Suh won’t apologize to Schaub, says kick was accidental

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh says he won’t apologize to Texans quarterback Matt Schaub after Suh’s foot met Schaub’s groin on Thanksgiving.

According to Suh, who on Wednesday talked to reporters for the first time since the incident, he was simply falling awkwardly and his foot ended up in the place where Schaub would least want it.

I was being dragged to the ground and my foot inadvertently hit the man,” Suh said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

Although Schaub said afterward that Suh doesn’t play the game the right way, Suh said today that “It’s part of the game.”

Suh has already been informed that he will not be suspended for the kick.

UPDATE 3:16 p.m. ET: Shortly after his comments, the NFL confirmed that Suh has been fined $30,000 for the kick.

60 responses to “Suh won’t apologize to Schaub, says kick was accidental

  1. Good for Suh.

    He’s being demonized despite his excellent play and lack of penalties this year. One five-yard offsides this season, that’s it.

  2. Why should he apologize? The only thing I saw on the play was the olineman getting run over and pulling him down. If anyone should apologize to Schuab, it should be the guy whose job it was to protect him.

  3. There’s no apologizing for Ndonekykong Suh. He keeps getting away with what he does, so why should he?

  4. The NFL should have suspended Suh, the dirtiest player in the league. Anyone who watches the video can plainly see that Suh’s leg and foot went up as if he was kicking Schaub. This the same league that fines players for wearing the wrong color socks.

  5. Perhaps I’m odd this way, but when I do something accidentally I tend to apologize for the accident out of simple politeness… The fact that he apparently won’t is pretty telling of the kind of person he is… and from that you can really infer some intent…

  6. Watch the video. Yes it appears the first contact was accidental, but what’s with that extra kick when he realized where his foot was? Video doesn’t lie. Without that extra sauce he applied when he realized his foot was contacting Schaub he would be right, but the video says otherwise.

  7. Delusional, in denial, or just lying. The kick was not accidental. Still acting like a 6th grader who thinks the adults will believe a really bad story covering something up.

  8. Anyone objectively watching the video can see Suh was being pulled to the ground and accidentally kicked Shaub as a result.

    Suh never said that was simply fallen awkwardly. He said he was being dragged to the ground.

    And he was fined $30,000 to throw red meat at the fools who think they are doing something good by demanding money be taken away from another man’s pocket, just to make yourselves more smug.

  9. joejoe81 says:
    Nov 28, 2012 2:39 PM
    No one believes you.
    The league does. Sorry if that hurts.

  10. Someday soon an offensive lineman will “accidentally” roll sideways into Suh’s knee, but luckily it will just be an accident.

  11. so glad the lions drafted Suh and not McCoy. McCoy has been hurt the past two seasons but at least this year he is part of a group that leads the league in rush D. Now if we can just get some edge guys and/or some DB’s that can cover.

  12. Good. He shouldn’t apologize. He didn’t do anything wrong. Anyone who watched the play at full speed knows that’s true.

  13. Why the heck should Suh apologize if he didn’t do anything wrong?

    This is clearly a case of the media driving the story, convinced they saw something…but it just so happens, the facts and opinions of those in charge of reviewing the play, do not support the media’s point of view.

    Time for the media to move on and find someone else to pick on.

    One last thing…Schaub needs to stop playing the part of a victim…get a cup !

  14. ahhh the hipocracy of Roger Goodell. Got to hate it. NFL is lucky it has a good product, at least for right now.

    Sorry Ed Reed apparently text book tackles show more intent to harm than kicking someone in the groin.

    Bunkley too (I am a saints fan)… unacceptable and not how the Saints need to be represented. Animals belong in cages.

  15. An apology is not an admission of guilt. It’s something we are taught at the age of 3. It’s about taking responsibility for your actions. It should sound something like; “I’m sorry for sticking my foot straight into your groin. I won’t purposely do it again.”

  16. If the league determined the kick was unintentional, why did he get fined?

    That’s bush league if you ask me. He should have been suspended, which would have resulted in a fine.

