Rolando McClain doesn’t practice because of “team-related issues”

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Linebacker Rolando McClain has had a bumpy ride since entering the league as the eighth overall pick of the 2010 draft and it got a little bumpier on Wednesday.

McClain did not participate in practice for the Raiders because of what coach Dennis Allen called “team-related issues,” according to Allen provided no further details about what issues might have contributed to McClain’s absence on Wednesday and he offered no insight into whether or not McClain would return to the team on Thursday.

McClain has played in all 11 games for the Raiders this season and he’s made nine starts, although there have been some weeks where McClain has barely been on the field. His play hasn’t really merited anything more than that and the off-field incidents, McClain recently had gun charges against him dropped, overshadow anything he’s done on the field.

Given the changes in the organization since McClain has come onboard and his limited production when he’s on the field, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the two sides part ways when the year comes to an end.

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  1. Most Giants fans, including myself, were angry when Jerry Reese passed on this guy and drafted JPP instead– just goes to show that those of us who are fans of quality organizations with proven track records should trust that they usually know better than we do!

  2. This season is over. Dump him now and make your point. McClain, on his very best day, is just a tackle-to-tackle thumper…and he’s not all that great at that. People will give the Raiders crap about drafting him, but he sure looked like a safe pick coming out of college. Why are these SEC guys such hothouse flowers. You get them out of the south and suddenly they can’t play anymore? What gives?

  3. A couple of twitter sports guys out of Alabama claim he’s been cut.

    If so, good riddance. I’ve never seen a pro-athlete jog as much as he does on the field.

  4. Good riddance. I wanted him out of Alabama, but that quickly faded out. The guy completely let himself good after he was drafted, and plays with no heart. He was a great player at Bama, but he was surrounded by great teammates and a great defensive minded coach.
    Let’s go, time to draft Te’o. For whatever talent Te’o lacks, he makes it up in heart.

  5. That would make sense if Oakland didn’t draft McClain with the 8th pick and the Giants picked JPP with the 15th pick. Your ‘quality’ organization wanted McClain he just didn’t make it to them. Everyone had McClain high on their board. It just didn’t work out just like most draft picks don’t.

  6. The next team that has the misfortune of acquiring this so called “linebacker” would be proud to know that Ronaldo was diligent working on his cardio during games. He is now able to jog the full 60m without huffing and puffing. Now if only he could learn how to tackle

  7. It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t worked out, but hey, when you miss you have to move on.

    I know a lot of Raider fans want Manti Te’o, but the Raiders have bigger needs on defense than linebacker. Specifically, the defensive line. The Raiders can’t get any pressure. They absolutely need to find a pass rusher (or 2) either in the draft or free agency.

    I see the Raiders trying to trade down to gather more picks.

  8. another east coast biased over hyped SEC bust. All i know that is 6.75 millin in cap space next year, but will cost us about 5mill to provide him with an apple and a road map…

  9. I like Te’o alot….alot….but a STAR will rise in Oakland!!!

    For you fanboys who don’t know what I’m talking about, you really don’t know anything about team needs….Just Lotulelei Baby!

  10. Manti Teo shouldn’t play as hard as he does, so you dopes will think he has “potential.” I hate how every single hard-worker nowadays is accused of having little to no talent but by god he somehow “rudys” his way to the league. Teo is 6’2 255, a great athlete and just because he is a special leader doesn’t mean he is some no talent hack that that tries harder than your favorite player each day. No Notre Dame fan here, just a realist.

  11. For some reason I think if he had gone to a more disciplined team (ie the Steelers) instead of the pit that is Oakland, he would’ve done better. What are your thoughts?

  12. @Pikindaguy

    True- NYG fans wanted McClain badly since Antonio Pierce was gone and we had had a huge defensive collapse that season. IDK if you remember, but we went from ’07 Superbowl Champs –> ’08 12-4, Plax shooting himself, divisional playoff exit vs. Eagles –> ’09 8-8 defensive meltdown. Giants fans were furious and demanded a MLB.. when JPP was drafted, most Giant fans were pissed since we drafted a ‘luxury’, ‘raw’ defensive end and neglected positions of need. We all realized how stupid we were once JPP began to be JPP.

    In Jerry Reese we trust.

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