Rick Reilly takes a shot at Cam, Panthers fire back

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Well, Rick Reilly appears to have gotten this one first on Twitter as well.

Whether it’s true or not is a matter for debate.

Hours after the Panthers beat the Eagles Monday night, Reilly took a shot at Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, accusing him of dawdling, apparently as evidence of a diva attitude.

“Cam Newton is really quick, until it’s time to get dressed,” Reilly tweeted yesterday morning. “Took him 54 minutes last night. Then did media. Team waited on bus for 40 mins.”

Well, it wasn’t a Steve Young bro-stare, but the Panthers have given Reilly the stink-eye.

Panthers assistant director of communications Steven Drummond tweeted out a denial today.

“. @ReillyRick report that Cam had team wait 40 minutes on bus is completely false,” Drummond wrote. “Cam wasn’t even the last player out of the locker room.”

“. @ReillyRick Cam also took time to meet with @Eagles clubhouse equipment guys after meeting with media,” Drummond added in another tweet. “He signed their Wall of Fame.”

Newton’s become an easy target, especially for people who made up their mind about him when he left Florida. The whole “icon and entertainer,” comment didn’t help, and neither does the fact he plays for a mid-market team with a 3-8 record.

And when the message is coming from a team PR staffer, you expect a passionate defense of a player.

Sort of like you expect Reilly, once known as one of the most talented sports columnists ever, to not have become a ridiculous and embarrassing caricature of himself.

21 responses to “Rick Reilly takes a shot at Cam, Panthers fire back

  1. Can we please stop quoting Rick Reilly? There is no person with a more inflated sense of relevance. I can’t understand why he’s interviewed by anyone.

  2. As Rick Reilly’s TV Presence has increased… his likability has decreased exponentially.

    His niche was the back page of Sports Illustrated and he should have remained there.

  3. “Newton’s become an easy target, especially for people who made up their mind about him when he left Florida.”

    So, was Newton the QB before or after Tim Tebow?

  4. I am not even a Panthers fan, but I have no respect for guys like Rick Reilly. Can’t stand to see them act like they are bigger than life and say whatever they are pleased about people. Who cares if Cam was last on the bus?

  5. I like the old Rick Reilly…you know, the one who actually made me want to read the back page of SI. I can’t tune this new Rick Reilly out quick enough.

  6. He also complained about this on the air, in one of the most passive-aggressive complaints I’ve ever seen.

    Rick Reilly is the most annoying personality on ESPN…and that is a list that includes Skip Bayless, Trent Dilfer, Steve Young, Neil Everett, and Stephen A. Smith.

  7. There was a time where Rick Reilly’s column was a must-read for me. He’s awful now. I mean truly terrible. He’s probably the World Wide Leader’s most pathetic employee.

    That effort to “break” the Ben Roethlisberger injury news was completely bizarre. The Pittsburgh media had it covered well before Reilly.

    He walked into ESPN thinking he was the Alpha columnist, only to quickly learn that Bill Simmons was their top dog. He’s been flailing around ever since.

  8. dbarnes79 says:

    I don’t know. Newton has shown some real signs of immaturity when things have not been so good this year. He’s got a bit of Cutler in him.

    Couldn’t agree more! You speak the absolute truth.. My question now is who the heck gave a thumbs down to the truth? Is Cam or Cecil visiting this website? If so… stop with the stupid Superman gesture after you score! You look Stupid and Immature!

  9. yaryers says:Nov 28, 2012 2:52 PM


    He transferred from Florida to Auburn since Tebow had the starting job locked at Florida.
    Actually he got kicked out of Florida (which is seemingly impossible with Urban Liar as your coach) for multiple issues, went to JC and got paid $182,000 (or more) to go to Auburn.

  10. Is anyone more irrelevant than Rick Reilly?

    It’s embarrassing when ESPN trots him out for those horrible forced spots because they paid him so much to leave Sports Illustrated.

    Who was the executive who made that deal?

  11. Don’t hate on him when he wins. Hate on him when he loses. Thats what I do. Fortunately we have KC next week so you’ll have to wait. I have a love/hate attitude toward Cam. At least I pick my moments.

    By the way, Redskins fans, I was at work and my iPhone sucks and I can’t comment anymore from it. Cam Newton is Better than RG3, we have been over this, go back to the game that proves it, uhhhh maybe when they played each other. RG3 didn’t even have a touchdown against the 1 win Panthers. Come on… get over it.

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