RG3: Redskins “extremely confident” heading into Giants game


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III says that with the Giants coming to town on Monday night, the Redskins are expecting to win, and to show they’re contenders in the NFC playoff race.

“I think everybody’s extremely confident,” Griffin said on NFL AM. “Not just by the way we played them last time, but the way we’ve played the last two games. We have that momentum coming with us, and I think everybody’s ready to go. Once again, it’s a one-game season for us. This is the only game we have and the only game that matters.”

Griffin wouldn’t specifically guarantee that the Redskins are going to make the playoffs, but he made clear that he believes they can take care of business.

“We control our own destiny, so it’s up to us,” Griffin said. “We decide that. Me being on a TV show saying that we’re going to make the playoffs doesn’t make a difference. You’ve got to go out there and prove it every Sunday, or every Monday. We’ve got to go out there and prove it.”

It’s actually not correct to say the Redskins control their own destiny: Even if the Redskins win out to finish the season 10-6, they’d miss the playoffs if the Giants also win out after Monday night to finish the season 11-5, and if at least two of the four teams ahead of them in the NFC wild card race also win out.

But while Griffin may not have closely studied the NFC standings, he has studied the Giants. And heading into a big game against them, he isn’t lacking for confidence.

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  1. I like his confidence! As a Redskins fan it is refreshing to have a QB again. Going to be a great Monday night game

  2. When the Giants come in and smash your predator looking face into the ground, in your own backyard, we will see where your confidence is, ROOK.

    Eli may not be the best public speaker, but at least he can count.

  3. As a Skins fan I am very confident as well. The tide is turning in the NFC East. It may not happen this season but it will. The Redskins are the only team that can legitimately say they are on the rise. As long as the Giants have Eli and their D they will be a threat and will likely win the division this season. The Cowboys are and will remain a dysfunctional mess and the Eagles are in for at least a few years of really bad records. Hail to the Redskins.

  4. Good.

    What’s he supposed to say? ‘Eh, we probably can’t win and the playoffs are a reach anyway.’

    They should be confident. The Redskins were a blown coverage from beating the Giants in NY and they’ve played lights out since the bye.

    I’m not holding my breath for the playoffs but the fact that RG3 and the Skins are doing this well with one hand tied behind their back (thanks Mara) says a lot about the future of this team.

  5. The Giants have some pretty good momentum going too after last week and they’re gonna bring out their brooms and sweep Bob-o and the deadskins right out of the playoff picture.

    Respect to the skins for moving ahead of philly and dallas in the NFC east pecking order this season, but everybody knows who owns the division and they’ve still got some room to make up on the defending world champs.

    That being said, I expect a good game as the skins always play up to the gmen but when it ends, big blue will be on top and prepared to cruise into the playoffs.

  6. I just can’t understand how they could hire someone as stupid as you, and such a terrible writer. It’s obvious to anyone who heard what he said that he wasn’t literally saying they control their destiny to make the playoffs. He was saying they control their destiny to play well and to win. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that though. You’d rather try to attack players words and interpret them however it can help you. Please quit and go write for your local neighborhood blog so we aren’t subjected to your know it all opinions any longer.

  7. What do people expect from him? To say he expects to lose? After faking JPP out oh his jock last go-round, I wouldn’t expect any other response from RGIII.

  8. You have to take last week Giants’ game with a grain of Salt. A team like the Packers are right up the Giants’ alley. Giants can’t stop the run, and the Packers can’t run. Let’s see how they do against a team who can run the ball.

  9. This should be a great game. It wont be easy to catch the Giants. I’m looking forward to the posts from everyone’s favorite Skins fan. “RGIII is the greatest QB ever, RGIII is a HOF, the Super Bowl goes through Washington, the Skins are superior to all teams” All joking aside, should be a fun game to watch, good to see the Skins make it interesting again.

  10. Has there ever been an NFL player quoted as saying, “we have no confidence, they are so much better than us, and we need all the help we can get”?

  11. He should feel confident. Nothing wrong with that . But the giants should feel good also after that Molly whopping they out on the packers

  12. Confidence…..no silly guarantees, just confidence

    Odds of the Redskins making the playoffs if they go 10-6 are actually quite good-better than the odds of them going 10-6, really. No matter, they crushed the dreams of Cowboy fans on Thanksgiving, that was the most important game for this season.

  13. As opposed to a whining fit throwing session we’ve seen in the past with other young QB’s, Robert Griffin III is showing confidence in his team and himself.

    Now we get to see what the Redskins can do about it.

