Roethlisberger limited, Brown and Polamalu practice fully

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Let this week’s round of speculation about Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s status begin.

Roethlisberger was a limited participant at practice for the Steelers on Wednesday, a day after coach Mike Tomlin said that he was leaving the door open for the quarterback’s return against the Ravens this week. Roethlisberger’s return was still considered unlikely at that time, but Tomlin also said that Roethlisberger would have to show him he’s capable of playing before he can return. Practicing is as good a way as any to accomplish that.

If Roethlisberger does play, it looks like he’ll have wide receiver Antonio Brown running out under his passes. Brown practiced fully for the Steelers on Wednesday, which sets him on the track toward playing against Baltimore. Safety Troy Polamalu also practiced fully after returning to the field in limited fashion last Friday.

The news wasn’t all good on the injury front. Tackle Mike Adams, guard Willie Colon, tackle Max Starks, linebacker LaMarr Woodley and quarterback Byron Leftwich all missed practice for the Steelers. With all of the injuries on the offensive line, the Steelers are getting first-round pick David DeCastro back at the right time.

Baltimore was without tight end Ed Dickson, wide receiver Jacoby Jones and linebacker Dannell Ellerbee on Wednesday while wide receiver Torrey Smith and safeties Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard were limited.

25 responses to “Roethlisberger limited, Brown and Polamalu practice fully

  1. What drama… I bet the Steelers wish they had an Elite QB like Joe Flacco, he never gets hurt and makes the big plays when needed (clutch 4&29 play to name one).

    As soon as Ray gets back on defense the Ravens will be the best defesnse once again.

    It is a guaranteed SuperBowl victory for the Ravens this year!

  2. Tomlin obviously wants the Ravens to at least partially prepare for Roethlisberger.
    Truth is: this is a throwaway game. Really means nothing to the Steelers. The Ravens will clinch the division, which means the Steelers will absolutely have to win out to capture a wild card berth, which is certainly doable with everyone, not just Roethlisberger, but everyone healthy and able to play…

  3. @BrentFavre: you obviously don’t make a living as a fortune teller. Everyone knows the the tee shirt boys always end their season at the beginning of January not the end when it’s important.. Pathetic dreamer eh!!!

  4. Who’s the clown who thinks the ravens are winning the Super Bowl?
    Like last year, the Lombardi is likely going to the NFC again. The AFC is weak overall. Again. Much better defenses and overall teams in the NFC. Bears, 49ers, Giants, Falcons, etc… Yeah the ravens are whatever their record is. But it’s a really unimpressed set of wins quite honestly. Flacco sure isn’t helping his contract situation for the offseason. But remember when he was the MVP after week 1?

  5. I was thinking before this injury report, that Ben might play.

    If Colon and Starks both don’t play, then he can’t honestly be sent out there w/o the left side of the line.

    Hope you’re ready to go, Decastro.

  6. What drama… I bet the Steelers wish they had an Elite QB like Joe Flacco, he never gets hurt and makes the big plays when needed (clutch 4&29 play to name one).

    You can’t be serious?!? First of all Rice never made the first down, horrendously spot, rice bent at the torso with his knee prior to the 35 yard line, yet the ball is spotted 5 feet away, even though ray rice is only 5’8, oh and the ball was in rice’s hand shoulder height at best.

    Next, if the inept defenders don’t run into each other and the refs don’t blow the crack back block, (yes Boldin was running away from his end zone when he delivered his block) rice doesn’t even sniff the 35 yard line, let alone get credit all the way to the 33 1/2.

    No way does any QB worth his salt throw a 5 yard pass on 4th and 29 and expect it to turn into a first down. 99% of QBs throw down field to get it. Flacco was way more than just LUCKY on that play, so please don’t give him some sort of credit.

  7. Yep tex, the Browns are better than the Steelers. Yes they won the game by 6 points. Forget that the Steelers had a measily 7 more turnovers, were playing with their 3rd string QB, without their no. 1 WR or DB, maybe their best OLB, and a rew starting OL. And by winning by only 6 points, that makes the “Browns > Steelers”. Yeah, right.

    The AFCN rivals are benefitting from key Steeler injuries, no doubt. But, next man up!

  8. Actually Rice made the first down. I suggest you take a look at the replay and notice the far field first down mark, i.e. the ACTUAL first down mark. Now note Rice passes it clearly and it was in fact a remarkable play. The announcer even made notice of this fact. Silly steeler fans and their misconceptions of reality i.e. their abysmal record and lack of leadership.

  9. While Ben did “practice” a lot of the Pittsburgh beat writers were saying that he was “gingerly” throwing and didn’t have zip on the ball. I wouldn’t count on Ben on Sunday.

    Some of those o-line injuries are more precautionary however. They’re saying Starks and Colon should be ready to go.

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