Titus Young back with Lions


On Tuesday, Lions coach Jim Schwartz said that wide receiver Titus Young could “potentially” miss the rest of the season after being sent home for behaving badly during the team’s Week 11 loss to the Packers.

The potential must not have been all that great. Young is back with the Lions on Wednesday and taking part in practice with the team.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that Young didn’t go back to his old place in the pecking order upon his return to the field. Young had a spot in the back row during stretching after spending time in the front row before the team told him he should find another way to spend his days. He also went last during wide receiver drills and played with the second-team offense in the portion of practice open to the media.

We’ll hear from Schwartz later about whether Young is in line for a return to the 46-man roster for games. Schwartz said Tuesday that Young would be judged on what he did upon his return to the team, a judgment that can begin now that Young’s exile has come to an end.

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  1. I like the way the Lions are handling him. No coddling, no excuses.

    For people that say the Lions have no discipline, how do you explain this?

  2. That was quick. Wasnt it just yesterday that Schwartz said he could potentially miss the season? I bet all Titus did was call and apologize…which he probably had to muster up a lot of strength to do.

  3. just because he returned to practice doesn’t mean he couldn’t potentially miss the rest of the season. Shwartz and the other coaches are treating him as the last man on the roster and he is going to have to prove himself. can’t really prove himself by sitting at home doing nothing. he is going to have to show he can be a team player, can’t do that from home.

  4. It always amuses me when fans of other teams try to convince everyone that Schwartz needs to be fired. Get real. He’s the best coach the Lions have had in decades and the fact other fans want him fired just reinforces my support for him. I’m sure these people would just love to see Rod Marinelli or Marty Mornhinweg back in the saddle!

  5. If anyone bothered to read Schwartz’s quotes or, you know, actually listen to the interview, you might get a better grasp on the entire ordeal. Jim stated that “well, i think both titus and the team needed some time away from each other.” This wasn’t just the coach kicking him out. Sounds like the rest of the team is sick of his constant negativity and moaning, and the appropriate severe actions were taken. Ball is in Titus’ court, and it’s up to him to work his way to maturity or lose his spot on the team.

  6. Silly, Suh is supposed to behave badly on the field – within the rule structure. And his is, as hard-evidenced by his one penalty this season – an offsides.

  7. I like lions and direction their headed besides dirty suh. But overall they have done a good job. My only issue is that shwartz is a garbage coach. And linehan sucks to.

  8. I wanna talk about the Madden curse and how an injured Calvin Johnson is on pace to be 20 yards short of the all time receiving record this season. Anybody else?

  9. steelers4385 says:
    Nov 28, 2012 2:56 PM
    I like lions and direction their headed besides dirty suh. But overall they have done a good job. My only issue is that shwartz is a garbage coach. And linehan sucks to
    and the lions and their fans should care what a steeler fan wants them to do because………?

  10. “The best coach the Lion’s have had in decades” made a complete mockery of himself after the Niner’s game and likely cost his team a victory because of his hot-head on Thanksgiving. Now, after multiple players get into trouble multiple times, he decides he’s going to start holding them accountable…

    9-13 since going 5-0 to start the 2011 season.

  11. The message has been sent loud and clear to Young, prove that playing NFL football is important to you or pack your bags. It sounds like he needs to decide show a commitment both on and off the field – and probably get rid of a posse around him.

    As for all of the Suh/Schwartz chatter … the same haters tend to make about as much sense and be as factually correct as Karl Rove and his polling data.

  12. I’ll take 9-13 over 0-16 anyday. Say what you will about Schwartz but he has improved this team and I’m glad he’s coaching the lions. I would be disappointed if they fired him and its good to see that there seems to be no intention on doing that. Go lions

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