    With all the problems they have had, they did sweep the Giants last year with Rex Grossman……

  14. RG3 has every right to feel confident. Momentum is everything in the NFL (just look at the Giants run at the end od last year). But he didn’t say anything stupid or “bulletin board material” I see nothing controversial here, just a star player confident in his teams chances and abilities.

  15. I think “bob” has earned the right to say whatever he would like at this point. Besides, who wants a QB or a leader who doesn’t actually believe they can win?

  16. I like our chances, but we have a history of playing terribly in primetime games. If our defense can play reasonably well, we’ve got a shot. RG3 will have to have another good game and hopefully the rest of the team follows. Should be a high scoring close game.

  17. Come on people, grow up. I’m talking to skins fans. Not all, buy many of you are getting a little besides yourselves. I know you are feeling good about RG, but he doesn’t play defense. Yes, he’s a handful, but until your team actually wins another SB, put the “you are on the rise and going to take over the NFC East” talk on hold.

    I’m a Giants fan living in the DC area and you guys are becoming unbearable to listen to. Let’s just hope it’s an exciting game and the best team on that night will win. Don’t forget your place skins fan. You have been the doormat of this division for a decade. Just calm down and see how things play out.

  18. As a Giants fan, I’m fairly confident this is going to be a great game all around. I’m a bit nervous with RGIII because the guy has only played better since our last meeting. At his best, I think he could have beat the Packers last week too.

  19. If the Skins win their next 2 games (Giants & Ravens), they will win out (Cle, Philly, Dallas) … and if they do that… They will somehow make the playoffs by winning a tiebreaker with New Orleans, Tampa Bay, or Minnesota who they have beaten… Only team currently that would be a threat to them getting in would be Seattle, but they would have to go 6-0 to beat out the Skins, they already are 0-3 in their division. This is assuming NY, Atlanta, GB, Chicago, and SF are locks right now.

  20. I sit back with absolute pride to hear that my favorite Quarterback isn’t afraid of these blue chumps. There is nothing to respect about any of the other teams in the division. From here on out, all of you other 31 NFL Franchises will fear and respect the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin. This is the RGIII Era and we are all living in his football world. Hail to the Redskins.

  21. Funny how it sounds normal coming from RG3 than from Rex Grossman? Yes, Rex Grossman is still in the league…

  22. Funny. RGIII is clearly a good player, but I don’t like what i’ve seen.

    Crying in the press about refs and hits. Talking up his chances of victory. RGIII is way too full of himself.

    Meanwhile from Andrew Luck I see a lot more humble person and someone who just keeps saying he needs to work hard and improve his game whether he wins or loses.

    By next year when there is plenty of film on RGIII I think his success level will drop while Lucks will keep improving.

    As a Pats fan I don’t really care about either of these teams that’s just my neutral observation.

  23. It should be a good game. And I did not expect any lack of confidence from either team especially how each performed in their last games. I also did not expect Griffin to say anything else.

    I can understand why Skins fans are excited about their QB and their team considering this is the first time in a long time they are showing promise and giving them hope. But with that being said, and “any given Sunday” included, we can all agree that a SB champ is not crowned and a trophy not handed in Nov. or Dec. so I would relax with the bold SB predictions. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to the party and then not even getting an invitation.

    Good luck and we’ll see you Monday Night!!!

  24. harrison,

    you’re watching an entirely different RG III then the rest of America. He doesnt cry, he rarely even says anything negative and he sure as heck doesnt complain to the refs.

    and how can a Pats fan EVER complain about a QB crying to the refs? Pot meet kettle.

  25. the redskins turned the ball over 4 (FOUR!!!) times in the second half against the Giants in their first meeting.

    that first game went EXACTLY as I expected it to. NY was feeling out a new opponent, struggling at first, but by the second half, it figured it out, forced a bunch of turnovers and won.

    the redskins are 5-6. Not 7-4. They are a below .500 team who in the last 3 games lost to a previous 1 win team in Carolina, an Eagles team that has quit, and Dallas on Thanksgiving which came down to an onside kick.

    The redskins DO have a QB now. But they no defense, and they still dont know how to win. Prove me wrong. Get to 1 game above .500 at some point in the remainder of this season. fan talk wont get it done. they have to back the fans up on the field. we’ll see.

  26. @harrisonhits2:

    I agree, we need to see him next season to see if he is truly the real deal or if he turns into another sulking Cam Newton

    Im a Giants fan and I like watching RGIII, just not when he is playing the Giants. I think he is the real deal but I think he might turn into another Vick: running into too many bad situations.

    First concussion in week 5 of his rookie year? I know he promised never to do that again but I think Ive seen some pretty dangerous runs for him since then too.