  17. I did watch it at full speed, I was watching the game and the minute I saw it I believed it was intentional. The kick, that was, although perhaps not where it landed.

  18. I wouldn’t pay that fine it’s ridiculous you cannot be pulled down to the round and intentionally kick someone you can’t see. I have a better question why wasn’t holding called on the lineman and if it was so dirty why wasn’t Suh flagged? QB’s always get the benefit of the doubt so it wasn’t so obviously intentional.

  19. That’s like being chop blocked and rolling into a QB’s legs and being fined for hitting him low, just ridiculous.

  20. If you can find a guys groin while not even looking at him, then aim your foot towards it while almost completely perpendicular to the ground while falling, and actually hit it….well, you’ve earned that groin kick. Looks more like he was falling, his leg didn’t move until AFTER it hit the groin, the way you’d move after you realized you accidentally hit something you shouldn’t have.

  21. The fact that Suh’s a liar is not news. Total jerk. Believe me, great athletes know what their hands and feet are doing. I used to like him; now I hate him. Will never root for him again.

  22. thekiy says:
    Nov 28, 2012 2:34 PM
    Good for Suh.

    He’s being demonized despite his excellent play


    I stopped there because I was laughing too hard.

  23. thekiy says: Nov 28, 2012 2:34 PM

    Good for Suh.

    He’s being demonized despite his excellent play and lack of penalties this year. One five-yard offsides this season, that’s it.

    Small problem: He hasn’t played well for the better part of two seasons.

    Couple that with his continuation of highly questionable tactics and it amazes me that the Lions themselves haven’t fined this goon.

  24. Suh shouldn’t be surprised if the NFL looks the other way on some OL “accidentally” rolling up on Suh’s ankle/knee.

    It will be interesting to see Suh’s attitude when that happens.


  25. Remember that soundbite where a Dolphins player (jason taylor?) accidently bumped Brett Favre in the same area – and Favre laughed it off, cause he knows inadvertent things occur during football games ?

  26. That’s why he should apologize if he didn’t mean to do it. If he’s the type of guy that meant to do it then he’s type that wouldn’t apologize for it either.

  27. Not the biggest deal in the world. However I have apologized for accidents in the past. So why not say…..sorry my foot accidentally hit your wedding tackle?

  28. Couldn’t find the Freep article where the Colt’s acting HC had nothing but glowing remarks about Suh’s play?

    I get it, but do you folks have to make it so obvious?

  29. Makes no sense! Not a fan of Suh, but the NFL said they found no intention, yet they fine the guy? WHAT???

  30. Ndamukong Suh = Born Liar.

    Can’t even apologize for the obviously intentional kick? Cannot believe anything he says.

    Whether he meant to hit Shaub in the groin area or not… the kick was clearly intentional.

  31. HaHa, I see linemen apologizing to each other after every play because they keep bumping into each other.

  32. Suh is top 5 in qb pressures this year, wow you’re right he is horrible! why would anyone want him? just because his numbers aren’t as gaudy as his rookie year doesn’t mean he isn’t affecting the games the same way. he had 9 qb pressures against the texans on thanksgiving!

  33. The way Suh is making it seem is that if he isn’t looking, its not intentional- he looked away before stomping on Dietrich-Smith and he figured he couldn’t get in trouble for kicking Schaub if his face was in the turf.

    The fact that the NFL fined him after saying there was no intent is a joke too. Would a DB be fined if he was blocked into a ballcarrier, causing head-to-head contact? If not, Suh technically shouldn’t be fined here.

    The way the NFL tries to have it both ways is astounding

  34. He denied that it was intentional, so how can he apologize? That would be, in essence, an admission of guilt.

    I’m really not a fan of his at all, and I think he’s a extremely dirty player. But I’ll concede that he’s intelligent, moreso than most people think.

  35. I am more likely to apologize for something done accidentally…If I did it on purpose, you probably deserved it, and anything I might say at that time would be less than contrite.

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