for tens of millions of dollars income from TV rights, merchandise sales, etc like the football programs are they would be getting higher salaries.

  10. A few things…

    How may variations of this story will we have reported before Gruden rejoins the coaching ranks in the NFL? He’s not coaching a college football team. Not unless the rules are changed and Jon can start recruiting college juniors and seniors to run his offense. At least this latest non-story offers the nugget of minority ownership in the Cleveland Browns, but c’mon now, do we really see Gruden coach college and all but freeze himself out of an NFL return with his Jay-Z sized share in the freaking Browns? I don’t think so.

    As a fan of the Bucs, I love that Gruden was acquired for a package of draft picks on par with the RGIII trade. He brought in a number of new offensive players, and his playcalling skills coupled with an already elite defense pushed a Bucs team that for years was on the cusp of greatness (only to constantly fall to the Eagles) over the top to shed the ‘paper champions’ label and become immortal with a Super Bowl win.

    But the climb to the top of the mountain came with a price; the bounty surrendered for Gruden prevented Tampa from rebuilding and when high picks were available the Bucs were either unlucky (Cadillac Williams and his injuries) or flat out missed (Gaines Adams; RIP and Dexter Jackson come to mind). When Gruden was fired from the team, the roster was filled with past their prime players, most of whom were also released and never played for another NFL team.

    Where does Jon Gruden fit? A team that has talented players, a solid foundation on the defensive side of the ball (Jon can build an offense), a veteran QB and a strong GM in place (keep in mind the draft blunders really started to happen when Rich McKay left for Atlanta and Gruden’s pal and capologist Bruce Allen joined the team) will provide the best chance at Jon Gruden succeeding. Fortunately, just about all of Jon’s former players are retired, so there should not be a repeat of Charlie Garner to the Bucs. No veteran QB, fine, Gruden did revive the career of Rich Gannon, maybe he can do the same for Tim Tebow.

    That my friends is the blueprint for Jon Gruden. None of this college crap that is good for a headline, just some truth. But don’t worry, I think Jon will be back in the NFL in the next 1-2 years, he’s getting the itch again.

  11. I’d love to have seen what would have become of Marques Tuiasosopo if Gruden was never traded. Honestly that is the only young QB he really had a chance with. King had already been used in other schemes and seemed burned out, Johnson and Gannon were older and knew how to handle him and I don’t think Simms really ever stood a chance at the NFL level….but Tui had a grasp of his offense plus the same build and escapability that worked so well for Gannon with Gruden.

    Gruden goes, Callahan was never gonna work with him and the Jets ran a whole different scheme.

    It may not have worked but I would have like to see if Gruden could have made him his guy to ride with for a while.

  12. Total BS. The Browns owner will give him a stake in the Browns because that might be what it takes an NFL team to do. Gruden is an NFL guy. This college talk really needs to stop. It’s silly. Tennessee is getting Butch Jones.

  13. Chuckie seems to wear out his welcome everywhere he’s been and it’s way past his time to check out of MNF.

  14. Gruden has a terrible offensive mind. He is a first class game planner, but his offences are really overrated. Take this from someone who watched his “offensive genius” at work for 7 years.

  15. When Jon Gruden “FIRED” Keyshawn Johnson and sent him home midseason – He instantly received a valid-for-life man card

  16. I hope Gruden does accept a coaching position somewhere. I can’t stand how he gushes his love for every player on the field when he’s in the broadcast booth. It detracts from the play-by-play.

  17. Why is it Tennessee’s college team that’s focused on Gruden when it’s the state’s pro team that should really make him the priority?

  18. I think Peyton Manning should take this job, and I think he might do an even better job there than Gruden would. I’m not being sarcastic.

  19. Gruden was offensive coordinator in Philly before he became the Raiders head coach. Listening to him the last two times that the Eagles have been on MNF, I think he will be the next head coach in Philly.

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