  27. harrisonhits, RG is just being confident and if you read the transcripts from the interviews he is being humble. He did complain about what he thought were late hits on him but not in a style that seemed whining that was just the spin the writers put on things. RG is nothing but humble but speaks with confidence and not this ” awe shucks” mentality that Luck uses and I am not bashig Luck for taking that approach its just his style. As for getting better RG like Luck will get better. RG passing %, rating, YPA show he is very accurate on short and long throws and can be a pocket passer and does not have to rely on his feet. Right now with the O line problems and the fact that he can run like no other QB it is smart to use that or at least threaten to use it to keep Defenses off balance. Skins just need to learn how to win since they havebeen so bad for so long. Stat wise they are as good if not better than lets say the Ravens yet they are 9-2. Big plays are the difference, this D gives up to many and that is why we are 5-6, case in point last giants game was all but over but the D somehow allows receiver to get behind and boom big play and a L..

  28. Big deal. Easy to run ones mouth. Slightly more difficult to pull it off.
    RG III gets pummeled and the ‘skins sink even deeper

  29. Lol..poor delusional skins fans…u actually think mushmouth IRG3 predator looking can save u…lmao!!!

  30. well, if both teams are playin each other next week, then there’s no way both can win out, one team(skins/giants) will have at least one loss in their next 5 games..so, I’m wondering where your logic is there?? if skins beat the giants, and then win out.. they will make the playoffs(have tiebreakers over everyone that’s 5-6 but the seahawks(6-5). that one win the replacement refs gave to the hawks might be their ticket..

  31. harrisonhits2, both QB’s will be successful in the NFL. I am more inclined to like a QB like Luck who does his talking on the field. He is solid in every aspect of the game, just like RG3. But he is nowhere near as dynamic and a little more reckless with the ball. I wanted so desperately for Irsay to surprise everyone and take RG3 and I am a Redskins’ fan. I would still be happy if that were the case, but I am very pleased with what I have seen from this young QB. I think they will both make their teams contenders for a long time.

    The problem I have with what you say about RG3 off the field is that you’re absolutely misrepresenting this kid. He has a swagger, there is no doubt, but he is not arrogant…there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence and RG3 walks it very well. The QB you described is Cam Newton.

  32. I’ve got no problem with this. The Giants had no qualms about talking smack when they were 9-7, and this isn’t even smack. Let’s see if the Skins can prove it on the field like the Giants did.

  33. toonloon, even after turning the ball over 4 times, the skins still had the giants dead to rights. if it’s not for a breakdown in coverage at the last moment, we win. keep in mind we swept the giants last year, and we are a much better team this year.

  34. this is going to be a great game. If momentum favors one team it is definitely the Redskins. RGII threw eight touchdowns in a five day span to beat two favored division foes, and have the benifit of two extra days to heal up. I’m not guaranteeing anything but I believe RGIII has this team playing better than most expected. The return of Garcon and the recent emergence of Robinson means we can set our own tempo and dare the Giants to keep up… HTTR!!!

  35. I would love nothing more than RGIII and the Skins to pummel this lazy and entitled Giants team into the ground on prime time and take the division.

  36. It will be a good game but it is a big game for both teams.

    Saying that I will go with my Giants as they are the team that comes up big when it matters.

    RG3 maybe a great QB one day only time will tell but when its a big important game give me Eli anyday

  37. The Skins don’t register a blip on my arse when it comes to our ultimate goals of repeating this season. That said, I guess I have to be secretly hoping we lose these next two games….get everyone doubting on us again…then “flip the switch” the last two games before steaming into the playoffs like we usually do. I’m a bit concerned that we can’t start are typical run for the ring this far from January.

  38. Redskins = New Jets? 5 – 6 and talking about taking care of business. How about play some defense and more consistantly on offense, get above 500, maybe beat the Rams (4-6), the Panthers (3-8), throw a TD against the horrible (6-5) Bucs… Than maybe you can start runningyou mouths? Until then enjoy the basement of the NFC East. Im actually starting to hate the Redskins more than the Eagles. . . Naa I take that back. Point is don’t talk, look at Cam Newton this year, opened his big mouth last year and now teams are game planning for him and he gets shut out. Wait until next year RGIII when theres plenty of tape to plan for your unorthodox approach, you will follow Cam, Vick and the wildcat to the graveyard.

  39. It’s funny how no one gives this guy credit for throwing the ball. He actually only had 4 carries the last game. He is a true QB and not a Read-option or wildcat QB. He just has the ability to run when he needs to. Which makes him that more of a good QB. Why was this not a topic when Steve Young, Christian Ponder ,or Ben Rothelisburger take off running. This is not Mike Vick people. He can actually read a defense a fit a ball into a tight space.

  40. baloneyjohn says: Nov 28, 2012 11:03 AM

    Big deal. Easy to run ones mouth. Slightly more difficult to pull it off.
    RG III gets pummeled and the ‘skins sink even deeper
    Sink even deeper into second place? As much as I love Ricky Bobby’s “If you’re not first, you’re last,” mentality, second place in the most competitive division in football (No, NFC North fans, I didn’t say “best” division in football, I said “most competitive”. Though the NFC South and West are definitely getting there, the NFC East clearly has the four most evenly matched teams of any division in the NFL.)

    And pummeled? Like he got pummeled last time the Skins and

  41. Why does the world want to compare RG3 to Cam or Vick 11 games in he should be compared to Rogers or 49ers Young. Cam nor Vick are as accurate and neither is as smart with the ball. Luck comparisons I’m fine with they are joined at the hip till they retire but to compare him to a QB who ran first for seven years before he learned to throw isn’t fair and to compare him to a talented but not as developed QB isn’t fair either get off his nut sack and let him be. What is he gonna say ” the giants scare me and I don’t wanna play”??!?? And that ookie farmboy persona Luck is giving you is a PR masterpiece he is being told what to say that’s why his answers sound so rehearsed he thanked everyone even the other team in his last press conference.

  42. justintuckrule says:
    Nov 28, 2012 11:28 AM

    You’d be scared to death of facing RG3 and the Skins in the playoffs. We steamrolled to 500 yards in your house and you escaped thanks to some horrible officiating and our backup safety.

    Good luck “repeating”… we’ll see if the Giants can land another string of miracles in the postseason this year. My money is on no.

  43. I think I’m going to joint twitter just so I can blast MDS for his selective comment posting. Allowing one side to blast without rebuttal is what is wrong with this site/app. Having to hear these skin fans run their yaps all day and not posting our responses is laughable.

  44. I’m a realistic skins fan I thought we could be 8-8 9-7 that’s a good record in a rebuilding year starting a rookie at QB and RB. It will be a good game the giants aren’t afraid of us as we aren’t of them it’s. it’s funny how the fans refuse to give props when one of your stars said he’s mad he’s in his division. RG3 is having an outstanding rookie season anybody that disagrees is just a hater.

  45. jwreck says: Nov 28, 2012 11:54 AM
    Sink even deeper into second place? As much as I love Ricky Bobby’s “If you’re not first, you’re last,” mentality, second place in the most competitive division in football (No, NFC North fans, I didn’t say “best” division in football, I said “most competitive”. Though the NFC South and West are definitely getting there, the NFC East clearly has the four most evenly matched teams of any division in the NFL.)

    And pummeled? Like he got pummeled last time the Skins and

    If you’re not in first in the division then your record is compared the the other wild card contenders and they are no where near 2nd my friend.

  46. Judging the fact that the Redskins own every tiebreaker in the NFC they have a great chance of making the playoffs this year. If Tampa, Seattle, and Minnesota lose and Washington wins on Monday they will then control their own destiny to the playoffs. Out of the 5 teams competing for the last spot Washington has the easier schedule. The way the Redskins have been playing on offense and defense they look like a team that can make a run to the playoffs and be a surprising Cinderella team.

  47. to ColletteGazette and Michum85

    I think the article was referring to winning out after the game Monday night. If you go the math, then it indicates that even if the Skins win Monday and the Giants win out after that game it will still leave the Giants up one game 11-5 to 10-6. I know you are Skins fans so you probably failed reading comprehension skills. Or maybe the Fox News analysts who don’t know how to add.

    And for the Skins fans who keep harping on the blown coverage being the reason they lost…I guess you forgot about the blown coverage’s the Giants had in that game. Oh that’s right, only mention the details that benefit your argument.

    Now to the game…I am worried about my GMen this Monday. RGIII made the Giant defense looked like a bunch of rookies the last game. Hopefully Fewell has figured it out this time, he sure didn’t last game and we squeaked out a win. The only reason we won was that we had Eli. Before the Geen Bay game I thought we would loose this game against the skins on Monday, but after the performance by both units O and D, it should be a really great game.

    And Yes!!! RGIII will be a force in the NFC East for years to come. And I say that as a Giant fan. Eli vs RGIII should be the games to watch for the next 5 or 6 years.

  48. Last year the Giants lost twice to the Redskins…I wonder how that worked out? This year the Giants are already ahead of that head to head result. Of course its because they lucked out..or was it because the Redskins gave them the game. I forget. Monday night will be a good game. Could go either way. But at the end of the season…we shall see.

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